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Trial Begins for a Couple Who Sold Son on Dark Web for €10,000

The trial of a couple who advertised and sold their son on the dark web to pedophiles are underway in Germany. They are scheduled to face charges of rape and child trafficking.

In a different but related case, the couple, Christian L., 39, and his law wife Berrin T., 47, initially gave up valuable evidence for the prosecution of a pedophile gang and are expected to appear as witnesses for the sentencing of the eight men whom are all on trial at the Freiburg State Court. These men took part or witnessed the raping of the 9-year-old boy being filmed on a dirt road.

In a different case concerning the two, there are further allegations of sexual harassment and abuse of a three-year-old girl they sold to dark web predators. Christian L. is equally facing charges of raping his own stepson.

According to prosecutors of the first case, Markus K. who is currently being held at Freiburg State Court, met Christian L. in jail when the two were initially serving their punishment as juvenile rape criminals.

Several years later when the two met again they connected, with Markus K. offering his former cellmate a job to procure children for him to rape. Christian L. took the job offer and told him of his stepson whom he had experience with.

Freiburg State Court heard how the the boy was raped by Markus K. along a dirt road as his stepfather filmed the scene. Since the boy was begging and crying for help the video was said to hold no value for other pedophiles.

A few weeks later Markus K, visited Christian L. at his home place in Staufen near Freiburg where the boy’s mother tied the same son to his bed as he was violently raped on video again.

During his trials, Christian L. revealed there were over sixty such acts in a period of two years, saying he didn’t count all of them. In a single incident, a client who he referred as The Spaniard paid €10,000 to rape the boy.

On being asked by the court why he chose to be a witness in the prosecution of his friends, Christian L. told the judge that “it’s because I have developed nothing but s**t out of it all and I need to drag people out of there to where I am sitting at the moment—in court.”

The case led to numerous questions on how the couple had managed to get away with the sexual abuse for so long, even after being on the sex offenders registry.

The two are expected to be sentenced to nothing less than 15 years in federal prison. Their son, on the other hand, has been undergoing intensive care and psychiatric therapy after being placed under the care of foster parents.


  1. Trial?? please tell me it’s the death penalty? How can people be so evil..

  2. Jesus they need more than 15 years. Minimum should be a life sentence for each time the boy was abused. Absolutely sick

  3. This is so sickening. Unbelievable :(

  4. mister bickles

    Christ Almighty in Heaven above preserve us!

  5. In Germany they will be sentenced to 15 years in a nice hotel “prison” only to serve a mere 3 years after being “rehabilitated” and then will reunite with their son. There is no justice in Germany. It is a sick country. It is a country that just swings from one extreme to another.

  6. These people need jesus and need the death penalty how could anyone do that to somebody especially there own kid.

  7. WTF I just red. Degenerates like these should be tortured for years, without a permission to kill themselves. At the and they should be set on fire alive.
    Strong ones doesn’t hurt, weak ones does. I had a luck to brake few rapists souls, not pedos, but still. And guess what, they cry and scream like.. well I don’t know anything that pathetic to compare. I can not imagine how much fun I could have with degenerates like these.
    Pedos pedos what you gonna do, what you ganna do when they come for you ;)

  8. AnonNIMHmouse

    This is why we need Jesus, alien invaders, or AI to come and take away free will for our own good. If just one child can be raped, murdered, eaten alive, whatever, then humanity as a whole doesn’t deserve to make its own choices. Considering thousands or more are treated this way every year only helps further convince of this.

    • fuck this guy

      Wow you literally advertise for AI takeover of free will because of the coexistence of criminals and good people? Yeah lets all let computer consciousness over rule humans and give up free will because some people are sick in the head. You’re a fucking idiot.

  9. Im a 52 yr old man and Im sitting here thinking bout my son crying

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