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Florida Teacher Admits Paying for Child Abuse Content on the Internet

A teacher from Broward county pleaded guilty to a single count of possession of child pornography stemming from his use of a Bulgarian-based child pornography website and several accounts on darkweb forums promoting the sexual abuse of children. The case was led by Homeland Security Investigations and Interpol provided the information that led to the investigation into the high school teacher.

The U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Ariana Fajardo Orshan, jointly announced the case development with the Special Agent in Charge of the Miami Field Office of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations, Mark Selby. In a federal court in October, Gregg Donshik, a 47-year-old from Hollywood, Florida, pleaded guilty to one count of possession of child pornography after coming to an agreement with the prosecutor over the terms of his sentencing. Based on the statements he gave Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents and police officers, a jury would have undoubtedly found him guilty of the possession of child pornography charge, if not other child sexual exploitation charges, as well.

According to the press release from the United States Attorney’s Office, Interpol sent Homeland Security Investigations information about the users of Boyxseed.net and BoyXZeed2.net after shutting the sites down and arresting the site administrators in Thailand and in Australia. The information provided by Interpol incriminated many pedophiles and suspected pedophiles in the United States, including Donshik. Donshik was not the only school teacher caught in the investigation and later indicted on child pornography possession charges. This, however, is not necessarily of any significance as it is not statistically likely that only one out of more than three million teachers employed in the United States uses or used child abuse websites.

In a criminal complaint filed by Homeland Security Investigations, the Special Agent wrote that Donshik taught at Cooper City High School until 2015. He then taught at Ben Gamla Preparatory Academy Charter School until completion of the 2017 school year. From there, according to the complaint, Donshik moved on to a a Miami-Dade County school. Miami Herald pointed out that the specific school was not named in the criminal complaint but the teacher’s LinkedIn account had some clues as to which of the many schools in Florida had employed Donshik.

The information obtained by Interpol revealed that a member of one of the Boyxseed.net and BoyXZeed2.net websites had accessed the sites less than two miles from one of the schools that had employed Donshik. The websites Donshik admitted he had used were owned by a man in Thailand and a man in Australia. When the first domain was seized, the administrators created the second site with the same branding and content. The sites had different level memberships where users could watch videos depicting the sexual abuse of children by other website members. Donshik, according to Interpol, had created an account as a “secret” member. In a statement from Donshik during an interview with law enforcement, Donshik explained that the “secret” membership allowed users to watch videos created by the site administrator in Thailand.

After an arrest in January, the “the Thai administrator admitted to sexually abusing 11 young boys in a small village in Thailand and also admitted to selling the material on Boyxzeed.net,” Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents wrote in the criminal complaint. “Law enforcement obtained some of the images and videos of the Thai boys produced by the Thai offender.” Special Agents also wrote that Donshik had created accounts on a number of darkweb child abuse forums.

In July 2018, Homeland Security Investigations raided the man’s home and seized a number of electronic devices, hard drives, USB drives, and SD cards. Many of the devices contained pictures or videos that depicted an adult sexually abusing young boys. The United States Attorney pointed out that no evidence indicated the teacher had ever accessed child ponography at any of the schools that had employed him. No evidence indicated that he had physically abused anyone either.

A district judge scheduled Donshik’s sentencing hearing for December 21, 2018. The pedophile faces a statutory maximum prison sentence of 20 years.


  1. Good to see international cooperation leading to a lot of arrests for the creators and consumers of this filth.

  2. I bet he was not in the 6 percentile of pedophiles who actually hurt a child… First of all pedophiles are born like that. They never choose it. Not their decision. Just like being gay is a sexual perversion your born with. Not all pedophiles rape, like not all hetrosexuals rape. (But some do) Where can a pedophile get help for their mental disorder? Who should they ask for help? I wrote a mid-term on sexual disorders with a focus on pedophilia. This is based from all the research I could find on the subject. Research was difficult as society has made pedophiles hide their mental issues. To prove most pedophiles never hurt a child and never want to would be our misunderstanding of how many pedophiles there are in the world. Society has made this hard to determine as I mentioned but each child porn website has just under a million members. Those are just pedophiles who know how to access these sites. One must know computers very good, and still know how to find them. I could not find child porn sites during my research. I don’t know how they work but I bet it’s not easy. As a protective father myself, I think anyone who sexually abuses a child should go to prison. It’s not illegal for someone to watch rape videos. Arresting people for watching perverted porn videos is dangerous. Would a person interested in seeing naked children be more likely to take action on their urges if they could not find any child porn. I believe sexual urges are diminished for people who watch porn. Their gratification is met after watching porn. This makes sense with the low number of actual offenders. I would say that if you take away porn for any type of sexual perversion, that person would be a sexual assault time bomb with enough time. Everyone has some sort of sexual perversion. Parents, watch your kids like I do. Out of the 6 percent of pedo’s who hurt a child, less than 1% just go grab a child off the streets. Watch what your kids do online. Remember that sex with children is still part of the culture. Marrying children was the norm throughout history. Could such a large amount of the population be wrong? Was Hitler wrong for performing tests and gassing mentally ill people? When a pedo get’s arrested like this teacher, their life is over. It sounds weird. Arresting someone for watching a certain type of porn is wrong. Liking children might be morally wrong but consider what happens to a human being when they are in prison? If they survive (prison is almost always a death sentence) the pedophile comes out with the same disease, can’t ever get jobs or anything, and prison is not a nice place. They come out more dangerous and with more knowledge on how to commit crimes that are actually violent towards others. Another thing in which the laws make the situation worst. Society should want pedo’s to get help. Another problem people cannot arrest their way out of.

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