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Three US Naval Cadets under Investigation for Dealing in Drug Trade on Darknet

The US authorities have launched a thorough investigation into a darknet drug case involving three US naval cadets. The US Naval Academy located near Washington in Annapolis fished out three cadets, accused of selling illicit drugs and accepting payment in Bitcoin using a Darknet marketplace. This flouts the regulation of the Navy as a tolerance to drug abuse of any form is zero.

According to a report, authorities did not hesitate to take action after they received information of a possible engagement of Darknet drugs by the three Midshipmen. Authorities commenced on a search in their homes with all the arsenals at their disposal. One of the suspects wanted to run away but was not fast enough to escape the investigators. It has been said that the number of Midshipmen who took advantage of the Darknet is almost 24, however, only three have been unlucky so far to be the focal point of this ongoing investigation. The report says that the midshipmen arrested were partly engaged in a larger Darknet drug ring of selling Ketamine, LSD, and Cocaine.

“The Naval Academy and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service recently initiated a command-assisted investigation in Annapolis after receiving a midshipman report of alleged recreational drug use within the Brigade,” said Commodore David McKinney, the Academy’s spokesman.

The darknet drug sales have increased over time and despite the shut down of the popular Darknet marketplaces by agencies like Europol, the number of users continues to increase. This has been a major threat to countries seeking to keep drugs out of the street.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service disclosed that the investigation outcome is pending: “The results of the investigation are still pending. We are continuing to work with NCIS on these reported allegations. The Navy has a zero tolerance for drug abuse and takes all allegations of misconduct very seriously.” A drug test was conducted on all 4,500 cadets even though the target was the 23rd company which has 150 cadets. One of the suspects on which drugs were found was a woman.

The midshipmen regulatory manual is clear on this kind of crime and states that wrongful use, possession, or willful involvement of drugs call for a separation from the academy. Despite the regulation which is meant to supervise the conduct of the midshipmen, there is a record of a similar crime occurring in the past. The motivation to engage in this kind of dangerous sale is not clear, but money may be the reason why they may go as far as neglecting the regulation to engage on the Darknet. The information received says that the drugs were sold to the fellow midshipmen.

The trio may likely face a trial and receive a court-martial. As part of the regulations, any conviction by the court-martial that has anything to do with drugs will lead to a punitive separation. When this happens, it is likely that they may be denied education benefits, home loan assistance and also fall short of all other benefits the Department of Veteran of Affairs will administer. Authorities are using this case as a build up to land on other Darknet sellers who happen to be among the members of the naval cadet. It is also likely that the buyers will be discovered after the investigation.

There have been a number of Darknet related cases found among the youth of the country. It was recently reported that a man had been selling illicit drugs to college students until authorities arrested him. Authorities are leaving no stone unturned to keep Darknet drug sellers behind prison bars.

Annie Kendzior, a former US Navy academy student granted an interview and confirmed that the authorities have zero tolerance. In as much as this measure aims to instill a certain level of discipline in them, it is also meant to help combat the high rate of drug overdose among the youth. The universal goal of this operation is to reduce or eradicate the high number of overdose deaths recorded in the country. Utah, for instance, increased in drug overdose death by 78% in 2016. This will also serve as a scapegoat to the rest of the midshipmen to abstain from all forms of drug sales and consumption either through the Darknet or on the street.

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