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Wisconsin Woman Charged for Buying Oxycodone Online

According to a complaint filed by Wisconsin authorities, a United States Postal Service employee intercepted a package of oxycodone addressed to Jamie Lynn Soteropoulos, 36, on April 27. The postal worker pulled Soteropoulos mail records and discovered that she had received 640 packages within two years. Waukesha County Circuit Court charged the woman with seven drug charges for allegedly buying drugs from a darknet vendor.

Plenty of legitimate reasons exist that could explain why anyone would need to receive almost one package every day for two years straight. Possibly an eBay business with a lot of returns. Or a bizarre stalker. However, Soteropoulos very likely had no involvement in any eBay businesses. She may have had a stalker—for obvious reasons, authorities have no interest in information of that sort. Even if the number of packages she received had not been so high, the authorities would have picked her up.

How the case began remains unclear. The postal employee may have intercepted the package by chance. Courts documents referenced by Wisconsin news outlets referred to the employee as a “postal worker” instead of the usual and descriptive “United States Postal Inspection Service inspector” (or something with the same meaning and reference to USPIS involvement).

In many cases, USPIS involvement indicates work beyond that of a random package interception. Referring to the postal worker without any further details did not prove the postal worker worked for USPS or USPIS, but cases involving USPIS—more often than not—explicitly reference USPIS. The Sussex woman could have been the subject of a local law enforcement investigation that never involved USPIS.

The relevant details will eventually surface, most likely. Authorities have kept news of her arrest and court appearance under wraps, though. Wisconsin police could be amidst a much larger investigation—they notably caught the darknet vendor selling fentanyl nasal spray less than one month ago.

Authorities arrested Soteropoulos the same day the postal employee intercepted the package. USPS needed her to pick the package up from the Post Office in person. The police arrested her with her 2-year-old son in the backseat of her car. They found 20 unidentified prescription opioids in the car, a pill grinder, and straws. The police secured a search warrant for her home and found more pills, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia.

Soteropoulos formerly worked as a nurse until 2014 when the Wisconsin Board of Nursing limited her nursing license for repeated theft of opioids and benzodiazepines. She signed a stipulation that required drug rehabilitation that required complete sobriety and restricted drug use to medications prescribed to her by a doctor who consulted the board. The stipulation required two years of medical probation and 49 drug tests a year. The police specifically pointed out that she had no prescriptions for the opioids.

She admitted to the police that she had been buying pills on the darknet for one year or more. She said she spent roughly $1,000 on drugs every month. For three felony drug possession charges and another four misdemeanor charges, she faces a maximum of only three and a half years in prison and a $10,000 fine. It is unclear what has happened with her 2-year-old child, but we can assume social services has taken custody.

Her next court appearance is in May.

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