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Dual arrested over deadly dark web drug importation from China to Montgomery

Two men accused of using the darkest corners of the dark web to purchase and import deadly and illegal Carfentanil and Fentanyl drugs has been arrested. The two men from Delaware County allegedly shipped the dark web drugs from China to Montgomery County.

The prosecutor in the case alleged that the two made use of the dark web to place their orders, purchase and finally import fentanyl and even more dangerous carfentanil controlled substances from China to their rented high-end apartments in Upper Merion and Lower Merion.

Chapman I. Jamil, 27, of the 800 block of Spruce Street, Collingdale and his nephew Chapman J. Nasai, 23, of the block of East Lacrosse Avenue, Lansdowne, were arraigned in Narberth District Court before Judge Karen Zucker on charges of corruption, possession of illegal drugs with intention of distributing

in Upper and Lower Merion between June 2017 and February 2018.

“The imported consignments come directly from China. Deadly Fentanyl is considered 50 times stronger than Heroin but cheaper in terms of price. However, as deadly as fentanyl is carfentanil which is more dangerous as it’s used as an elephant tranquilizer,” explained Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin R. Steele. This drug is able to incapacitate an elephant over 6,600 pounds, and that is what we have found being imported here in our county for use by people who think they are buying heroin,” he added.

The collaboration among law enforcement agencies which lead to the arrest of the two dark web drug dealers was Josh Shapiro, the Pennsylvania Attorney General saying it was a perfect example on what unity with a common goal can do. “We will cautiously get even more ruthless to dark web drug traffickers who are seeking to poison our children, battling the heroin and opioid epidemic across Pennsylvania until these criminals are off our streets before following them on the dark web,” he said.

According to officials, there were over 250 deaths due to drug overdose in Montgomery County of which 166 of the total were caused by fentanyl.

Steele notes that the investigation was still ongoing to reveal if the substances sold by the two suspects had caused any overdose deaths. And if any, the two men could be facing even more serious charges resulting to a heavy penalty. “Honestly speaking, this is really deadly stuff, a scourge we need to jointly get rid of, not only in our county but also in the country,” the attorney general added.

The investigation began when township police responded to a call made at Royal Athena apartment complex on Righters Ferry Road in Lower Merion on June 17, 2017. There was a heroin report made when they found Jamil Chapman unconscious. According to the criminal complaint filed, Chapman was revived by detectives using several doses of Narcan. 20.1 grams of heroin were also recovered at the time.

Detectives in the investigation alleged that the two had been using the residence to store and package Carfentanil and fentanyl for sale.

According to the arrest affidavit, in September 2017 detectives went back to the residence linked to Jamil Chapman and found 75 bags of fentanyl with the name “PLUTO” and an unknown amount of carfentanil.

The two were said to be straight up dealers after several tests showed that they were not addicts. Judge Zucker set each of the two at a cash bail of $250,000 which they were unable to settle and they remain at the county jail until the hearing of their preliminary sentence scheduled for April 10th.

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