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Alphabay Employee “Trappy” Sentenced to 46 Months in Prison

Only months after the alleged owner of Alphabay had died in a prison cell in Thailand, the United States found and indicted the Alphabay staff member “Trappy.” On August 1, 2018, U.S. District Judge Leigh Martin May sentenced the Alphabay to almost four years in prison for conspiracy to commit access device fraud.

U.S. District Judge Leigh Martin May sentenced Ronald L. Wheeler III 46 months in federal prison. After release, Wheeler will spend another three years on supervised release. Byung J. Pak, United States Attorney, and Samir Kaushal, Assistant United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia filed a sentencing memorandum that suggested a sentence on the lower end of the sentencing guidelines range.

The United States Attorneys recommended a variance of one level for Wheeler’s expeditious entry of a guilty plea. Wheeler, during a change of plea in March, signed a plea agreement wherein he admitted committing the one count of conspiracy to commit access device fraud in exchange for the prosecution sentencing recommendation. The agreement also required Wheeler’s full cooperation in any future investigations. Cooperation, according to court documents, could require producing all records related to a case; being available for interviews by law enforcement at his own expense; testifying in another trial; and aiding in an investigation without falsely implicating anyone.

U.S. Attorney Pak’s recommended a prison sentence of 46 months in a sentencing memorandum and explained why such a sentence was necessary, saying, “Wheeler profited off the ruination of countless individuals’ lives by providing access to and promoting AlphaBay, a vast online criminal marketplace that offered stolen personally identifying information, hacking tools, and a cornucopia of illegal drugs, including Fentanyl.” Throughout the case, the prosecutors pointed to comments made by Wheeler on Reddit (as Trappy) as proof of Wheeler’s direct involvement with alpha02 aka Alexandre Cazes.

Even in the absence of drug charges, Judge May recommended Wheeler complete the government’s “inmate rehab” known as Residential Drug Abuse Program (RDAP) while in the Federal Bureau of Prison’s custody. Inmates enrolled in a BOP RDAP program spend nine months housed in a facility or housing facility separated from the prison general population. Inmates in RDAP must take several substance abuse classes every day while maintaining a “job” in prison.

The judge also recommended the BOP place Wheeler in a facility near Chicago where his family lived. Once released, Wheeler must—according to the terms of his supervision—complete a mental health evaluation and a drug and alcohol treatment program (in some situations, RDAP/RSAP completion meets the treatment program requirements). Even though the government has already seized Wheeler’s 13 bitcoin and $27,500 in cash, the judge also ordered Wheeler forfeit (all of it) roughly $140,000 in assets.

As with the majority of successfully prosecuted cases involving the darknet, a government official said something that contradicted the government’s entire “going dark” narrative. “This case shows, once again, that criminals cannot hide in the shadows of the Dark Web,” U.S. Attorney Pak said. He congratulated law enforcement on ending this “nefarious” criminal’s career as an Alphabay spokesperson.


  1. Poor trappy

  2. Brett "GOllumfun" Johnson

    Trappy got off lucky and only received such a light sentence because of cooperation. Cant blame him for that. Hopefully, he gets out and is able to become a good citizen.

    As for Alphabay? Wondering why weve not seen any reports of how much money was on the Alphabay site as it was being shuttered? Seized roughly $24,000,000 from Cazes. Seems like a lot, but not once you realize there were over 260,000 wallets there.

    Just wondering. And, well, I am privy to some inside information.

    • Trappy was an idiot, who flouted the law, and openly posted on public forums like Reddit. He didn’t follow good opsec rules, as his reddit account was linked to his market account. Im surprised it took the 5 O that long to catch him.

      24 Million is peanuts compared to what was going through the market everyday, week and month. I’ve no doubt they wont find all of Cazes wallets, I doubt they found any, and all of this is parallel construction of the situation by the feds.

      You of all people should know that the cops dont find everything Brett. Im sure you stashed a couple of quid for a rainy day, in your heyday as a carder.

      • Brett Johnson

        Actually, I posted that as the dollar amount I’ve heard that was in the Alphabay coffers was much bigger. In fact. I’ve heard (from a reliable source) the value of bitcoins not found was a few hundred million. Also heard that the person who had those bitcoins later sold them to a fellow up in Canada for a discount. At least that’s the story that looks like its headed to press.

        Me? Yep, money stashed. But they were still seizing funds from me 5 years after my initial arrest.

        Trappy? Granted, not smart. Even had a LocalBitCoins account linked to the Trappy name. Not a genius. Thing is, though. He likely knew a lot of people and knew a lot of shit to tell. What most dont realize in this life is that even an idiot like Trappy tends to be able to provide a lot of info that results in arrests.

        • Certain canadian ex vendor perhaps, supplied lots of Xanax ;) I think we can all draw conclusions to that…

          Yeah the US Judicial system is messed up. Many people question why vendors keep records, its simple really. In the US, the more people you can give up the lighter a sentence you receive. So the more info you got the better. Marijuana nation highlights this with the guy that was sentenced for “Introducing” 2 interested parties. Simply an introduction, wasn’t involved in said deal. He had a longer sentence than any of them, as he couldn’t give anyone up. How is that justice?

          Laundering of money is the hard part these days with bitcoin, everyone know the LBC route, but that’ll no doubt be shutdown soon. Then there was of course the laundry guy on SR. He disappeared without trace.

          Everyone is concerned about trappy, he played the game, and lost. There is a reason that people like Trust and co have never been caught, yet _john and others from that team have been caught. Good opsec is what keeps you safe, and being a loud mouth antagonistic idiot on reddit is not the way to stay out of jail.

  3. Of course, no details on how he was arrested. I believe that behind there is always a bad opsec from the arrested person. Poor trappy :( god help you my friend

  4. Light sentence? He got 4 years in prison followed by 3 years supervised release for being a moderator on a forum and posting tech support messages reddit! He was never charged with buying or selling drugs. I don’t think that’s a light sentence.

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