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Swiss Man Faces Trial After 800 Darknet Drug Transactions

Photo Credits: Blick: The suspect used DVD cases to peddle cocaine, Marijuana and other drugs throughout Switzerland.

It’s a big catch for Police in Lucerne Switzerland after arresting a major online drug dealer. The 34-year-old man from the capital city – made 800 transactions over the darknet between 2014 and 2016. After a very lengthy investigation, spanning years, the Lucerne agents have closed the case as the suspect will await trial.

According to the crime squad department, the man bought large quantities of cocaine and amphetamine which they suspected to be destined for local trade. On Monday this week, the prosecutor told the court that the suspect sent the drugs to parcel shops at the Germany border before transporting them to Switzerland.

The investigators presumed that the man was involved in 800 drug deals with amphetamine, home-grown cannabis, as well as, cocaine. Furthermore, he bought all his drugs of vendors using darknet marketplaces. His transactions were made with Bitcoins.

The prosecutor also revealed that the culprit used smarter methods of hiding the drugs so that the customs department, as well as, other people wouldn’t become suspicious. For instance, he’d wrap the drugs in DVD cases when shipping them to several of his customers located in Switzerland.

The prosecuting attorney declined to provide the media with further information regarding the nature of the crime. However, he insisted that the drugs were never guaranteed. He didn’t give the actual amount of drugs that were confiscated, but; he said the deliveries ranged between one and 10 grams each.

The culprit was arrested in the summer of 2016 in his Lucerne home. Among other things, the law enforcement found drugs, packaging materials as well as other drug-related paraphernalia in his house.

According to the Swiss Federal Law on Drugs, it is illegal to use, produce, possess or culture drugs. Furthermore, cannabis is legal as long as it contains less than 1.0% THC. The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health reports that about 25% of men and 15% of women above the age of 15 have consumed cannabis during their lifetime. The report states that boys in the country consume cannabis more often than girl by 11.5% and 5.1% respectively. The research also states that there has been a stable decrease in the use of drugs among school-going citizens.

Studies in the country have revealed an increase in the drug arrest trends in the country over the last few decades. While there is a large decline in the arrests related to heroin, there has been an increase in those related to marijuana. In fact, Switzerland has more cannabis-related arrests per capita than most countries in the world including the United States.

Interestingly, the drug-related mortality rate in the country has declined sharply. The number of HIV infections that come from injections of drugs has also declined. This trend shows that the users have a higher drug-awareness than they used to a decade ago.

In the last few years, Europol has been teaming up with local police to fight the sale of drugs on the clearnet. The law enforcers used joint action operation such as Alba, Blue Amber, Archimedes and Ciconia to win the fight against illegal trading on the dark web. This has seen the closure of several deep web marketplaces such as AlphaBay and Silk Road.

In 2017, they used Operation Dragon to bust human and drug trafficking, cyber crime, weapon smuggling, as well as, illegal immigration. Between June and October, they were able to place thousands of officers at different locations. They targeted different airports and airlines where they found out that the majority of crimes were related to fraudulent ticket purchases.

Thousands of suspects were arrested during the exercise. The online team of law enforcement in the operation was also able to list 272 users.

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