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Dealers Busted After Customs Intercepted Amphetamine Package

According to police spokesman Patrick Maierhofer, authorities in Vienna have arrested two men for purchasing more than 500 grams of amphetamine from a vendor on the Dream marketplace. German law enforcement seized the package and sent word to their Austrian counterparts. The men, in Austria, had already been under police investigation for drug trafficking.

Police spokesperson Patrick Maierhofer said that the German customs—likely customs agents in Frankfurt where many of the darknet package interceptions occur—caught the package as it passed through the customs sorting center. For unknown reasons, the package caught the attention of the customs agents. Upon inspection, the customs agents found more than 500 grams of amphetamine hidden inside the package. As we have seen hundreds of times, the German customs agents contacted the appropriate Austrian authorities regarding the package and the package’s recipients.

Authorities in Vienna received the information that the recipient of the package had already raised law enforcement’s attention for suspected drug trafficking. The intercepted package prompted a more conclusive investigation into not only the recipient of the package, but also into an accomplice or partner. Police reports did not reveal how the package itself pointed towards both primary suspects. The police investigated a 34-year-old in the Margareten district of Vienna and a 44-year-old in the Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus district of Vienna.

That investigation led to the discovery of the duo’s activities. According to authorities through press releases and media statements, the two men ordered drugs and sold them to three street dealers. Police identified the three dealers after an extensive investigation into the lives of the two primary suspects in Vienna.

After obtaining enough evidence, Austrian authorities raided the homes of the two primary suspects in Margareten and in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus. They found 650 grams of amphetamine, 32 ecstasy pills, 64 grams of methamphetamine, and more than one hundred grams of marijuana in various forms. They also, through unknown means, discovered that one of the primary suspects had been using the Dream darknet market to source his products. The authorities managed to access the computers owned by the suspects. That includes one of the suspect’s Dream account logins. “Clear traces to the men’s activities were found on the computer,” authorities said. Evidence indicated that both suspects “have been practicing drug trafficking over the past two years, specializing in speed,” Police spokesperson Patrick Maierhofer said.

The investigators also found that one of the primary suspects had committed social security fraud. The computers either lacked a fundamental level of security or both suspects handed their information over to the police investigators. Both suspects are currently in police custody.

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