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Man Busted After Paying for a Package with Counterfeit Euros

A 30-year-old Friedrichshafen man faced a judge in a district court for the following crimes: drug trafficking, drug cultivation, drug possession, counterfeiting money, and unauthorized weapon possession. Although the prosecution fought for imprisonment, Judge Martin Hussels-Eichhorn showed mercy to the defendant by requiring only probation.

The District Court of Tettnang heard how the 30-year-old had committed a wide array of offenses. German authorities busted the man on October 30, 2017. The prosecution explained how the defendant had used counterfeit notes to pay a postman for a COD package. Not long after using the counterfeit notes with the postman, the man found police officers at his front door. They had a search warrant and executed it on the spot.

Inside the man’s house, the police found more counterfeit euro notes, six cannabis plants, 100 grams of hashish, seven grams of amphetamine, and 11 ecstasy pills. They also found a butterfly knife and proof that he ordered the counterfeit notes on the darknet. He may have ordered the amphetamine and ecstasy on the darknet as well but the prosecution chose not to pursue that detail. The defendant admitted the drug possession and cultivation crimes. He also admitted to purchasing the counterfeit euro notes on the darknet.

However, he said he kept the drugs for personal use. He had no interest in selling them. He admitted that he would give drugs to one of his friends if they had asked him for hashish or pills. But he never sold drugs. He also never knowingly broke the law with the butterfly knife, he said. He explained that when he was a child, he owned the knife legally. It only became illegal after he had grown up.

The defendant’s lawyer explained that his client had a rough childhood; the court already knew this. A judge sentenced the defendant at age 16 to probation for marijuana possession. His mother bought marijuana for her children so they would not need to search the streets for drugs. He successfully completed probation. Again, in 2010, the defendant landed in prison for drug crimes. He spent one and a half years on the inside. He spent another year on probation and successfully completed it. After that probation, life worked in the defendant’s favor, the lawyer said. The man met someone and later had a child with her. He spent his time raising the kid after completing vocational school.

Things started spiraling downwards after the woman left him, the lawyer explained. The 30-year-old started abusing drugs again. He lost his job and faced serious health complications. This explained the counterfeit currency. The prosecution asked for two years and three months in prison. The lawyer asked for a suspended sentence with probation. The judge sentenced the man to two years and two months in prison without parole. To qualify for treatment outside of prison, the prison sentence needed to be shorter than two years. The judge counted the time served prior to the sentencing and the remaining sentence dropped below two years.

The defendant must now complete a drug therapy program while on probation. He managed to avoid prison.


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  2. He BETTER be glad he wasn’t in the US. MAN! what a justice system.

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