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Two on Trial for Selling Son to Pedophiles on the Darknet

In a child abuse case connected to users of Tabooless Chat and darknet child abuse forums, a mother and her partner have gone to trial in Freiburg for allowing pedophiles to rape their nine-year-old son in exchange for thousands of euros. German authorities arrested the couple in September 2017 after someone had sent an anonymous tip that exposed the child abuse. The case only became public in January of this year.

Berrin T, 48, and Christian L, 39, according to German prosecutors, facilitated some of the worst child abuse seen in a German courtroom. For two years, the couple took money from pedophiles on darknet forums like PlayPen and Elysium in exchange for temporary access to their nine-year-old child. After the recent Tabooless Chat take down, authorities revealed that pedophiles had even reached out to the couple through the chat site. When German authorities seized the site and replaced it with a seizure banner that asked pedophiles to get help instead of accessing illegal material, the press releases spoke of the arrest of one of the site’s staff members, but did not reveal that Tabooless was one of the pieces of the puzzle that helped catch suspects in the Freiburg abuse case.

Earlier this year, DeepDotWeb covered the arrest of a German man who had been using darknet child abuse sites under the username “GeilerDaddy”. That user, prosecutors have revealed, was the man who had been effectively pimping out his partner’s son. Investigators learned that the couple would accept offers from pedophiles they met on various darknet sites and then accepted the offer they found most fitting or the offer from someone they simply favored. On one of the first occasions, a pedophile from Schleswig-Holstein asked the couple if they would allow him to kill their son for a certain amount of money.

They declined his offer. He asked them if they would be willing to kidnap a child that he could pay to kill. They declined this also. But the Schleswig-Holstein pedophile became one of the couple’s regular clients. Others would travel from outside of Germany for a chance to rape the boy. Sometimes they charged as much as 10,000 euros. Sometimes the mother and her partner took assorted gifts as payment.

Christian L. aka GeilerDaddy felt that he had an obligation to help the police catch other pedophiles who had raped his partner’s son. He testified in the trials of two of the eight known abusers of the child. He helped the police identify members in videos he had taken and uploaded to the darknet child abuse forums. And he also gave the police access to the GeilerDaddy account on Tabooless and other darknet sites. The police used that account to arrange fake meetings with pedophiles who wanted to pay to abuse the boy. An undercover investigator would pretend to be GeilerDaddy and accept offers from site members, meet them, and then arrest them for child abuse crimes.

He has not received anything in return for his cooperation with the police and knows that his cooperation will not change the outcome of the case. After the prosecution had the evidence they needed to convict the eight known suspects in the case, they had prepared everything they needed to convict the mother and the partner in court. They both face aggravated sexual assault charges, forced prostitution charges, and every type of child pornography charge expected. The mother has remained silent in all hearings, even though her partner has testified against her.

The prosecutors are seeking lengthy fines, prison sentences, and permanent supervision.


  1. Hope they die very slow death in person at the hands of unmerciful prisoners!

  2. pedos are ruining the darknet

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  4. Why can’t we just kill all the pedos/rapists?
    They’re ruining a lot of lives.

    • KnightOfTheNight

      Because we will fight back and kill YOU.

      • There are no bigger cowards than pedos. For a group that will ‘fight back and kill’ , I’ve never been in a joint where they weren’t hiding in PC or getting their ass kicked daily

        • KnightOfTheNight

          Maybe try educating yourself on pedophilia before automiatically thinking we all want to hurt/rape kids like the sicko in this story. These kind of people DO deserve to be killed but being a pedophile doesn’t mean you are evil. Most actually love kids and would never want to see them hurt. Myself included. But people’s hate only instigates violence. Some kids like sex and some don’t. Those that do can consent without being the age of consent. Accept it and get over it. LEA and antis-hunt the people HURTING kids, not the ones LOVING them.

  5. Son to Pedophiles? THIS IS PEDERASTY!!


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