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For some months now, the only certainty about the fight against the use of the dark web is the arrest of culprits every now and then. Although this shows improvement, it still isn’t the way to curb the problem. Meanwhile, the list of active students involved in dark web behavior is increasing with arrests taking place in Indonesia as well.

Another addition is the arrest of an Indonesian student after he was reported to have purchased nine ecstasy pills from a dark web marketplace in the Netherlands. He also did this using a bitcoin wallet. The student from the University of Diponegoro in Semarang was arrested near his hostel in Tembalang, Semarang, on the 26th of March, by a team from the Central Java Narcotics Agency, located on the Indonesian island of Java he reportedly made the illegal deal involving the recreational drug.

He reportedly made the purchase through a bitcoin transaction of about $56 (Rp 800,000) in total. Speaking after the arrest, BNNP head Brig. Gen. Tri Agus Heru Prasetyo stated that “Such a transaction made it easier for him to buy the drugs from abroad. It’s a new criminal method for [buying] drugs [since it is anonymous to do so].”

As to whether the student himself is a drug dealer and part of a much larger drug network or just a simple user, is unknown publicly. However, his purchase did raise a flag that led to his arrest by the BNNP. According to reports, the student was in his final year at the School of Maritime Affairs at the time of his illicit drug behavior. By buying abroad and from the Netherlands, the student was able to buy three times the amount of pills for half the market price of them in Indonesia.

The accused claimed he purchased the ecstasy pills using the same process he used last year. Customs and Excise personnel at Tanjung Emas Port in Semarang then zeroed in on his second and tracked his drugs for over three weeks before his arrest.

Almost 27% of the total 500,000 suspects in the BNNP agency’s 2017 drug abuse cases were university students.

Well, it seems not only in Indonesia are students switching their focus from their studies to dark web drug deals, to make some quick cash. Five students from the University of Manchester last month were arrested after running a drug syndicate. They sold over £800,000 ($1.12 million) worth of illicit drugs on the dark web, using bitcoin and before that, they were selling to their fellow students on campus. In a year’s time the five were able to expand their operation to include LSD and ketamine, and buyers throughout the world, including Europe, Australia, the United States, and New Zealand.

Their leader who was once nominated for the title Darknet Drug Dealer of the Year received a sentence of 15 years in prison, while the remaining sentences totaled 40 years between the other convicts.

Also last year, an 18-year-old university student from Kinzigtal was arrested after he bought large amounts of narcotics from the dark web to resell. He is reported to have ordered ecstasy, hash, marijuana, mescaline, amphetamine, LSD, and hallucinogenic magic mushrooms from various dark web marketplaces. He then resold the drugs to his customers who were mostly based in Kinzigtal. His arrest finally came after one of his orders from Canada got intercepted by customs officials in Frankfurt.

The BNNP this year has achieved successful arrests. Earlier in April, together with Police Forces and Provincial Narcotics, officers arrested seven drug dealers who were believed to be part of an international dark web drug network operating in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Upon their arrest, 44.7 kilograms of illegal drugs, together with 58,000 ecstasy pills were seized by officials.


  1. Why are these articles being wrote more and more like they are from the side of law enforcement? “Although this shows improvement, it still isn’t the way to curb the problem” in regards to a DNM arrest? Alrite officer.Go fuck yourself.

  2. The previous comments are exactly what I feel about this news section, it looks more and more like a showcase for so called law enforcement : look at us, fear us, we will get you, we can break tor and you, we’ll put your face on our wall of shame. Be afraid !!!

    What’s that all about ? Who write these posts ? What’s the intention behind it ?

  3. Would like to know that as well

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