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French Drug Dealers Sentenced Following a Vendor Bust in Germany

As part of an investigation that began in January 2017, French police raided the home of suspected darknet drug dealers in the French towns of Grosbliederstroff and Sarreguemines. The investigation began with a German darknet vendor by German authorities. The trail led to a drug reseller in France and a customer of the reseller. The defendants in France have now received sentences for their crimes.

German police, in January 2017, investigated a darknet drug dealer who had been living in the German city of Saarbrücken, the largest city in Saarland that borders France. It specifically borders the French town of one of the primary defendants in France.

During the raid at the Saarbrücken suspect’s home, the police discovered amphetamine paste, ecstasy pills, bags and packaging material, a scale, and a computer. They seized all of the items listed above and convinced the suspected dealer to confess that he had been selling drugs to people across the country. The evidence on his computer allowed the police to identify an unknown number of the man’s customers. He had likely helped them recover data from his darknet market vendor account.

One of those customers lived in the French city of Grosbliederstroff that bordered the German dealer’s home. German police, in February 2017, sent information they had retrieved from the suspect’s computer to French police. They specifically sent information that indicated the suspect in Grosbliederstroff had been buying amphetamine paste and ecstasy from the dealer they had raided the month prior.

French authorities then raided the home of the suspect in Grosbliederstroff. The police discovered amphetamine, amphetamine paste, an unidentified white powder, ecstasy pills, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, marijuana, and $478 in euros. They also found packaging material, a notebook filled with account passwords, and a computer. They seized everything.

Two months later, the police raided the home of a suspect in Sarreguemines they had discovered through an analysis of the computer seized at the Grosbliederstroff home. At the house in Sarreguemines, the police found cannabis resin and psychedelic mushrooms. They also discovered evidence that led to the defendant’s confession: he told the police that he had also been buying and selling drugs through the darknet. He said that he bought drugs from various vendors and resold them through his own account on an unidentified darknet market in exchange for bitcoins. He admitted trading narcotics with the defendant from Grosbliederstroff.

Through an analysis of the laptop seized at the home in Sarreguemines, French authorities identified a drug buyer in the same town. They raided his house and found five marijuana plants, amphetamine paste, ecstasy pills, marijuana, and roughly $400 in euros.

In June 2018, all three suspects and one of the suspect’s accomplices faced a judge for sentencing. All but the primary defendant received six-month suspended sentences. The primary defendant received an 18-month prison sentence.

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