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German Man Ordered Drugs to His Grandmother’s House

Judge Stefan Weickert, at a District Court in Munich, sentenced a 29-year-old man to four years in prison for illegally buying cocaine and amphetamine from the darknet. The man lived with his grandmother in Weilheim, Germany, at the time of his arrest in May 2017. His grandmother, unaware of the package’s contents, accepted the package that led to her grandson’s arrest.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the 29-year-old had ordered a significant amount of illegal substances on the darknet. They accused the man of narcotics trafficking. The evidence, they said, proved that the man had ordered drugs to resell on the streets. The man, on the other hand, argued that he had only purchased the drugs for personal use. He said he struggled with drug addiction and admitted he had trouble financing his drug use but worked legitimate jobs to fund his purchases.

His grandmother knew ‘young people’ ordered “computer games” and “clothing” from stores on the internet. She had no reason to believe her grandson had ordered anything illegal when the package arrived at her front door. “She was completely unaware,” the 29-year-old said when referring to his grandmother’s lack of involvement. Fortunately for the innocent grandmother, the investigators never actively (or openly) investigated her activities in connection with her grandson’s arrest.

The police first caught onto the man’s activities in February. They intercepted a package that contained one kilogram of amphetamine and 50 grams of cocaine. The package was addressed to the Weilheim address of the man’s grandmother. Investigators delivered the package to the man’s grandmother’s house where she unknowingly accepted a package filled with illegal drugs. In the months following the first package interception and controlled delivery, the grandson moved out of his grandmother’s house and into his own apartment.

After he had moved to his own apartment, the 29-year-old purchased another kilogram of amphetamine. The police, in a move that likely only surprised the 29-year-old, intercepted the second package of amphetamine as well. After intercepting the package, German authorities obtained a search warrant for the 29-year-old’s apartment. They found evidence that he had ordered the drugs from the darknet and had used bitcoin to pay for the amphetamine. Three police also found MDMA at his apartment and secured a provisional arrest warrant.

He sat in custody for 11 months before his April 2018 hearing. He told the court that up until his arrest, he had been working regularly. The company that had hired him confirmed the employment status; they had not fired him. The 29-year-old told the court that he wanted to try life without drugs and that he knew he could enjoy life without drugs if given the chance. He had been smoking marijuana and doing amphetamines from as early as age 17. He blamed bullies at his school for his teenage drug use.

Judge Stefan Weickert contemplated sending the man to prison directly. However, the judge issued a four year prison sentence and suspended it for two years. “If this does not work then you can start the jail-career forever,” the judge warned.


  1. I wonder how the police intercepted the package. Was it ordered from abroad? Does the German postal service scan for package contents?

    • fistfucker

      actualy there are about 1500 people working for the german post office that do nothing else, than sorting out packeges adresed to known TOR users. They do not open all of those packages, but they have a K9 dog sniff them for drugs.
      This was on the german news lately.

  2. No. The Police does not directly intercept the Pakage.
    First it will be an easy controll by Customs and suspicious pakages will be seperated. Once they find out the something illegal in the pakage by the help of professionals and sometimes they use trained dogs for that, they will notice the pakaging and send you the pakage and a written report to Police Office. After that almost every similar pakaging will be controlled professionaly and if this accures more than many times than just wait in front of your Haus Door till angels come and take you to the paradise

  3. fucksystemfuckcops

    I also was sitting 5 months until now because of packages that got seized in Frankfurt. Spread the info that noone should order from Germany anymore!

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