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One of Britain’s “Most Prolific Paedophiles” Wins Appeal for a Shorter Sentence

A man known as “one of Britain’s most prolific paedophiles” appealed his 32-year prison sentence at a recent hearing at the Court of Appeals in London. In an unexpected turn of events, three judges ruled that the man’s prison sentence was unreasonably long. The convicted pedophile left the hearing with a reduced prison sentence of only 25 years in custody after admitting he had committed more than 130 “horrific” crimes.

Matthew Falder, a graduate of Cambridge University, pleaded guilty last year to 137 counts of encouraging child rape, distributing child abuse content, voyeurism, sexual exploitation, and charges centered around activities on darkweb forums and on numerous messaging applications. His crimes made him the target of an “unprecedented” operation between the National Crime Agency; the Government Communications Headquarters; Homeland Security Investigations in the United States; and unidentified law enforcement agencies in both Australia and Israel.

At Birmingham Crown Court last year, prosecutor Ruona Iguyovwe told the court that Falder primarily operated by coercing both children and adults to send him “increasingly severe self-generated indecent images of themselves, the focus of these images being to humiliate and degrade.” Falder used the pictures and videos to extort more content from his victims; he told them that he would release the humiliating pictures to the victim’s friends and family unless they did what he had asked. More times than not, Falder’s requests grew increasingly severe or gruesome, making the victim more likely to comply when Falder requested something else.

Although he kept from sharing the pictures and videos with the families and friends of the victim, he maintained active accounts on so-called “hurt core” forums on the darkweb where he shared every picture and video. He posted content with context and explained how he had forced the victim to film or photograph themselves doing something humiliating. He asked users to comment about the humiliating nature of the content he had shared. Iguyovwe said that the content almost exclusively depicted sexual or physical abuse. Although he targeted both men and women, the majority of his victims were underage children. Usually young girls, the court heard.

In an example given by the prosecutor during the sentencing hearing, the court heard how Falder would contact young girls on messaging applications who had expressed an interest in art or photography. Pretending that he wanted to help them with their goals, Falder would eventually convince them to send photographs of themselves without any clothing. At first, the pictures would not be explicitly humiliating in a sexual manner. Many of the victims went along with Falder’s increasingly “horrifying” requests to prevent their parents from finding or selling the pictures. Many victims ended up attempting to take their own lives after the requests became too overwhelming.

Since many of the pictures and videos were sexual in nature and featured minors, the sexual exploitation of minors charges stuck. As did the distribution of child pornography charges. The encouraging the rape of a child charge stemmed from a conversation law enforcement found in Falder’s account history on one darkweb “hurtcore” forum. A father had posted asking whether or not he should have sex with his child. The child was only four-years-old at the time. Falder pushed the father into raping the child and then uploading a recording of the rape and sharing it with other forum members.

Investigators identified a total of 46 victims that Falder had attempted to “totally control.” And until his arrest, Falder actually had total control of some of his victim’s lives. “The damage is ongoing,” Judge Philip Parker QC said during Falder’s sentencing. “For these individuals it will never end, knowing the abuse caused by you still exists in other unknown persons’ computers.” The judge called Falder an incredibly dangerous sexual offender and passed down a 32-year prison sentence followed by six years on license.

At a recent Court of Appeals hearing, though, three judges considered the man’s appeal and granted it, dropping Falder’s sentence from 32 years in prison to only 25 years prison. The license period, after Falder’s release from prison, will remain.


  1. Who is the sicker one. The man that made them do it or the so called victims? What possessed them to interact with him and continue interacting with him. Remember they were doing embarrassing things for him long before it became unbearable. …For what? Who is raising these children?

    • You hit the nail on the head there mate, “children”, how you can possibly try and move the blame for this onto the victims is unreal.

  2. I have no problem reducing the sentence of nonces, on the proviso that they are moved to general population. But no this guy will spend his time swapping stories with other degenerates for the next 25 years on the nonce wing and he’ll get out and do it again.

    Death to all nonces.

  3. DK Knight… He posed as various professions like an artist to manipulate young girls in to sending him nude photos so he could create still life drawings. Then once he got the photos he’d blackmail them in to doing more, with threats to release the pics to their friends and family if they did not comply.

    You’re clearly a nonce yourself if you can equate his actions to that of underage girls being blackmailed sending him videos.

    He encouraged a father to rape his 4 year of child you sick fuck. But who’s worse, right?

