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Geretsrieder Sentenced for Making Counterfeit Money and Trading Weapons on Dark Web

A Geretsried young man has been sentenced to over four years of imprisonment with two years of drug therapy. He has been charged with making counterfeit money, trading illegal firearms on the dark web, and beating a police officer while reportedly under the influence of drugs.

The 26-year-old man from Geretsried Munich, was presented before the judge at Munich II District Court to answer the charges. In the investigation, the defendant, who is an unemployed accountant manager, is said to have been selling unsilenced weapons on the dark web, the infamous and anonymous trading platform which is well known for all types of illegal business by criminals. He is also accused of making counterfeit money which he distributed for profit. During his arrest at Geretsried, he kicked and injured a police officer, presumably while under the influence of drugs he bought off the dark web.

In court, anyone who set his eyes on the well-dressed young man with a well-shaved beard sitting before the judge could not believe the charges read by the prosecutor were for him. According to the prosecutor, on the dark web, the defendant illegally sold an unsilenced semi-automatic firearm to a customer.

He also secretly made fake money which he used to finance his activities. Using a fake Dutch driver’s license, which he allegedly bought from the dark web, he was able to distribute the counterfeit notes anonymously. When the investigating agents went to arrest him, the long-experienced martial artist attacked the agents who appeared in civilian clothes, and one of them was hospitalized – he was vomiting and had broken ribs.

According to court documents, the defendant has a questionable career and more than one offense on his criminal record. The young man had never completed any of the several vocational trainings he had started due to his extreme and strong appetite for narcotic drugs. He, however, from several conversations in Stadelheim, had been described as an intelligent, smart, and motivated young man.

Referring to the many relevant criminal records the defendant has, the prosecutor, in her plea, drew a picture of her expectation for the judgment. “With the considerable range of crimes registered, allow me to say that the suspect before this court has considerable negative energy and insatiable appetite for drugs both of which might lead to more troubles in society,” she said, “I demand that he be sentenced for not less than five years and six months for all the charges.”

In defense, Adam Ahmed, the defendant’s chief lawyer, said his client had confessed and that he saw it reasonable and necessary for the court to apply Clause 64, which sees the imprisonment withdrawn and has the defendant go to a detoxification and drug habitation hospital for a period of one to two years.

Sentencing, the judge spoke plainly. “I am sure a drug therapy will be your last opportunity,” he said, “You could have done much more important things with your life than selling weapons, taking illegal substances and beating the police.”

He gave his verdict, sentencing the accused to a four year and nine months jail term, with the first two years in a drug rehabilitation hospital. In the verdict, he, however, said that he considered the defendant as a harmless individual and that the attack on police officers could have been self-defense, taking into account that the officers were not in uniform.

The defendant said he would use the chance in drug therapy and hospital stay to change his ways and steer his supportive family forward. “Am sorry and I know I have a major problem which I am willing to work on,” said the defendant, “I will use this chance since I want to be there for my wife and children.”

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