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Derby drug gang arrested after allegedly importing dark web drugs

A gang of drug traffickers from Derby allegedly shipped large quantities of illegal drugs including cannabis and ecstasy which they had previously purchased on the dark web from the United States and Canada.

According to evidence presented in court, a drug kingpin Connor Keely, 20, had ordered and received drugs which were to arrive in packages sent from the USA and Canada to his home but disguised as as coming from a Green Tea and Coffee shop.

Shayan Kasmaei 20, one of the Connor co-conspirator was also arrested with a 384g package of cannabis shipped from California whose worth was approximately £4,000 and ecstasy powder in his home bedroom at Fleet Street.

Additionally, the detective on the case also recovered a package of ecstasy powder together with £16,500 liquid cash in the same room as the cannabis and further £3,000 in a second bedroom which belongs to his younger brother Shervin Kasmaei.

While still at Kasmaei’s home, the law enforcers discovered a written note from a Royal Mail over a different package whose delivery had been delayed elsewhere which detectives later found to have further 1kg of cannabis that had been imported from the United States, California.

A fourth dealer in the gang was a 19-year old Kye Ratcliffe, who happened to be Connor’s flatmate at Friar Gate Court. He was arrested with 15 bags of cannabis hidden in boxes under his bed in his home place when detectives raided his residential home. The drugs were valued at over £3,600.

“This was a drug trafficking on a commercial scale of not insignificant amounts involved.” said the sentencing recorder, Jason Macadam. “Mr. Connor was the head of the snake but all the four were actively involved with a significant amount of profit made used to run the gang,” he added.

The prosecutor Kelvin Barry told the court that the police carried a search warrant to Connor’s flat late last year on a non-related case and on search found cannabis in a box under Ratcliffe’s bed.

According to Barry, they also found £700 of ecstasy powder with packaging from Canada indicating that the drugs were sent to Derby labeled as ‘Green tea and Coffee’ products.

Barry said that the police contracted the Parcelforce, who made the delivery which confirmed that it was holding yet another parcel at the depot in Nottinghamshire. The detective confiscated the parcel later, opened it and found four large packages of cannabis with coffee packaging material sealed around them.

It was also evident that Mr. Connor had been using his computer that was seized in the search to order for drugs on the dark web even though identifying the internet address as the person ordering the drugs was complicated due to the anonymity provided by the dark web. The analysis also showed that Connor had thousands of cash in virtual currency similar to BTC that was used by dark web criminals to do an illegal online trade.

Connor Keely pleaded guilty to conspiracy, importation, and possession of illegal drugs with the ill intention of supplying the same. He was sentenced four years in prison even after being mentioned as a young intelligent man.

Shayan Kasmaei also pleaded guilty of possession and with intent to supply of illegal drugs. He was jailed for two years, suspended for six months and ordered to do 200hrs of unpaid work with Recorder Macadam pointing out that he held back on an immediate prison term as he was deemed to be a low risk of re-offending and low risk to the public.

Shervin Kasmaei the brother to Sheyan equally pleaded guilty to possessing illegal drugs with intent to distribute them. He was jailed for six months, suspended for one year and ordered to undertake 150 hours of unpaid community service work. Ratcliffe pleaded guilty and received a 12-month community order with 200 hours of community service and unpaid work.


  1. John Burroughs

    The flat was already compromised last year. They deserve to be busted for continuing in the drug trade using the same flat and already being busted.

    Thankfully the sentences were just a slap on the wrist. They would have gotten much longer terms in what used to be the “land of the free and the home of the brave”

  2. every order to that part of UK was always a bad review

    underhand rival wankers

  3. These guys are young and naive. They believed to have found the ticket to prosperity and popularity, but I don’t blame them. Today’s society (and it’s relative legislation) drives youngsters to “achieve” success and popularity and some will do whatever it takes to get there…

  4. Get off the bullshit and legalize

  5. They probably got caught because someone in the gang has a big mouth. Hope the peep on the other end are O.K. :(

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