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US Postal Officers Intercept 1500 Fentanyl Tablets Mailed From The Darknet

The postal office employees of the United States of America have intercepted two shipments containing 1,500 tablets of Fentanyl. According to the federal court document, the drugs were ordered from the Darknet and paid in Bitcoin.

On 12 March 2018, a warrant was issued to search the intercepted shipments, and the packages were confirmed to contain a schedule 1 drug: methylacetyl fentanyl. According to the categorization of drugs, MDMA, heroin, ecstasy, and LSD are all categorized under schedule 1 drugs.

On the website of the drug enforcement agency, it is written “These synthetic opioids have a high potential for abuse, not currently accepted for a medical use in treatment in the United States, and a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision.”

According to U.S. Postal Inspector, Brad Dorman, the Fer Don Road address in North Dayton that allegedly ordered the intercepted drugs had previously received many drug packages from the California, Arizona, and Colorado.

The search warrant affidavit and return filed in Dayton’s U.S. District Court reveals that the methylacetyl drug was found in a 9-ounce package sent from Falmouth. On 6th March 2018, the postal employees alerted the police on the interception of two packages suspected to contain illegal drugs. The packages also contained 101 oxycodone pills. The identity of the suspects has not been revealed as no charges have been formally made.

The rate at which drugs and money are sent through the mail in Dayton is alarming, and its negative effect of accidental death by has forced the police and task force to give 100 percent of their effort to control the situation. Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Capt. Mike Brem said to reporters that shutting down mail services for a day will prevent 50 percent of the illicitly traded drugs. “If you shut down all the mail services in America for a day,” Brem said, “you’d shut down more than half of the drug trafficking in America,” he wrote. In collaboration with the various mail services, the import of Darknet drugs into the country is expected to be reduced.

This arrest is not any different from the previous raids. Way back in 2015, authorities arrested a gang of five in Dayton following a long-term investigation. It has been established that authorities can only have a minimal impact when they set up traps on the Darknet.

The most effective strategy is to monitor the various mail services. With regard to this, shipments are closely checked in the various postal services. The Florida postal services for instance reported to have flaws allowing opioids to freely enter the street.

Dayton still remains as one of the top cities with high drug overdose incidents. In 2016, the city topped the list of the highest drug overdose among the other cities in the United States according to ArresRecords.com.

This has raised concerns as many strategies have been employed with many others waiting for approval “It’s really sad and shocking to see how this opioid epidemic is destroying lives across the country”, said Jennifer McDonald, an ArrestRecords.com analyst. “Communities large and small are being torn apart, and this map and data really demonstrates how bad it is,” she added.

In January this year, two US senators, Tom Caper and Rob Portman reported on the vulnerabilities of the country’s postal services that allow shipments containing illegal substances to be imported from China. As one of the measures to put a stop to this, the ICE Homeland Security Investigations trained over 300 law enforcement officials to be able to stand a chance against the Darknet.

The training was meant to prepare them to trace criminals behind illegal drugs online, and to expose them to the law. About 318 million packages were sent into the U.S. without electronic data on shipper and recipient’s name, address and content.

In 2016, Rob Portman also announced his intention to combat the influx of fentanyl and carfentanil into the country with the implementation of new regulations. This was followed by the implementation of legislation to end shipping of drugs via USPS. This and many other implemented policies in the country’s postal service have resulted in the interception of large quantities of Darknet ordered drugs.


  1. so these were only caught because the recipient address had already been known to accept drug shipments in the past? this seems like a likely way to be caught, by using a redflagged address that has already been compromised??

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