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Police Bust a Man Who Buys Drugs from the Dark Web

Law enforcement from Holbeach arrested a 32- year-old man identified as Peter Buchanan for a number of charges against him. The suspect is said to have been using dark web markets to buy illegal drugs like cannabis. However, the police are not certain if they were later distributed to other people for use.

The suspect would not have been arrested for dark web drug charges had he not provoked the police detectives to raid in his home. According to the police report, the suspect was entrusted with a family home in order to look after their pet dogs while they were away for a holiday.

The suspect saw this as an opportune time to sneak into the house and loot any valuable objects. Among the things stolen from the house were the family safe, clothes, credit cards, and shoes.

According to prosecutor Philip Plant, the family which had been affected learned of the burglary immediately after they were contacted by their bank of a suspicious money withdrawal from their saving account of about $250. The suspect may have used online methods to pay for a service or ticket in his favor.

It is a common practice for dark web criminals to purchase credit and debit card information from encrypted forums. Using the details, they are able to card on most online stores as they have the courage to shop disguised as the original card owner. This problem has caused many people to lose a lot of money from the fraud scheme without compensation due to lack of structures to mitigate and fight the crimes.

The family, still in the holiday mood, decided to send one of their relatives who lived nearby to confirm the allegation. The relative confirmed that the house had been broken into and the safe was missing among other things.

The police swung into action to investigate the case which had resulted in the credit card fraud of the victims. After the forensic specialists took the fingerprints from the crime scene at the house, they perfectly matched them with that of Buchanan. This was confirmation that Buchanan was directly involved in the crime.

After acquiring a search warrant, the police detectives arrested the suspect in his residence and conducted a thorough search of the premises. The police were astonished to find a stash of cannabis from the suspect’s residence, which rose their suspicion that the suspect might be involved in drug trafficking.

On further investigation, they confiscated the suspect’s computer which had logs clearly showing he had accessed the dark web markets. The computer Tor logs showed that he bought illegal drugs using the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

According to the prosecutor, Plant, the suspect’s illegal computer activities were a complete breach of an earlier restriction – a sexual harm prevention order that barred him from using the internet.

During the court hearing, the suspect pleaded guilty to the charges, stating he agreed that he entered the neighbor’s home with bad intentions on September 26. He also agreed that he had cannabis that he had acquired from the dark web in his possession.

After the hearing, the judge convicted him and sent him behind bars for the next three years for the number of charges he was arrested for.

The revelation of the suspect’s illegal activities at his residence shows the magnitude at which the dark web has encroached society. Most people are using it to acquire illegal goods that are not sold off the shelf without the control of law enforcement.

A recent report on drug usage and trafficking in the United Kingdom has shown that dark web illegal activities have significantly increased in the past years. It is supported by the fact that police have apprehended a number of suspects who used the dark web in one way or another to instigate their illegal activities.

The report also showed that a high number of dark web users who are buying drugs do not have previous criminal convictions. This is due to the desperate nature of users to remain anonymous while acquiring drugs.


  1. drugs didnt do that guys face any good, but to blame drugs for a dicks behavior is such propaganda. take a gun and kill your self please

  2. “The computer Tor logs showed that he bought illegal drugs using the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.”


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