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Student Bought Pistol Plus Ammunition Via Darknet

The glimpse of weapon brandishing and pro-ammunition laws in one country can delude the youth to think that it is the new world-order.

For Assan Hussain, a 23 year Wolverhampton University undergraduate, he was apprehended and sentenced to serve jail time for trying to acquire ammunition from the dark web.

The photos presented in the court revealed Assan and some of his family members brandishing automatic rifles during his holiday in Pakistan. He fell prey of the Dark Web and hatched an illegal weapon acquisition scheme that earned him six years and eight months in jail.

The Assan’s Weaponry Scheme!

Among the many weapon smuggling antics, hiding an automatic pistol in a speaker is the least suspicion. Assan, an undergraduate from Wolverhampton University, chose to delude the legal authority with this antic to acquire ammunitions from the dark web.

July 17 was an unlucky day for Assan but a big day for the Homeland Security officers. According to the investigation report, the Homeland officer discovered a Makarov pistol hidden in a Panasonic speaker. Other items seized during the police hunt were 50 rounds of ammunition.

American police learned the parcel was destined to a property in Bedworth. The information was crucial to staging a successful arrest of the culprit. To counter a shootout during the arrest, the police replaced the weapon with a dummy parcel and also got rid of the pistol and the rounds.

After two days of tracking the dummy parcel, it arrived at an apartment in Bedworth. The report described the destiny point for the package as Assan’s girlfriend apartment. Minutes later, the accused joined her girlfriend.

The officers in secret observation rolled into action after Assan arrived in the scene. As expected, the defendant had explicitly opened the compartment in the speaker where the parcel was concealed. A total of six screws were already removed by the time the officers forced their way into the house.

Matthew Brook of Birmingham Crown Court described the actions by the defendant as a confirmation for a person expecting an illegal delivery. Beyond any reasonable doubt, Assan sealed the illegal ammunition deal by using garden gloves.

Dark Web search history puts to light Assan’s online activities.

The prosecutor based in Birmingham Crown Court, Mr. Brook, hinted the officers had earlier visited Assan’s parent house in Redditch before man-hunting Assan in Bedworth. The visit in Hall Green property gave the police comprehensive background information applied in arresting the defendant in his girlfriend’s apartment.

Police seized a stun gun and five cartridges from Assan’s bedroom. The investigation report also detailed recovery of the machine used to clone credit cards. There were also bank statements from the accused house in the back garden. All the documents seized from Assan’s house had other people names.

The tip of the iceberg in the Assan dark web chronicle was a switch on the laptop. The Police were quick to access the search history that told stories of ammunition searches and conversation with weaponry vendors on the Dark Web.

Based on the investigation report, Assan had used the dark web to search the prices of such guns as Uzi, Cold, automatic and short gun.

A picture taken by Assan and some of his family members in Pakistan during a holiday and recovered by police from defendants’ house revealed crucial information. The accused and his mates were brandishing automatic weapons.

From wings of Wolverhampton University to a dungeon in the jail.

In a conclusive remark, the Judge presiding over the case, Roderick Henderson, applauded the police officers for doing their best and ensuring the ammunition did not get into the hands of the defendant.

The defending team led by Richard Butcher could not fathom how Assan could soil his promising future with ammunition dealings. Richard was disappointed that Assan fell prey to dark web weapon gimmicks and ended up obtaining a gun and rounds.

From the family pictures presented during the court proceeding, the blame can be shifted to the holidays spent in Pakistan. In which, it is within accepted bounds to possess firearms in Pakistan something that is illicit in the UK.

Ultimately, Assan pleaded guilty to various charges read by Judge Roderick. He was charged for importing piston and rounds of ammunition. Assan was also held accountable for possessing illicit weaponry and on account of possessing fraudulent articles.

The defendant is facing a jail sentence of six years and eight months.

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