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Ross Ulbricht’s Petition Signed by Maine State Senator and U.S. Senate Candidate

A campaign to spread the awareness of the alleged injustice imposed on Ross Ulbricht, the founder of the infamous Silk Road market has reached a new level, that is unprecedented. According to a report, Maine State Senator from the 20th district, Eric Brakey, has signed the petition to get Ulbricht out of jail.

Ulbricht was arrested and handed a double life sentence alongside a 40-year jail term without parole. According to his family, friends, and fans, his punishment is too extreme considering the weight of his crime.

In a Tweet found on Ulbricht’s handle, he pleaded with people to raise the awareness of his petition as his last hope relies on it. In the comment section, the U.S. Senate 2018 candidate revealed his support for his campaign and even commented that he had signed the petition.

His family and loved ones have made efforts to spread the awareness after multiple appeal dismissals by various court. Ulbricht’s legal team believes that authorities violated the Fourth and Sixth Amendments during his trial. According to information, his charges on contracted murder-for-hire did not hold since he never committed either of them.

Eric Brakey assured Ulbricht in his Tweet that he will discuss the case with the president of USA, Donald Trump when he wins the U.S. Senate seat in November.

Earlier in July, Ulbricht’s petition was brought up by the Libertarian party, pleading with the president to pardon him.

Ross Ulbricht has obtained support from the cryptocurrency community including Erik Vorhees, a popular figure in the industry. Vorhees showed his support for Ulbricht through a Tweet and questioned the legal system.

Ross Ulbricht was convicted with seven counts by the Manhattan jury. These included money laundering and facilitating the trade of narcotics which has caused multiple overdose deaths. Ulbricht earlier pleaded not guilty to all the counts. His lawyer argued that Ulbricht pulled out of the website operation shortly after creating it. Later in the court, Ulbricht shared tears and pleaded with the Judge not to take away his youth after the hearing of his double life sentence.

On December 2017, Ross Ulbricht’s legal team appealed against the decision made by the lower court, seeking a review based on the constitutional violation. The Ulbricht legal team pointed out a loophole in the use of the Constitution during his initial trial. This involved the seizure of individuals’ internet traffic information without a warrant and a cause. They also presented the Sixth Amendment right violation which had to do with the right of the judges using uncharged crimes to support what they labeled as an unreasonable sentence. However, the U.S. Supreme court dismissed the appeal in June due to lack of time and necessity.

In February 2018, U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest blocked an attempt by Ulbricht’s lawyer, Paul Grant, to extend the standard three year period in the Rule 33 motion. The dismissal of the appeal and that of the extension of the standard post-conviction relief period forced his fans to label his trial and investigation unfair. With regards to the attempt to deal with high drug influx and overdose death in the country, some of his fans share the opinion that Authorities used Ulbricht as a scapegoat.

Another concern raised by the family had to do with Ulbricht’s transfer from New York to USP Florence. According to the family, the transfer of Ulbricht to such a heavily guarded place meant for violent prisoners is an extreme action against someone who had no violent record.

The Freeross.org website provides in depth information on the case of Ulbricht, while spreading the awareness of petition to earn his clemency. According to the website, there is unused proof of tampering; the defense cross examination blocked a defense witness from testifying. These and a few other allegations have been presented on the website as they call on people to sign the petition.

The legal team has assured family, friends, and all supporters for Ross’ cause, that they will not rest until he is taken out of prison.

The quest to find clemency for Ulbricht has been an interesting one, and the online petition keeps receiving signatures. It is expected that the final goal of this petition will be achieved.


  1. I still don’t get how the free Ross movement is going to get around the cold blooded murder for hire logs Ross made. Ross paid to have people rubbed out. He was showed (fake) gory photos and merely logged them as the cost to doing business. Could someone explain how that can be ignored?
    (A good book about Ross and Silkroad is American Kingpin)

  2. That is the easiest part, it was all manufactured out of whole cloth by bad actors, in order to vilify the man and taint the jury. Thomas Jefferson stated a long time ago; “Oppression occurs when infamy is imposed on the Citizen by the state”.

