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A Review of Tor Browser 8.0

Tor users’ can now access the Tor Browser 8.0 from Tor Browser Project Page and distribution directory. This version allows users to connect to the Tor network with a higher level of online anonymity and privacy.

Though Tor Browser 8.0 is a significant update, there are negative feedbacks from the users. Those using devices running on macOS systems have experienced crashes during start-up caused by bugs. In other cases, version 8.0 is not supported by other Apple software.

Tor users encountering challenges with the new version are advised to install version 8.5a1, an identical version, to deal with the bugs.

Tor update is primarily based on the users’ experience with the aim of improving the experience and privacy.

Some of the unique features in version 8.0

The new Tor Browser 8.0 solves the issues reported by users in the previous versions. Here, the users are given an onboarding tour with all the necessary information needed to run Tor Browser 8.0.

  • One of the features that set Tor Browser apart from other browsers is the “About” navigation with a visual aid and explanation of aspects that optimize their experience.
  • It also has “show by doing” guides, which answer common questions asked by Tor enthusiasts.
  • The display in Tor Browser 8.0 has been upgraded by integrating users’ feedback in the new version.
  • If the user’s status is off, the browser blocks all the internet connections by default.
  • The onion circuit lists all the open circuits and connections, mostly on the left of the Tor webpage, while the details of a particular connection appear on the right side.
  • The modified display and onion circuit is based on three relays system to optimize the privacy of the user.
  • The new features in Tor Browser 8.0 display include display circuit change for every new identity. There is also improved connection powered by the TLS certificate that is built on Firefox.
  • Window OS users’ can also enjoy protection offered by Tor with the modified display.

Before version 8.0, there were limited bridges to pass by censorship. The user had to either email or visit the Tor website in case they required an added bridge. It made users’ experience unnecessary complications. With Tor Browser 8.0, there is user-friendly browsing experience supported by the advanced configuration.

By solving captcha features on the Tor Launcher, the users access Bridge IP needs to bypass censorship and experience privacy while surfing the internet.

In earlier versions, there were fewer language resources, as well. This has changed with Tor Browser 8.0 due to additional resources to support new languages such as Nordic languages, Traditional Chinese, Catalan, and Hebrew.

Other notable updates include Tor operating on OpenSSL 1.0.2p, Libevent 2.1.8, WebExtension The newly released pride in browsing stability due to improvement from 32 bits to 64 bits specifically for the Windows users.

The most critical factor that has revolutionized users’ experience is the collaboration among specialist teams. The inputs from such groups as the UX Community and volunteers steered the additional features seen in Tor Browser 8.0.

There are known issues from version 7.5.6 such as WebGL, XM error and Stylo bugs that are yet to be resolved in the new version. The first trials on Tor Browser 8.0 on incremental file updating were affected by re-spinning issues.

These were also concerns related to network code when shifting between ESR52 series and ESR 60 series. However, incompatibility with ESR60 can be resolved by updating the browser.

Most of the known bugs that are yet to be fixed are tracked via the ff60-esr keyword for monitoring and solution development purposes. In fact, the Tor Project team anticipates the identified issues will be fixed in the Tor Browser 8.5

Tor Browser 8.0 is heavily interactive. It encourages the users to share feedback on problems encountered with the browser from the users. Those with experience in the browser can also help to resolve bug issues by sharing their suggestions. A typical bug report should be accompanied by details on the Tor version, operating system, screenshot, debug log, and a brief description of the issues.

It will be a fantastic thing to wait for the next release from Tor that will solve the issues still harassing the users day in and day out. Anonymity will forever be the priority on the dark web and in this era.

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