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Notorious Australian Dark Web Pedophile will no Longer Receive Legal Aid

The Australian government provides legal aid to its citizens on trial when the cases take place abroad. The aid is offered through the Serious Overseas Criminal Matters scheme and is seemingly issued regardless of crimes committed. The aid is given to Australians at risk of having to serve a sentence of over 20 years or death penalty cases. Failure to choose what trials to aid has subjected the scheme to massive public criticism after it was involved in aiding the defense of criminals such as drug traffickers and pedophiles.

Peter Scully, 55, who is arguably the most infamous pedophile of all time was not left out; he received $500,000 in aid, all based from taxes paid by non-criminal citizens over a three years period. His crimes included charges of murder, rape, and torture of children in the Philippines. He received a life sentence in June for human trafficking and five counts of rape and sexual assault of underage girls. Scully faces 60 more charges for murder, abuse, and torture of children.

Scully who is as a father of two moved to the Philippines in 2011 fleeing fraud charges against him in a fraudulent property scheme in Melbourne, Australia.

After some time in the Philippines, he started taking advantage of underage children by enticing them with gifts and promises of good parenting, capturing them and using them to commit his heinous crimes.

He operated a child pornography site on the dark web where he posted videos of himself raping and torturing his victims. He went to the extent of making his victims dig their own grave. The videos earned him fortunes as viewers paid on a pay per view basis.

His disturbing crimes went unnoticed for a while until he posted a video titled Daisy’s Destruction. In this video Scully violently abused an underage child, this caught the attention of international law enforcement agencies who made it their mission to track him down. Dutch police were able to isolate the abuse to the Philippines; this helped in significantly reducing the search radius and Scully’s days as a free man.

Scully was successfully tracked down and arrested in February 2015 after two girls he had held hostage managed to escape and informed the Filipino police of his whereabouts. Months after his arrest the police unearthed the body of an 11-year-old girl under the floor of the house he was renting. According to the police, his arrest resulted in the seizure of computers and other electronic devices that carried data that has led to the arrest of pedophiles in other countries.

Scully had accomplices with whom he carried out the vile acts. Ann Alvarez and Liezyl Margallo were important role players in filming the videos and acquiring the children to be assaulted. Alvarez allegedly aided in the escape of the two girls out of guilt. She was sentenced alongside Scully in June.

The police investigating Scully’s case continue to view him as one of the most deranged pedophiles they have encountered. They believe he took his crimes too far and earned a fortune in the process.

Australian authorities are quite famous when it gets to dealing with pedophiles. In 2016, the Australian task force Argos operated a darknet child abuse forum for nearly a year. Assuming full control of the forum the task force kept everything up-to-date by posting child abuse images. All this was done with an aim of rounding up pedophiles from all over the world. Even though the operation resulted in many arrests and convictions, questions of whether the damage caused by the operation outweighed its necessity. The fact that the same government that ran a child abuse forum aided in the defense of a pedophile leaves questions over its true intentions in the entire operation.

The extent of Scully’s crimes and the revelation that he had received $500,000 in legal aid resulted in a massive public outcry in Australia, that prompted the Australian Attorney General to initiate a review into the program. The review is expected to result in a situation that leaves Scully with no legal aid. According to the Attorney General Scully is currently receiving zero support and the situation is expected to remain the same after the review.


  1. He needs to be hanged and his discusting body served to pigs

  2. He needs to be investigated for fraud. No Philippines lawyer could cost half a million Australian dollars.

  3. we need to start a crowd funding to pay people in prison to fuck up these pedos that are in the news that we know of there names. idc ill pay a fuckin gaurd if i have to. if the fund gets high enough especially in a poor(er) country like the philippines gaurds will act on it, maybe with a video of there own :) where the pedo is a movie star once again with a can of teargas shoved up there ass and a shank inserted and twisted into there kidneys

  4. Can someone explain me, why media calling children torturing and killing act as pedophilia? This man is monster and killer, and it has nothing todo with pedophilia. Pedophiles are sick and they need help, but i dont think they want to hurt children and most of them biggest crimes ends in their fantasies. Im afraid that because of this soon there will be pedo prides and people around world will be forced to ask for forgivnes, just like what we have with lgbt in our days.

    • speakthetruth

      you are correct. the sick fucks that rape/torture/murder children deserve the worst punishment possible. but the majority of pedophiles really love kids and would never want to hurt them. look at how blacks were treated. then the gays. now the pedophiles. we as a society need to accept the fact that some kids do enjoy sex and can consent to it. no harm whatsoever is done. the kids who like to have sex love and trust their adult friend who also care for them in many non-sexual ways. it’s LE and therapists that put them through hell by brainwashing them into thinking they are a victim and were traumatized by a heinous event(s). when really the kid loved her/his adult friend and vice versa.
      pedophiles do not deserve to be treated like human scum, child rapists/molesters (UNWANTED touching) do.

      • hellvetic

        A child isn’t mature enough to understand sexual intercourses neither can give consent. Sex with children, in at form or context, is abuse.

    • Evian

      Pedofiles don’t want to hurt children?? You sick f*ck… And as far as we know, the main goal of a child abuser IS always torture and murder. Maybe not in the beginning. The hunger for power finally ends up to the worst kind of evil ego trip, power over someones life.

    • death2rockspiders

      what part of rape and torture did you miss? fuck the vile cunt… he should be executed in the slowest possible way.

  5. Hellfire AWAITS you Scully

    Thank God! Scully deserves to die in the most pain, torturous way imaginable. Beat him, rape him, make him beg for death, then once that faggot is broken, let him starve in the hot Fillipino sun until flys lay their eggs on him and his body is slowly consumed by maggots. The amount of time I think about what id do to this cunt, he ought to be glad he is locked up by himself. He isn’t just a pedophile, he didn’t just run a pedo site, he is a psychopath or who tortured, raped and murdered countless children! (no one will ever know the true figures)

  6. scully must die, hes a satan bastard must getting killed

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