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Polish Pedophiles Exposed By Authorities

Polish Pedophiles Exposed By Authorities


A Polish pedophile forum was brought down when Screenshots displaying terrifying content by pedophiles leaked into the local network. This prompted its admin to call in the police to act on the problem. The leaked screenshots have opened their eyes to these vicious acts.

Some of the pedophiles on these networks were asking for advice on how they can conceal evidence once they have sex with minors while others were looking for medication that would prevent their victims from menstruating.

As of January 2018 the names and details of the most dangerous rapists and pedophiles is available so to see who to zero in on. They have been placed in the Public Register of Sexual Offenders which contains photographs of 768 people who have been raped, some being children under the age of 15. This is mainly restricted to these types of offenders, and there are more than 2,600 names. These were perpetrators of teenage rape committed before October 2017. However, screenshots from the forum have shown that most of them are yet to face the law. The police have urged members of the public to be on the lookout for users on the network who may pose a threat to minors. The police have urged members of the public to immediately react to and report any illegal content depicting a minor.

Police in Poland have said that darknet users hide behind encryptions to avail pornography, violence, vulgarity, promotion of drugs, weaponry and gambling, all of which presents an unsafe environment to children who easily fall prey to pedophiles. They come into such groups and discussion forums looking to get in contact with unsuspecting children, buoyed by the fact that one may fake an identity thus presenting themselves as children too.

To curb this vice, anonymous transmission of information has been made possible for special intervention teams such as Dyżurnet.pl or kidprotect.pl. According to Polish authorities, “each of us uses websites, emails or even groups and discussion forums. Our children are also using these and even more efficient than many of us like to think! This is further compounded by the fact that these children use the internet unsupervised.”

The authorities urged adults to provide supervision at home, school and at internet cafes. They ought to keep in mind that it is their duty to ensure the safety of their kids at all times and to protect them from various types of threats that await them on the internet. The children may find themselves staring at among others-harmful content, crime syndicates to which they could become part of without their knowledge, and become victims of such crimes or even develop an unhealthy addiction to the internet.

This comes barely a year after two offenders were arrested and charged for selling their son to pedophiles on the darknet. According to the prosecutor, Berrin T, 48, and Christian L, 39 facilitated the worst form of child abuse witnessed in a German court when for two years, the two accepted money from pedophiles in exchange for temporary access to their 9-year old. Pedophiles were reported to access the parents on the chat forum ‘Tabooless’ which has since been taken down by the authorities. The site was converted into a banner that asked pedophiles to get help instead of accessing illegal material.

The presence of a multi-security network on darknet forums for pedophiles have made it difficult to locate and punish users. But even with their multi layered security features, authorities have managed to make some high profile arrests. Recently, a man in the USA was sentenced to nine years in prison for possessing child pornography videos. Once released, he will spend the rest of his life under supervision as a sex offender. The convicted man was an active user on Playpen and was going by the nickname “Amoura”. He had been accessing material from this forum from as early as 2015. The FBI managed to arrest him when they seized Playpen and moved it to government servers.

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