    If you know the history, you know a large part of it is propaganda so that the shyster attorneys can steal his equity, and when I say equity, I mean his life and his estate!

    • that dude what speaks der truth

      So Ross never saw any photos of dead people he hired to have killed and logged them in his diary? I think not. “It was all manufactured out of whole cloth by bad actors” is not correct.

  3. There are two possibilities:
    1) It was all manufactured.
    2) It was all to protect the privacy and safety of silk road users, and so he tried to do the right thing.

  4. “It was all to protect the privacy and safety of silk road users, and so he tried to do the right thing.”
    So he paid to have people killed for humanitarian reasons and therefore should be exonerated of any charges?
    Again, your first statement, that “it was all manufactured” does not answer the question: Did Ross see grisly photos of dead people he paid to have killed and then did he nonchalantly mention it in his daily logs? Fixed some code, had a few bad eggs liquidated.

  5. Ross notgettingout

    If Ross friends or better yet Mother reads these comments please pay attention….

    It doesn’t matter if the Senator gives Trump a hand job while going over his case, he is not getting out!! They are making a example out of him and he had a major hand in this opioid problem Trump is fighting. Ross created a website and made it possible to buy guns, Heroin, Fent, and every drug imaginable along with every other illegal thing in the world. He profited hand over fist by peoples addictions and you will never know how many people he killed by making these drugs available the public. He made his own decision and knew the risks. Now quit crying and bend over and grab the soap.


  6. It occurs to me that NO ONE should be responsible for himself, lets just blame it on our mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, enemy somebody because we fail to be fully responsible for ourselves, therefore, lets find a villain to lay the blame for anything that is wrong with our life and society. Better yet, if the government and congress are acting as parens patrie, shouldn’t it be there fault that everything in our life is wrong? Why would any man or womb-man, give anyone that much power to people that are only interested in their well-being and wealth? Ross ran a website that gave alleged anonymity, that’s it! He didn’t hold a gun to anyones head to participate! People are free to chose and they know the consequences. Anybody that seeks to have the government decide whats moral and whats not, soon find themselves subjected to a few despotic tyrants. This is what the proposed government intends to do, is be a tyrant, because they wish to control man, after all history shows the creation of a state or nation is about controlling people.

      Your libertarian ethic is well and good (although your spelling indicates a failing report card at your Jr.college). Silkroad provided a good model for people to receive drugs without the usual threat of violence from dealers and police. Addicts and non-addicts exercised their will as they saw fit. But that isn’t what we’re talking about. We’re talking about the murder for hire that Ross definitely engaged in to protect his bottom line, to get rid of traitors, and the ghoulish means he used to confirm it with seemingly little emotion, the behavior of a true drug kingpin, as a hindrance to his cause for clemency. So far I waiting to be convinced.

  7. Mens rea? Actus reus? You must consider the gamut of views and when you do and see that there was a not only a presupposition but a premeditation for the feds to contrive the murder for hire to ensure a conviction for a non-existent event. Oppression occurs when infamy is imposed on the citizen by the state. In this case the bad state actors. It is a FACT that the actors sought to get rid of the competition and profit on the pillage and plunder of creators. Just as the gun industry is vilified by the political powers of a few so that they can control, confiscate and aggregate the business into a few controlled hands. This whole case evinces one conclusion that they had a scapegoat with Ross, and the true villains are those who are parasites and feed off of the creative enterprenial spirit of a few talented people with the power of the state to achieve the agenda of the powerful and Rich discreetly.

  8. Regardless of him increasing accessibility of drugs it’s still an individual’s basic right to consume whatever they damn well please during this one, short lifetime….given that their personal consumption will not harm anyone else. Which it won’t.

    If anything though, Florida created this epidemic LONG BEFORE the Silk Road. With that said though, I don’t believe FL created it although I do believe they were a major contributor. But since we’re looking for a single scapegoat…Florida makes way more sense than Ulbricht.

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