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Berlin Customs Allegedly Identified Nearly 1,500 Darknet Drug Buyers

According to information obtained by Berliner Morgenpost, the Berlin-Brandenburg Customs Office may have identified as many as 1,500 darknet drug customers in a single operation. The investigation itself, the newspaper reported, has already been completed. By the time the paper had learned of the investigation, the prosecution had already started preparing charges.

Internet specialists and digital forensic experts of the Berlin-Brandenburg Customs Investigation Office seemingly worked the case in unison. They worked the case silently too; whispers of the investigation only reached the press before suspected drug buyers received letters in the mail regarding darknet drug purchases. Even though the investigation had already been completed, Customs Investigators refused to give Berliner Morgenpost any technical details about the case or investigation.

Somehow, the Customs Office intercepted a significant quantity of unknown drugs that ultimately resulted in the identification of 1,500 suspected customers of a “darknet drug ring.” The investigators hunted down the origin of the drug shipments. The information conveyed through the Berliner Morgenpost indicated that the Customs Investigators had conducted an investigation that targeted the dealer or supplier of the drugs.

Their investigation proved successful and yielded results in the form of one of the largest crackdowns on darknet drug buyers in recent history. The recent Netherlands operation likely took second place in this ranking, given that the nationwide ‘knock-and-talk’ resulted in only two immediate arrests. The third seat at that table is up for grabs. United States law enforcement would probably like to claim it, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Operation Disarray led to nothing but failure. The FBI, in one conversation with a news outlet, explained they had only knocked on a couple of doors.

Sessions attempted to take credit for eight arrests connected to darknet marketplaces, but the evidence indicated that the operation had nothing to do with the arrests. If Berlin Customs can turn even a fraction of those 1,500 names into convictions, they will have accomplished something likely unparalleled by outside law enforcement agencies. It would be unrealistic to assume that courts would prosecute all 1,500 of suspected buyers; the FBI’s Operation Pacifier only led to—according to their own figures—900 arrests worldwide. And in the United States, the number of Pacifier convictions is likely far less than 100.

This number of identified targets fits the profile of a small marketplace or established darknet vendor. Given that the customs investigators intercepted packages and worked their way back to the supplier, they most likely caught a vendor with a sizeable customer base. Of course, they could have traced the packages back to a vendor who operated his or her own marketplace. Only time will tell.


  1. I suppose those DNM dealers in Germany doesn’t know how to use PGP.

    • ” Given that the customs investigators intercepted packages and worked their way back to the supplier, they most likely caught a vendor with a sizeable customer base”

      Those cretins really needs to learn to stop retaining customer’s info on plaintext. Encryption Container is there for a reason, use it.

      • that does not helt if one just gives their passwords to the cops. and most peaople do, when thei get caught with something to get of a few years in jail.

        That is why yout dont give your name and adress to strangers on the internet, especially if you KNOW that they are criminals.

  2. Does anyone know which Vendors got busted?

  3. Looks like “MMM”

    “Moramu” or something was his nick name

  4. Be very careful with some DN vendors from Germany. Many times they took my adress without any message I had to decline order myself. Anyways you can have look in listing and description, those vendors looks cloned profiles it’s like repeated formula “do not contact us before 12 days” etc.
    Stay Safe!

  5. These are just headlines that attempt to scare people off from using DNM’s, but the truth is that the war on drugs will never succeed. There is far too much money to be made and that is the source of it all. Then people get greedy and usually complacency then takes over. You get a sense of empowerment by making a lot of money with very little effort and that is what people need to learn. Don’t be greedy, always take opsec seriously and don’t splash your easy cash around. Someone sooner or later is bound to get suspicious and will scrutinise your every move…. Stay safe everyone..

  6. Guess, I was one of these 1500 members of the “darknet drug ring”. Lol. One day a nasty letter from our all beloved super-smartass cyberpigs arrived. They were claiming I had ordered some grams of speed which they had intercepted and were inviting me to “help them with investigations and give me the chance to set things straight” if I were “falsely accused”. In other words: they knew jack and desperately tried to talk alleged buyers into incriminating themselves. Hence the big announcement of their massive bullshit operation…
    Needless to say, I didn’t show up at the cops and the hole case was dropped two weeks later.

    TL;DR: Never get tricked into talking to the pigs! Usually the know little and hope to get you to incriminate yourself.

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