  4. Did it say on what grounds this piece of shit had 7 years shaved off his sentence? I suspect he had expensive lawyers. This is one of the reasons I hate England. He’ll be out in 7 years.
    @DK Knight
    “What possessed them to interact with him and continue interacting with him.”
    They were tricked and forced into it. He pretended to be a female artist in need of assistance.
    “Remember they were doing embarrassing things for him long before it became unbearable.”
    Totally untrue. Where are getting this? You have not studied the case.

  5. This piece of shit has destroyed 46 kids lives, never mind the parents and families that have been put through this sick shit too. And he gets time took off his sentence because the courts found his sentence too long and harsh wtf. 130 counts this fucker had but thats ok, 131 though then your a real sick person. Uk is backwards protecting these cunts they need chemically castrated and sent to the gulag fucking bacons

  6. dirty nonce

  7. wow.. honestly incredible. Those judges are sick fucks and need to lose their jobs.

    Also DK Knight, idk what a nonce is but I presume its the same as a pedo? Yeah you’re probably a pedophile yourself if you’re trying in any way to defend this “human being” if you can even call him that. Fuck yourself you sick fuck.

  8. DK Knight you are disgusting. As well as those judges. Truly despicable.

  9. kill all paedophiles!

  10. It’s nice to see some hate for these sick fucks in the comments. Last time I read of a pedo on DDW there were three comments and all were clearly pedos themselves, defending the people or person in the article.

    One thing I think should be done on the DN is a forum/group dedicated to revealing or just killing these people that are active on these child porn forums. I don’t know anything about hacking or any of that stuff but I’d love to start one and stare into one of these thing’s eyes as I pull the trigger.

  11. Hurtcore is frowned upon even in the child lover community rather people believe that or not . On most of these forums , its banned . There are only a few specific forums that are dedicated to hurtcore that allow it .

    This guy is a piece of shit , no doubt . It does not mean that you should judge the whole community as being of the same mold though . This guy makes us all look like animals .


    ^^^ Dirty fuckin scum child lover/raper/ bitch ass mother fucker

  13. You are all fucking animals! You want to fuck kids you sick fuck.

    “Hurtcore is frowned upon even in the child lover community”.

    Fucking frowned upon! FROWNED UPON! Well glad you’re out there frowning upon it. Really making a difference to those kids lives with your fucking frowns. But you don’t give a shit really, you fuck kids and produce damaged human beings, who spend the rest of their lives having to live with the fact they were abused by people like you who prioritized their disgusting desires over an innocent human being.

    I can’t believe you’re asking us not to judge a “community” of sick fucks who prey on innocent children. Honestly, take a step back and think about it. Think about the kids whose lives you and your “community” destroy and then… KILL YOURSELF YOU DISGUSTING PIECE OF SHIT! The world would be a better place without you and your disgusting “community”. You’re all monsters. Again… Please kill yourself, you are disgusting, die.

  14. By frowning he means it’s banned.

    Non paedos must find “kids” attractive, don’t you? If 14 year old girl is physically fully developed, how can you not? Or 18 year birthday girl compared to same girl 17 years old 1 day younger. You can’t like one and not the other. Everyone pretends it’s sick but it’s normal to be attracted.

  15. Pedo hater mcgee

    The one day off 18 comparison to under double digits age kids is huge difference.
    And if someone was one day off 18, you should atleast have the self control to wait 1 fucking day before you even start making a goddamm move on her.
    That’s the issue, self control, is lacking, empathy and compassion is lacking. And often consent is lacking and a child isn’t capable of providing true consent anyways even if they think they want it then.
    This man deserves to die. For what he’s done, he has went past simply damaging people himself and has even corrupted others whom might not of hurt others had it not of been for him. And many victims likely did kill themselves or will. I’ve had 5 members of my family pedophilicly raped and as and adult raped also and it fucks you right up. I have experienced this personally also.
    I think you need to understand, many of us can still look at a child and say or think ” oh they are pretty ” ” oh they are going to be very attractive when they are older ” or even that they are currently attractive. However it is harmless as we do not think they are “sexually attractive” like you do, we simply can identify an “attractive kid” from a “ugly kid”. It doesn’t mean we would ever touch or even think about what you guys do. So no, it’s not that everyone else simply lies and thinks the same as you, it is a long long way away from normal. Get help, or atleast stop participating in the evil you clearly all are. That you even dare post here means your not ashamed and at worst are proud. Smh at your “frowns” and your attempts to validate your behaviour as normal. It’s not. You are killing peoples very souls and condemning not only yourself but them to a lifetime of hell. I only can hope that yours be eternal.

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