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Canadian Police Bust Massive Dream Vendor “Mr Hotsauce”

According to an announcement from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), a “prolific drug trafficker” landed in police custody after an investigation into thousands of drug transactions that connected to a single drug operation. The RCMP ended the career of one of the largest fentanyl vendors in Canada. Towards the end of the month of May, the RCMP SOC rounded up four individuals suspected of running the Dream vendor account “Mr Hotsauce” or working as one of the primary conspirator’s associates.

The announcement said the four individuals either operated the darknet market vendor account(s) or functioned as so-called “couriers” essential to the Mr Hotsauce operation. George Anthony Athanasiou, 25, seemingly functioned as the primary conspirator and account owner—the press release left ownership interpretations up to the reader. However, Canadian authorities handed down a total of 46 criminal charges after arresting the four suspects and Athanasiou caught more charges than his co-conspirators.

“The RCMP remains committed to identifying, disrupting and dismantling those who seek to traffic these dangerous drugs in our communities. This includes those groups who may try to conceal their illegal activities using complex schemes and Darkweb ventures,” an RCMP officer said in a statement.

Athanasiou was charged with crimes under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA) and the Criminal Code of Canada (CCC). The RCMP charged him with nine counts of trafficking schedule one substances; nine counts of exporting schedule one substances; nine counts of possession of schedule one substances for the purpose of trafficking; nine counts of possession of schedule one substances for the purpose of exporting; four counts of breach of recognizance; two counts of conspiracy; and two firearms law violations.

Even though Mr Hotsauce had a reputation as one of Canada’s best fentanyl vendors, the RCMP noticed the listings for methamphetamine, cocaine, MDMA, ketamine, and several other illegal substances. They wrote that the vendor account was likely “responsible for several thousand illegal drug transactions.”

Jona Claudia Faller, 28, picked up almost as many charges as Athanasiou. The RCMP charged Faller with nine counts of trafficking schedule one substances; nine counts of exporting schedule one substances; nine counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking; nine counts of possession for the purpose of exporting; two counts of conspiracy; and two firearms-related charges.

During the searches executed in connection with the Mr Hotsauce operation, the RCMP discovered methamphetamine, ketamine, crack cocaine, and heroin. The recent Dream Market fentanyl ban may have something to do with the fact that none of the suspects had fentanyl in their possession. Mr Hotsauce, on Dream, announced that his last fentanyl sale would take place on May 14.

The police also seized a firearm, ammunition, $100,000 in cash, roughly $200,000 in cryptocurrencies, and various items used in darknet drug trafficking operations.

Two suspects—Chadwicklee McLean, 20, and Cypress Araujo, 21—received the same charges in number and in kind. Both caught nine counts of exporting schedule one substances; nine counts of trafficking schedule one substances; and two counts of conspiracy. All four suspects lived in Toronto, Ontario. The ringleader in this operation looks to be the one suspect with the majority of the charges. However, each suspect and their respective charges fit the profile of a darknet vendor; all four were caught on conspiracy charges, exporting schedule one substances charges, and trafficking schedule one substances charges.


  1. Holy damn!
    That’s gotta be a hot one – almost as mindblowing as the fentanyl lab first found in 2013.

  2. who put the vendor in “on vacation” mode??

  3. Once again,the “legal”traffickers protection unit has eliminated competition.Fentanyl is a Big Pharma money machine.Interfere with it at your peril.This is the message being sent,here.

    • fuckprohibition

      Right? I mean fentanyl is too powerful to be used as a steret drugs but without prohibition there would be no fentanyl related drug because people could just use less dangerous opoid in a safer environment. But naaah they keep trying

  4. man these guys were young… they must have been rolling in cash having the time of their lives…

    not anymore ;(

    and worse – that’s one less person selling fentanyl god damn it! shit’s like gold round these parts…

  5. how do they catch ppl just wondering. malware backdoor hack or ? must have sent a program somehow to trace or log things then got location from ip trace on some packet

    Anyone care to explain details I am interested in security and privacy What to reverse engineer how things are done to improve systems

    Actually the war on drugs is a stupid war that was created originally to exclude black,native, Mexican ppl from voting. jail them and take away their rights

    also many ppl self medicate due to mental illness, ptsd and family or life issues bc the system does not provide help . the system wants these ppl to suffer and just disappear. Drugs were introduced by the government on purpose like the opioid crisis . created by doctors fda to create addicts then jail them to create money and system of control and slavery.

    if someone wants to do drugs it hurts nobody but them they knock yourself out. Same as booze. only ppl that drink usually drive and stoned or high ppl usually stay home. The system of control and manipulation made by greedy selfish evil people who would like nothing more then to wipe us all out especially the poor and the people with any mental issues

    If the government wants to make money legalize it all like other countries the crime rate would be almost zero. but then the employees of the justice system would be out of work. what would we do with all the tens of billions saved Maybe invest it into health care and social programs

    Thats my take on the system.. Now how do the police catch people. message me details pls.

    Imagine booze were banned all the cops would be in jail

    • Curious George

      Was wondering how they got caught as well. One fuck up is all it takes. I was thinking they were also selling local and someone got busted and sold them out. Then DM enterprise presented itself after confiscating computers, etc. Otherwise, they had a major VPN/computer security compromise.

  6. With fent vendors like PeterTheGreat it was because his product killed a 13 year old girl. The USPS Priority pack was on the floor next to her. They just worked it back from there.

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