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A 23 Year Old Mainz Youth Arrested for Dark Web Drug Trafficking

Police arrested a 23-year-old individual from Mainz after they intercepted a package with 70 grams of amphetamine addressed to his house. Local German authorities claim the 23-year-old bought dark web drugs. Furthermore, he sent them to his house through the regular post, making his capture easier than most darknet market drug traffickers. The intercepted package led police to his home in Munchfeld, Germany.C:\Users\Evamo Agencies\Desktop\yt.jpgC:\Users\Evamo Agencies\Desktop\ytt.jpg

On conducting a search on the young man’s apartment, police discovered small amounts of marijuana, MDMA, and amphetamine. There were small plastic bags, an obvious give away to a drug dealer. It was not reported as to how much money he spent on the drugs, but it was most likely with Bitcoin or some other form of cyprotcurency. Police continue to investigate.

The suspect’s name has not been yet revealed, nor any information about his arraignment. There was no presented evidence either that he in fact had sold any drugs to other customers. This story continues to develop as the drug war crisis in Germany continues.

Last month, a man was sentenced to four years in prison after he ordered cocaine and amphetamine from the darknet. The young man had the drugs sent to his grandmother’s house where he was living at the time. According to the police, the young man bought dark web drugs for a long time. Following a tip back in February of this year, local police intercepted a package that contained one kilogram of amphetamine and 50 grams of cocaine.

In recent months, police have made similar darknet busts. Two months ago, German police managed to seize a third of a ton of narcotics from a single drug dealer in what was dubbed ‘the biggest dark web burst ever’. The police in Germany raided 38 locations and arrested seven people across the country. The operation known as “Shiny-Flakes” came crumbling down soon after the police arrested a 20-year-old Leipzig man and sentenced him to seven years in prison. The raid by police led to over 700 pounds of illegal drugs seized. Police reported that the drugs were worth more than $4.25 million.

Police also arrested a 32-year-old man in the Slovakian Town of Trnava for dealing in ecstasy. They discovered his operations and made the arrest when he went to pick his three packages at the post office. The man traded drugs through the dark web. He was found in possession of packages containing 973 ecstasy pills. Experts confirmed the pills contained MDMA estimating a value close to $10,000 on the streets.

Even though authorities have managed to catch drug offenders like the 23-year-old, finding the source is still the end game. This makes it a wild goose chase as while the user is convicted, the dealer continues the trade.


  1. Shinyflakez the vendor disappeared, he might have been an undercover, and they raided the buyer’s houses because they mainly sold bulk. +fake reviews

  2. Shinyflakez was solid vendor, his stealth was discovered and lots of packages got seized cause that he got banned.

  3. for 70 gramm speed in germany he will become a maximum of 6 months in probation or a money punishment. if he had not the stupidestlawyer

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