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Raleigh: Three Brothers Charged for Manufacturing and Distributing Xanax

Not long after the news about a darknet dealer from Raleigh had left the news cycle, Raleigh police revealed that yet another drug bust had connections to the darknet. And not only connections to the darknet, but to darknet Xanax dealers specifically.

Not even one month prior to announcement about three more Xanax dealers in the same city, a North Carolina judge sentenced Matthew Yensan, a 23-year-old man from Raleigh, North Carolina, to prison for producing alprazolam pills in a storage unit and reselling them on the darknet. A confidential informant in Charlotte, North Carolina, had given Yensan’s details to a Drug Enforcement Administration officer who worked in the city.

Although undoubtedly unconnected, another informant turned three more alleged alprazolam dealers over to the police. Court documents explained that the informant told the police that the three suspects ordered hundreds of thousands of Xanax bars and counterfeit alprazolam pills; tens of thousands of pills containing fentanyl; pressed their own counterfeit alprazolam pills; and sold to customers both locally and throughout the United States.

Atsou Dossou, Atsouste Dossou, and Etse Dossou, the three suspected drug dealers, are all 21-years-old and, until their arrests, lived in luxury apartments in Raleigh. According to warrants filed by Raleigh police, the informant revealed that the trio ordered pill presses to their apartments and received regular shipments of alprazolam and pill binders. Court documents revealed that an employee at the Sky House Apartments—where Atsouste Dossou had been living at the time of his arrest—told the police that she remembered the tenant receiving frequent mail.

Documents filed by the police revealed that the police independently concluded that the packages likely contained both pills, the materials need to press pills, and pill presses themselves. Presumably handheld or small manually operated pill presses. As the suspected dealers started running low on pressed alprazolam pills and Xanax itself, the men would sell fentanyl-laced “alprazolam pills” sold as Xanax, the police believe. Raleigh police did not clarify whether or not the alleged dealers had known the pills contained fentanyl. The informant told the police that the men purchased 10,000 fentanyl pills and 100,000 alprazolam pills at a time.

Yet, the second time a confidential informant set up a meet, the Dossou brothers could not fill the 1,000 pill order. One of the brothers had to buy the pills locally to resell to the informant. Not long afterwards, the police arrested the trio. Raleigh police charged the brothers separately.

They charged Atsouste with distribution of Schedule IV substances and the manufacture of Schedule IV substances. Etse received a conspiracy with intent charge and a conspiracy to manufacture charge. They charged Atsou with heroin trafficking and possession with intent to distribute.

The men will appear before a judge on September 11.

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