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20-Year-Old Charged With Possession of Darknet Drugs in Bedroom

An investigation into a homicide case led authorities to the doorstep of Joseph Benner who appeared to have supplied Xanax pills ordered from a Darknet marketplace to his victim. An investigation revealed that Benner was well familiar with the online marketplace considering the fact that he had been ordering between 200 to 2,000 pills per month. With belief that his arrest will have an indirect effect on the illegal drug use, authorities have ensured that the investigation will be carried out to the core.

According to information, Benner (20) together with his brother (16), engaged in a drug enterprise with roles assigned to each other. Not foreseeing the danger that lied ahead, they finally became a target for the authorities. To find evidence of their crime, investigators conducted a search and seized $14,905 suspected to be revenue from the drug activities. Benner was therefore charged with committing class D and class E Felonies.

Possession of illicit drugs with the intention of distributing them is punishable by law, and it is expected that Benner will be subjected to the demand of the law.

Other than the fact that the import of illicit substances is illegal regardless of the source, Benner was also responsible for a drug-related death. His major source of the drug import was Canada using the Dark web.

It is also not surprising that the 20-year-old was deeply invested in this kind of activity following the report that his mother and his brother were charged with similar counts a few weeks ago.

His mother and his brother were also charged with illegal distribution of Xanax pills contributing to a high overdose death. As it stands, people really take advantage of the Darknet to engage in illegal activities considering its power of keeping them anonymous.

Xanax pills seem to be teenagers preferencial drug choice as it has been a major drug that emanates from investigations. Some high school students were arrested this month for selling Xanax pills to an undercover cop on the Darknet.

The Inside Story

With reference to the report read at the Haverhill District Court, authorities received information concerning the drug engagement of Benner and his brother. The suspect used to meet a car at a different location in exchange of what was suspected as drugs. This called for the need to take a careful observation of his address identified as 6 West Meadow Drive.

A search was therefore conducted in his room from which authorities discovered drugs and money in his bedroom. Some of these drugs included Ecstasy, MDMA, Acid, Xanax and a few others. Including the seized drugs were syrup, codeine, and promethazine believed to be raw materials for the manufacturing of MDMA.

After the young man realized that his work had been exposed, he threatened to kill himself.

The police also told reporters that a number of items were seized alongside the Xanax pills and the money. “An iPhone, a MacBook with a USB drive and antenna, an additional USB drive, as well as hundreds of paper envelopes of the same type were in Benner’s Juvenile brother‘s possession including 40 Xanax pills,” said the police.

Propane torches and other substances were also discovered in his bedroom. With respect to the recent development, authorities have established evidence against Joseph Benner.

Erika Benner, 45, the mother of the two arrested sons was also charged with the possession of class E drugs with the intention to distribute. Aside from the fact that this violates the law of the country, she is also guilty of endangering her children. According to reports, her sons supplied her Xanax pill addiction. This came to light after admitting that she was aware her sons were engaging in the illicit drug trade. In sum, a lot of drugs were seized by the authorities and the family is likely to see jail time.

From the operation of the investigators, Raymond Maczuba, 76, came into the scene. He was arrested and charged with possession of firearms without a license. Recently, two Austrians were also arrested for selling drugs throughout the Darknet.

The Darknet was created to achieve a different purpose other than the illicit activities people use it for. To others, it is a pioneer of democracy as buyers are exposed to different goods and services with the freedom to order. The Darknet issues surrounding Haverhill is very intense as people do not only engage in firearms and drug importation for illegal distribution but also, the manipulation of users account information for their hacking satisfaction.


  1. Syrup+Codeine+Promethazine= MDMA

    some people learn something new everyday. Some people don’t.

  2. Interesting, it’s almost near impossible to overdose on Xanax alone.

  3. LOL right? These ratchet articles

  4. Any UK sellers of Codeine and Diazepam.

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