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German Man Sentenced for Ordering 200 Grams of Amphetamine

In Coburg, Germany, a seized package of amphetamines led to the arrest and recent sentencing of a 21-year-old for importing and possessing illegal substances.

In less than three months, according to investigators, the young man had ordered nearly one kilogram of cocaine and and an equal amount of amphetamine. During the hearing, he admitted he ordered the drugs for personal use. But he wanted to effectively use the stimulants for free, so he always placed orders for more drugs than he needed personally; the extra, he said, went to individuals who purchased the amphetamine or cocaine at prices high enough to finance his next darknet purchase.

In July 2017, German authorities seized a package from the mail stream that contained 200 grams of amphetamine. He had placed several cocaine and amphetamine orders during the month of July, investigators later learned. The packages had all arrived safely, the defendant explained. During the investigation into the 21-year-old, German authorities only intercepted a single package. He may not have ordered packages after German authorities—likely Customs at the Frankfurt airport seized his package of amphetamines.

German police, with the address of the recipient on the package, had no trouble identifying the person who had placed the order. However, the police had not taken any action in the days and even weeks that followed the expected delivery date. The defendant told the court that he felt “very annoyed” after the package failed to arrive. He said he thought the vendor had scammed him or had performed some sort of exit scam and never sent packages to any of their most recent customers. The identity of the vendor was not revealed in court as it had no impact on the case.

The vendor’s real life identity likely remains a secret as well—the package seizure was a seemingly isolated incident. Often, in similar cases, the investigators explain how Customs seized a package as part of an ongoing investigation into an unidentified darknet vendor. (Where the vendor’s days are coming to an end as law enforcement profiles their packages.) Coburg police waited until October 2017 before they moved in and made an arrest. They gave no explanation for the three-month gap in between seizing a single package and arresting the package buyer after discovering he was only a fairly small darknet drug buyer.

In early October, the 21-year-old received the package. The package required his signature. After signing for the package and taking legal responsibility for it, the man learned that the person who had delivered the package was not truly a delivery person. The undercover detective identified himself and then placed the young man in handcuffs. By signing the package, the 21-year-old admitted he had ordered 200 grams of amphetamine.

Judge Jürgen Fehn, in light of information revealed in the courtroom and the defendant’s own confession, handed down a sentence of two years and nine months. The defendant had been waiting in jail for nine months and the judge counted those nine months against the sentence, effectively reducing the sentence to two years in prison.


  1. Waiting in prison 9 months before court for a non-violent crime. That sucks! At least they counted it against his sentence..

  2. The justice is my country its difference, I know a guys that police caught with 360 klg of cocaine hide in cafe in Containner in Port Terminal and they re all are free, driving super cars, ferraris etc.. LOL! no more words , the biggest traficants in the world are friends of police, this poor guy he will go prison for nothing, its the life, sure this guy caught by police with 2 TN of amphetamine and now he will stay free, waiting trial but free, cops with rolex and armani dress sure they will speak with judge, and resolve situation, in my country Spain the things run this way.I Speak serious.

  3. What if it was a setup??? Some anonymous hater could order a drugs on your name. You could sign the package just out of curiosity, while you don’t expect it, right? It could be anything – an old friend, marketing merchandising, etc. Why on Earth the police arrested the man only based on his signature? Its so unjust. Another question how to protect myself from this form of revenge?

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