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Australia among Countries with Highest Number of Dark Web Drug Dealers

Australia is among countries with the highest concentration of dark web drug dealers per capita and owns a sizeable chunk of the narcotics dark web marketplaces. This is according to a new criminology research released by the Australian Institute of criminology.

The new research by Australian Institute of Criminology outlines countries with the highest buyers and sellers of illegal drugs on the dark web. The data used in the research was collected over two months and aimed at countries with higher usage of dark web narcotics.

Associate Professor James Martin of Swinburne University, the research author, indicates that dark web illegal deals are in the hundreds of thousands with the largest percentage happening without being noticed by law enforcement agencies. The United States was found to have the highest number of illegal transactions, followed closely by Australia, but further analysis of the numbers obtained in the research reveals interesting figures per capita, he says.

Where is dark web drug trading most common?

Netherlands emerged as the country with the highest concentration of the dark web drugs dealers per capita followed closely by Australia and the United States. Dr. Martins revealed that most of the trading of the illicit dark web narcotics done is domestically concentrated in Australia and the US.

“This is however not surprising to some extent since our drugs tend to be more expensive in the international market and hence not really competitive in comparison to the United States or Europe,” he said.

According to him, the surprising part of the research is the increasing number of dark web Methamphetamine deals. ”In spite of what we are used to seeing in the news on the drug epidemic and think the situation is bad, I can confirm to you that it’s worse in most countries,” he said.

How about the risk involved?

The drugs are procured online on the dark web, paid for using cryptocurrencies and thereafter shipped to potential customers. According to Dr. Martin, shipping drugs internationally from Australia is not a risky task as everybody thinks since the Australia Bounder Forces have developed perception then they are very perfect at intercepting drugs in and out the country.

“It is clear that the majority of dark web shipped consignments go through the border with ease,” he revealed.

Australian Border Force and Federal Police responds

In a statement, the Australian Border Force office and Australian Federal Police office admitted being aware of illegal dark web drugs and are collaborating with other partners to come up with technologically enabled means to help combat the crimes.

Although dark web drug trading has become a difficult task to police due to anonymity involved, it is not all lost for the law enforcement agencies.

“The dark web drugs have significantly helped in reducing a lot of drug dealings on the streets which has equally reduced the potential of violence taking place,” Dr. Martin said. “We also know that drugs sold on the dark web tend to exclude children, are of better quality and less adulterated that those sold on the streets.”

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