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Ross Ulbricht is Officially on Twitter

Ross Ulbricht has taken his voice where it all started – online. On July 19, the incarcerated Silk Road founder made his first tweet since being arrested and incarcerated for life. In it, he expressed that the giant social media site could help him find his voice after so many years of silence. In just a few days, over 12,000 accounts followed him.Image result for ross ulbricht

Even though the letter posted to the FreeRoss.org website by his family earlier indicated that Ross was not exactly sure of what to tweet, and that he would figure out as time goes, he made the maiden post on Thursday last week.

He further made three more consecutive tweets for three days. After the first tweet on hoping to find his voice once again through the platform, Ross made a second tweet on the second day thanking his supporters for rallying up a presidential pardon petition. He mentioned that he had received nine pages of comments on his petition in the mail. He also expressed gratitude for retweets; information about it had been passed to him by his mother who has been a major player in connecting him with the world. It might have taken only a day, but Ross said on July 20, that he was beginning to feel the ‘connection’ he was hoping for.

On the third day, he reported that almost 20,000 people had signed the petition for his clemency through the page freeross.org. Today it is close to 35,000. He also thanked his mother for setting it up. To date, the petition to seek a presidential pardon for his two life sentences and an additional 40 years without parole has attracted over 20 organizations enjoining in the cause as amicus. The said organizations wrote briefs in support for calls for clemency of Ross.

The RealRossU twitter account was created this June. Ross is thankful for all the support from individual supporters as well as organizations championing for his release.

It is more than just as coincidence that Ross lost his freedom through the internet and is now hopeful that he can regain his voice through it. While arguing his case during the trial, Ross explained that his intentions in creating Silk Road were to give people a space to express their freedoms through commerce without causing any harm. His primary agenda was to bring together privacy and freedom, in line with his Libertarian ideologies which he stills defends and advances through his letters from jail. His letters are copied and posted online for the consumption by his followers.

According to family, friends and supporters of the 34-year-old, his trial and subsequent sentencing was rife with abuse. After lower court appeals failed Ross’ lawyers opted to move to the Supreme Court. However, the Supreme Court denied even allowing a hearing to challenge the results of previous cases, suggesting Ulbricht’s 4th and 6th amendment rights were violated. Instead the results of the 2nd Circuits Court of Appeals was upheld. For this reason, his mother set up the petition to help get him out of jail.

Earlier in the month, the US libertarian party agreed at their annual convention to petition President Trump for a pardon. Failure to which, they expressly made intentions to elect a Libertarian president in 2020 to set him free.


  1. Let’s hope something good comes out of it

  2. As of 8/5, the petition is close to 52,000 signatures, not 35,000.
    Link to the petition: bit.ly/FreeRossPetition

  3. i like ross but cmon man

    Its sad but He will die in jail.
    They are setting an example of him for future site Admins to realize your life’s over if you get caught, which you will with all the illegal tactics to find you they can now use and get away with it. Many people died because of the site he created. Why should he be freed? if your son or daughter died because of the silk road you would want him to rot in jail also. cmon, He knew the consequences but just got stupid.

    Also note to his Mom,

    Seriously, your son created a website and profited by it so kids could buy any illegal drugs including heroin and much worse. You will never really know how many people he hurt or killed because of it And for anybody that doesn’t believe he was putting hits out on people are delusional.
    When the Government finally breaks in to his buddies computer..hes going to sing like a bird to get less time..GUARENTEED
    The truth will set you free

  4. I love the Dark Web and the sites but kinda agree. If you take the risk you better be ready when the hammer drops. And it dropped right on his dumb head!

  5. free him ...go on

    well when the next presidential election is up…vote for the president that will set him FREE :) then see who’s laughing when he is free…if a president would do that. then he is worth voting for(freedome etc etc)

  6. I can understand and even admire he’s effort to create a platform were people can buy and sell what they like free from Government oppression, I was/am ok with the drug sales, but he crossed waaay over the line when he tried to hire assassins to torture and kill people. He was smart enough to know exactly what he was doing, and arrogant enough to think he’d get away with it. And for that He deserves to be in prison.

    The people that support Ross need to understand the extent of he’s crimes, when glancing over the facts of the case you start to see what a psychopath Ross was, I think thats where he loses a lot of community support and respect. If He had just stuck to drugs sales I think people would of got behind him a lot more and had more empathy towards him.

  7. They just didn’t need to bring up the murder for hire charges because they knew he was getting life. They didn’t want to explain how they went about staging that bloats death. Especially from bad cops that stole his Btc. Just no need to go through all that when they have him fucted for life. Ross knew what he was doing and now is paying the piper. For a control freak like Ross, jail must be freaking torture especially now knowing he was potentially one of the richest people in the world, Should of closed shop and got out WTF!!

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