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Drugs ordered on Darknet: Austrian police arrest three dealers

In Southern Styria, the Leibnitz police have arrested three drug dealers who have been selling drugs since 2014. From the report, the three suspects, all 20-years-old, sold enough drugs to earn over 300,000 EUR in sales. Also, police investigations revealed that the suspects ordered the drugs from the Darknet.

Led behind Leibnitz Narcotics unit the operation lasted several months with tremendous focus of the work done on the darknet. As reported by the police, the three suspects from 2014 to 2017 ordered darknet drugs to resell them in Leibnitz, Weststeiermark, and Graz. They also resold street purchased drugs.

They established an indoor facility, where actual production of marijuana took place. Nevertheless, the three suspect were denied the claim that the drug deals were the only means for them to make ends meet. However, they confessed to selling about 10 kilos of marijuana, 900 ecstasy tablets, 1.5 kilos of mephedrone, 1.8 kilos psychoactive substances, amphetamines, some cocaine, and heroin, gaining a total of more than 300,000 euros.

The National Police Headquarters on Tuesday reported that the main suspect, Grazer, was sent to prison while the others remained in West Styria. The police additionally took on 50 customers of these drugs dealers for further investigation.

All in all banned weapons, such as brass knuckles, steel rods, and throwing stars were seized from them.

A three-man crime

The issue of darknet drug trafficking has become a major concern since its rise several years ago. Now it is a multiple person operation, not just one guy at a computer.

In July 2017, the South East Regional Organized Crime Unit officers arrested three suspects in Buckingham for drug trafficking through the darknet. According to SEROCU, the investigation focused on darknet drug trafficking and fraud. The investigations revealed that they sold, cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, and ketamine. Therefore, they were charged with class A and B drug charges, alongside the plot to distribute class A and B drugs. No criminal was identified to the public.

In July 2017, the fight to bring down illicit Darknet dealers included another operation and arrest of three individuals, including, Mohammad Abdul Wahab, Mohammad Abdul Quddos and Calvin Mascarenhas. The three suspects were arrested for carrying illegal drugs from the Darknet. The director of the operation, Akun Sabharwal, publicized that, Mohammad Abdul Wahab is a student, while Mohammad Abdul Quddos is a private firm laborer, and Calvin Mascarenhas is a music artist.

In Italy, a group of three were also arrested with three kilos of cannabis and different substances from the Darknet. This took place in September 2017, after a warrant was issued to look through their homes. The search ended successfully when the police found two packages of drugs with in the fridge. According to the investigation, the drug was said to be 70 grams of methamphetamine. The police said that another investigation is underway to discover other evidence on their cell phones.

In February 2018 another group of three men were put on trial in a court in Polynesia charged with drug trafficking. Although the main suspect was arrested a week earlier by Polynesian authorities prior to the court appearance, the court had already arranged a sentence for each the suspects.

The court gave the three men verdicts that fit their roles in their brief drug trafficking activity. Tapu got a four-year jail sentence with two years suspended; Tariu got a three-year sentence with one and a half years suspended, but their driver who went anonymous to the public had a one year sentence upheld.

These few examples show how important three is to a drug trafficking group. Yet, could it be that three was the reason all these dealers were caught? What do you think? Coincidence or just bad planning by three?

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