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College Student Accused Of Helping Dark Web Drug Lord Friend

Following an investigation into the arrest of Dov Tenenboim 33, accused of running a dark web drug trade, authorities have discovered that Chaim Goldstein was his partner in running the drug enterprise. Court documents revealed how Chaim Goldstein, a friend and classmate of Tenenboim at Moriah College was his partner in smuggling darknet drugs into Australia.

Goldstein was denied bail when he appeared at the Waverly Local Court last week. Michael Barko, the Magistrate told Goldstein during the hearing that he was lucky to be roaming the streets of Sydney after his initial arrest. According to him, Goldstein did not deserve a bail in his first court appearance, and was lucky to have met a different judge.

He is now scheduled to appear at the Downing Centre on August 29, whiles his counterpart, Tenenboim is set to appear before the Waverly Local Court on August 8. Tenenboim was arrested by a team of highly armed police officers last month when they raided his apartment on Diamond Bay Road, Vaucluse, Sydney.

During the raid, police uncovered MDMA pills, liquid MDMA, ketamine, methylamphetamine, and cocaine. They also seized Bitcoin worth $350,000 in cash, some computers, a diamond ring and a mobile phone. A second search warrant was later obtained and executed at a financial firm in the city of which some documents were again seized by police.

The duo used to show off and brag on social media about living very expensive and flashy lives. Tenenboim drove a BMW and boasted of only enjoying business class tickets when traveling. Goldstein had a failed clothing line called ‘Billycock’ which collapsed in 2016. They both flew to beautiful places abroad, and always shared pictures on social media.

Dov Tenenboim was charged with 50 counts including possessing and distributing controlled substances and also, supplying commercial quantities of drugs, and directing a criminal group.

He had been the subject of a five-month investigation by the police for dealing dark web drugs, importing them by post. This led to a collaboration between the Australian Federal Police, the Australian Border Force, and interstate police, in efforts to track and seize any suspicious parcels and packages after they learned Tenenboim and his friend were taking advantage of their postal services.

Additional reports suggest that the parcels containing drugs delivered through Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia and New South Wales.

His arrest was also connected to that of a Bondi man who was also charged with two counts of commercial quantity drug supply and indictable quantity drug supply.

Court documents showed that he was allegedly ordering drugs to numerous places in the eastern suburbs including Bondi, Potts Point, Bellevue Hill, Randwick, and Kensington.

He also received an additional charge of selling drugs he ordered in 300-gram units over a period of time. One of his neighbors, who wanted to remain anonymous, told the police that Tenenboim and his fiancé lived in the rented apartment for years and thought he only worked with computers. The neighbor also stated that Tenenboim was a wonderful guy who made no trouble.

Tenenboim did not push for bail, which Magistrate Barko has stated was off the table. His lawyer, Bill O’Brien subsequently argued that his client was not well.

“My client is suffering from anxiety,” he said, adding it was too early to say if his “bewildered” client would plead not guilty.

His fiancé refused to comment on the situation after she was spotted outside the courthouse. She is currently not under any investigation.

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  1. What a joke, and you wonder why these drug dealing filth do what they do, whats the bet this grubs assets wont be seized “My client is suffering from anxiety,” PFFFFT

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