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Another Chemical Love Customer Faces Prison for Drug Purchases

The Munich District Court heard how a 24-year-old bought drugs on the darknet for several years in a row. The prosecution said the man conducted a “lively trade” with the drugs he purchased online. The court heard how the man had allegedly been buying drugs on the darknet and selling them to buyers in person.

Between December 2014 and April 2017, a detective told the court that the defendant ordered hundreds of grams of amphetamine, a kilogram of marijuana, 1,500 ecstacy pills, and an unknown amount of cocaine. According to the statements presented in court, the young man sold drugs to people “in the techno scene” and to teenagers elsewhere. The prosecution pointed out that amphetamine has uses as a stimulant outside of “the techno scene.”

The 24-year-old found himself under investigation after arrests were made of well-known darknet vendors who maintained detailed logs of their transactions. These logs included information on the type of substance ordered, the quantity, and the tracking number of the shipped package. The tracking numbers led to several arrests in Germany. Investigators said they were surprised by how easily they tracked down and identified the buyers of drugs from former darknet vendors.

Investigators said that the 24-year-old purchased drugs from a vendor under the name “Red Foreigner” and from the notorious “Chemical Love.” After police raided the “narcotics depot” of the headquarters for Chemical Love, they discovered not only drugs but also a list of more than 2,000 customers. In the months (and years) following the April 2016 raid, German law enforcement investigated customer after customer, tasking hundreds of investigators with the case. The first major action took place during September of 2016; 300 investigators tracked down 63 suspects. During the hunt for those 63, the authorities raided 68 homes and that was only the beginning. The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Koblenz later announced they had launched more than 1,000 investigations into Chemical Love customers. They even went after customers who ordered in small quantities.

One of the records on the computers that belonged to Chemical Love contained DHL tracking information that led to a DHL pack station in the Bavarian town of Seeshaupt. Tracking down the person who picked up those packages from the pack station was “no major obstacle” for the authorities. One year after the Chemical Love arrests, German authorities arrested the 24-year-old from Seeshaupt. The prosecution accused the man of buying drugs from Chemical Love and accused him of turning around and selling those drugs to people in real life.

Officials expect the case to continue into March when the judge will present a verdict. The defendant, if found guilty, might be required to serve time in prison. However, some Chemical Love customers managed to leave the courtroom after receiving a sentence of only a small fine.

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