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Pennsylvania Man Charged With Distributing 12,000 Xanax Pills and Other Drugs from the Darknet

An 18-year-old man known as Noah Hendricks, of Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, was recently charged in August with distributing a variety of drugs he had obtained from darknet drug markets. Noah Hendricks, the son of Selinsgrove Borough Council Vice President Shane Hendricks, had already been in prison for much of this year related to drug robbery case. His bail was eventually revoked after he had tested positive for using Xanax in violation of the terms of his bail.

The latest charges against Noah Hendricks are the result of a year long grand jury investigation. The new charges against Noah Hendricks were announced in late August by Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro and Snyder County District Attorney Michael Piecuch. The State Attorney General and County District Attorney announced that a total of 15 people had been charged as a result of the grand jury’s investigation. Of those 15 people charged as a result of the investigation, nine of them were adults, and six of them minors, whose name have not been released.

All 15 people are facing charges related to distributing controlled substances in the area, as well as charges for a pair of drug related armed robberies. The downfall of Hendricks and the alleged drug ring he was involved with can be traced back to arrests for armed robbery and conspiracy in August of last year, when Hendricks and four other accomplices used a gun to rob someone of half a pound of marijuana in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania. That robbery occurred in the dormitory of Florin Nork. Nork ended up also being charged as being involved with the alleged drug ring. Alleged accomplices of the robbery include Juvon Batts, Rasheed Hill, and Brice Harro. Each have also been charged in connection with the robbery as well as the drug distribution. The robbery led investigators to uncover that Hendricks had purchased over 12,000 Xanax pills from darknet markets. Law enforcement are also accusing Hendricks of selling Percocet, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, and psychedelic mushrooms. Hendricks and the others have also been accused of another robbery at Clarion University that happened weeks after the first robbery.

Not long after the five men had been arrested for the armed robbery of the Susquehanna University student, the District Attorney reached out to the State Attorney General for assistance, and the case was given to a statewide grand jury to investigate further. According to some reports, Hendricks may have also been a darknet market vendor. He is also alleged to have bought and sold drugs through connections he had in State College, Pennsylvania, as well as in Philadelphia, New York City, and other locations. Witnesses claim that Hendricks had pounds of marijuana and sheets of dabs (marijuana concentrate), over 12,000 Xanax pills, hundreds of Percocet pills, ounces of ecstasy/MDMA, as well as large quantities of cocaine and psychedelic mushrooms.

The grand jury also heard testimony from one witness who said Hendricks told him he had ordered 7,000 Xanax pills on the darknet once, but was sent 12,000 pills instead. Witnesses told the grand jury that Hendricks would usually carry drugs and a handgun in his backpack, and that he normally provided friends drugs for free. He also allegedly sold Percocets for $30 a pill and marijuana for $20 a gram. Hendricks also allegedly bragged often about how much money he had and would show off thousands of dollars at a time. He told one person he would claim he ran an internet jewelry business to explain where his money came from. Before Hendricks had been arrested on the robbery charges last year, he told a minor that he owed enough money to be in serious debt but made investments early on in Bitcoin.

Law enforcement accuses Hendricks and his accomplices of being responsible for the non-fatal overdoses of six students at Selinsgrove High School. The students allegedly overdosed on Xanax pills Hendricks sold at the school. “He dropped thousands of pills into the community, into a community of teenagers,” District Attorney Mike Piecuch told reporters. The nine adults who have been charged as a result of the grand jury investigation include Noah Hendricks, Juvon Batts, Jeffrey Dzierzawiec, Brice Harro, Rasheed Hill, Florin Nork, Lamont Patterson, Zach Broome, and Brendan Carner.



  1. You cant over dose on Xanax pretty much impossible unless your been drinking a fair bit, have expiecerece of eating 1.5gs of Alprazolam powered when i was 17 and was just fucking off tap and ended up in the overside of the Country and forgot about 5 days of my life.
    XANAX a love hate relationship

    • Fuck BBC

      you’re an idiot buddy. @BBC the kid in the first comment. The “xanax pressed pills” were probably PRESSED with FENTANYL a DEADLY STRONG opiate substance. They probably OD’ed with that in the “Xanax Pill” that kid was selling like an idiot.

      • There’s never been a confirmed case of a DNM vendor selling xanax pressed with fentanyl, certainly A LOT of people would die.

        With that said, just because the LD50 of alprazolam is high doesn’t mean you can’t OD, just not fatally.

  2. wouldntyaliketaknow

    anyone know who this dudes vendor name was?

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