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Data subjects in the Darknet: defendant received a suspended sentence

In January we wrote about a 21-year-old man from Bad Segeberg who had been doing a minor fraud operation, which included stolen PayPal account data from the darknet, identical DHL packing stations, eBay, and electronics. However, after a recent sentence hearing, German news channels reported that the man went lightly with the sentence given. Similarly, a trial in a Gemünd court involving fraud operation business ended with a suspended sentence.C:\Users\CALEBO`\Desktop\eu-court-rejects-refugee-quotas_650x400_61504689048.jpg

According to darknet news from a local source, in July 2017, a suspect and his younger brother were once again in court. Due to unforeseen delays, the prosecution proceeded this week to separate itself from the initial trial.

It was also reported that the now 21-year-old suspect and his brother, found a marginal way on the internet, with a normal open browser, to search the Darknet. This went on even though the underground web, the Dark web, is only accessible through special software and exclusive search engines.

Explicitly, because the Darknet serves the purpose of holding all illegal activities, the brothers, for their criminal act and illicit transaction, used two different websites from the Darknet. Furthermore, in July 2017 investigations by the police led to the arrest of the brothers. The police while investigating obtained information based on an inquiry made from the police database of POLAS.

However, information from the police database of POLAS was noticed over the span of a research made by the public prosecutor’s office in Frankfurt. From the research, POLAS had in their database a fake request which helped them to uncover the suspect’s brother. The request showed that the brother of the suspect, who at that point was in the service of the Federal Police, might have been the tipster or adviser to the suspect, which led the police to his arrest as the suspect. Also, information of the suspect was obtained and made possible to use by BKA, Germany.

Furthermore, there are so many prosecuted criminal cases from the Darknet. Another case involved the hacking of hundreds of thousands of email addresses, in addition, thousands of login details to multiple Paypal accounts. The suspect offered these contact details on the Darknet, selling since 2013. Therefore, in the course of the investigation, three different nicknames were assigned to the suspect by himself, which he admitted in court, but also claimed the use of the nicknames was not for all of his darknet activities.

Moreover, the suspect stated “I honestly do not have any idea about the nicknames under which the email addresses were sold but I used these nicknames for the sale of the PayPal accounts.” He further explained that “the nicknames turned out to be more interesting in our dealings on the internet and also, the nicknames were shared to people with the goal of gaining more offers from the internet.”

Finally, he had a unique way how to transfer the Paypal accounts from the internet and by way of the transaction, he received 100 EUR for every set of 50 Paypal accounts.

In any case, based on the evidence given to the court and since the suspect was now to be penalized, the 21-year-old suspect was sentenced to a total of one year and eight months imprisonment. Nevertheless, the sentence was suspended in light of the positive social development.

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