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Female Entertainer Accused of Killing a Cat on the Dark Web

Animal Rights organizations are currently pursuing some legal action against a female DJ whom they have accused of killing an adopted kitten brutally for the purposes of obtaining bitcoins.

The group maintained that the kitten killing had been featured within a video that was streamed on a secret forum of a website that is operated for individuals that seek violence.

However, the police claimed that they have not yet found any type of evidence to have the DJ prosecuted. The WDT (Watchdog Thailand) and another different animal welfare group said on the previous Sunday that they would ask for a meeting on the following Monday with the Sutthingpong Wongpin acting Chief of the Metropolitan Police to discuss the issue.

The action was followed through after there was a police complaint filed by a 29-year-old man called Isaraporn Samutkalin, accusing the DJ for killing a kitten who was one month old, that she had adopted recently.

Following that complaint, a different woman came forward to accuse the same person of cruelty against two cats that she had given the accused DJ.

The police afterward had to bring in the DJ for questioning and then searched her condominium located in Bangkok but did not find any evidence that supports the accusation. As a result, they couldn’t press any charges for the crime.

The Phetkasem station deputy chief, Pol Col Sunthon claimed that the police had to wait for the results of a particular forensic examination performed on the kitten after Isaraporn insisted that the DJ hands were all over the remains.

In that complaint, Ms. Isaraporn accused the defendant of killing a cat that she had adopted and disemboweling it.

She posted previously on the social media of her suspicion that the DJ could have had the cat killed on a live stream within the darknet space in exchange for some anonymous electronic money.

Ms. Isaraporn mentioned that the dead cat was one of the four that her sister who works as a veterinarian had put up to be adopted.

Ms. Isaraporn claimed that the DJ had agreed upon taking one of those kittens, but whenever she would try to follow up on the condition of the little cat, the DJ would deny collecting the animal from the adoption charity group.

However, the footage from a security camera revealed that she collected the kitten.

After she was pressured to have the kitten returned, the DJ finally gave back the corpse claiming that a car had run over it.

Sajjarom who was the Veterinarian working for the WDT contended that the forensic exam determined that the body of the kitten contained evidence of the car accident.

The DJ also faces a different legal complaint that is from Nopparat Khamburanawit who was claiming that the DJ had made up the story regarding how she had lost one of the cats which she had sold to her.

The DJ said that the cat had run away from the clinic in the city of Bangkok. Ms. Nopparat however, mentioned the denial of the clinic regarding that matter. The cat’s fate which was unknown has had the woman more concerned about its particular safety.

Having kittens murdered for online fetishists has been one of the rumors earlier on concerning the dark web that is sometimes dreaded and also secretive that is lurking below the World Wide Web. Such reports have been recurring in recent summer periods.

According to those reports which often quote a person who knows an individual that saw the occurrence, a site known as Cruel Union Wiki, according to different Reddit reports, had featured semi-nude women or scantily women killing and crushing small animals which were inclusive of kittens under their own feet.

According to a different source, eight representatives of animal shelters had come forward to name the DJ as the adopter of some of their cats, as provided by Dr. Pattaranan Sajjarom. That was after the story had gone viral on the social platform networks that the woman identified just as Wararat may have killed and tortured a kitten. The woman accused operates as a DJ at some of the entertainment venues.


  1. Scum of the earth, I hope they will face proper charges.

  2. This is a big problem that gets so little attention .

  3. who cares i grew up setting cats on fire lmao

  4. Anyone who thinks this type of behavior is humorous or entertaining should be tortured and killed just as these innocent, defenseless animals are. What a POS!

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