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Students Buy Cocaine on Darknet and Collect it at a Royal Mail Depot

Confidently and without any fear whatsoever, students are seen to walk into Royal Mail outlets to receive their mailed cocaine. A documentary casts off the veil to expose new occurrences in Britain’s drug problem. In the light of this eye-opening presentation, more suspicion and concern continue to rise concerning just how bad the problem is. There seems to be much going on in the background, censored from the common eye and from everyday police crackdowns. The students so easily put their hands on the drugs, operating just beneath the officials’ nose, and continue to call for an uproar among the people.

Considering that cocaine ranks highly among the most fought drugs in the UK, it is surprising to uncover that it so casually found its way into the market concealed in mail deliveries. To have a clear understanding of the whole picture about cocaine in the UK, one must be aware of some little background information. The most heated efforts apparently are focused towards eliminating cocaine. Nevertheless, it remains to be among the most abused substances. With that in mind, now comes the revelation that it travels so easily via the Royal Mail. The news paints the picture of a deepening drug situation in the UK.

The Influence of the Dark Web

The dark web provides the needed platform and resources to facilitate drug trafficking and acquisition. First, it offers a market from which the drugs can be readily acquired without much of a hustle. Secondly, the darknet marketplace is favorable for these black deals because it offers anonymity and safe transactions that are shielded from scrutiny by law enforcement officials. For these reasons, drug trade prospers on the dark web.

The documentary of Britain’s Cocaine problem on Channel 5 entails first-hand insights from a user of the drug. His sentiments elaborate just how easily one can put their hands on the drug through online purchases similar to what is done with many other commodities sold online. He says that it is not a complicated process; just order-buy is all it takes. As the cameras roll, he continues to be seen scrolling through many pages of dealers from whom the drugs can be outsourced. Close to 60 pages are seen, making the site look like one big legitimate online shopping website.

Comparing online and street drug deals, the filmed user praises the online platform as more professional. He adds that drug traders on the street can be crafty and one ends up paying more for less. On the website, however, he echoes that one gets value for their money both in the quantity and quality of the product delivered. Additionally, he presents that the internet acquisition method is less costly than going for the street option.

In order to get the drugs past the authorities, various techniques are employed. It is for this reason that most of the packages have been passing the officers without being noticed. Mike Power, a journalist, terms these techniques to escape seizure as ‘decoys’. The mail is packaged differently and in order to efface any smells that could raise suspicions, alcohol rubs are used. Masking the smell of the drugs with an equally strong odor is an innovation done to confuse and confound the sniffer dogs. When done well, the method hinders them from getting to the drug or the source of the drug should the trafficker be pulled over for a search.

What the Royal Mail Says

Amid all these claims and proceedings, the Royal Mail through its spokesperson has come out to make their stand clear. Their statement emphasizes that they are deeply involved in collaborative efforts with local and across-the-border agencies to book any perpetrators.

They continue to say that both local and international mail is monitored with the police in charge of the border. Border patrol agents have to be on the lookout so the cocaine does not transfer from other regions and countries into the UK. The role of the local enforcers is to confiscate any that manages to infiltrate the borders before it is distributed to the users and dealers.

These monitor and search operations involve x-rays and sniffer dogs. Additionally, staff in the Royal Mail have shown great support for the same agenda by taking the initiative to disclose any suspicions. To this regard, the spokesperson claims that reports made by the staff to officials exceeded 800 within a span of one year alone. He concludes by saying that Royal Mail urges its workforce to be on alert when doing their duties for any suspicious mail and deliveries. The post office staff is asked to immediately relay any suspicions they have to law enforcement agents so the matter can be handled appropriately.


  1. Nicholas Derbyshire

    You forget to mention the lack of violence among all this. Pretty good thing, I think.

  2. policedontlikecompetition

    if there was no violence the cops would be out of half a job. they make out that darknet is the problem in all this, when we all know theres much more available of any subsatnce you need on the street.

  3. It is also good for alerting users when a bad batch or some health risks are identified. To be honest I feel sorry for heroin addicts particularly these days. Not only have you got angry neighbours, jail sentences, drug gang violence and corruption to deal with but now fentanyl, which can be ten or even hundred times as strong as normal heroin and dirt cheap, can be found in pretty much every deal across the land. God only knows how many users have been killed, everbody knows someone its happened to. Same as crystal meth in the US. Mexican cartels figured out a reciepe for ‘fake meth’ known as ‘Type-N’,’n-isopropylbenzamine’ or ‘angry meth’. They had already taken control of 100% of the U.S market by undercutting domestic production. The new formula was pretty much undetectable from regular meth apart from by taking a hit and going ‘holy shit! what is this crap?’. Legalization is the only way to stop this sort of thing happening. Thats it.

  4. Drug users seem to be strange creatures.

    Cocaine leaves a terrible legacy, though you may not see this trail of destruction when you are buying it.

    It results in farmers in South America making a small amount of extra income when compared to them growing fruit, vegetables and cereals. So they stop growing food – food they can also eat – and instead turn to cocaine production by growing the plants required for the process.

    Imagine most farmers then join this process. The profit for these farmers then goes down, but it is too late, they can’t turn back, due to the way the coca leaf savages their land and results in only the ability to grow more, which then continues the cocaine production cycle.

    Cocaine is the perfect example of an immoral, unethical, and stupid drug, due to its effect on the farmers required to grow it. Violence is well known in South America as a result of Cocaine.

    If you think drugs, particularly cocaine, do not cause violence, then you are a fucking ignoble moron. You could instead just get a confidence-hit by exercising, helping your community, involvement with charity work. But no. Instead you blindly promote drugs. The commentards on this website unwittingly promote the anti-drug line by appearing to be of epic stupidity on proportions as yet unseen.

    • Mark

      Yet you can’t help yourself from visiting the site to publish your pathetic & insulting comments….. We’re all in it together my friend and if the government really wanted to stop the proceeds of drug sales going into criminal hands, they should legalize all drugs now. Because some pointless rhetoric from morons like you isn’t going to win this war any time soon…. Have a good day.

  5. You can tell the same about the plants tobacco, coffe, kat, palm oil, alcohol or biofuel strains.
    Even food crop growing are bad in a large scale cause they burn down the rainforest to get the space for their plants.

    But you know this too.

  6. I like the fact that Royal Mail claim to be “deeply involved in collaborative efforts with local and across-the-border agencies to book any perpetrators”…… The facts state that the sale & use of cocaine and drugs in general are at an all time high (see what I did there…)

  7. Too many idiots talking freely about this stuff! Keep quiet you mongrels or ruin a perfectly good thing! You are not big or smart or hard, loose lips sink ships! KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT

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