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A Team of IT Experts Join the Dutch Police to Fight Dark Web

The Dutch law enforcement unit mandated to fight cyber-crimes has announced that it has recruited 14 volunteers comprised of IT experts in order to strengthen the fight against dark web crime. This was reported by a Dutch police official who said that they are working hard to counter the dark forces emanating from the darknet at large.

According to the Dutch police representative, approximately 57% of all activities taking place on the dark web are criminal activities. These activities include drug trafficking, illegal weapon sales, and child pornography.

The Dutch police force received more volunteers, consisting of up to 200 experts in different fields. Having help from the IT experts is an added advantage as they will go a long way in equipping the police detectives to unravel dark web systems and to intercept cyber criminals’ communication.

International police organizations like Europol and Interpol are taking dark web crimes very seriously, whereby, in the recent meeting held in Dubai, among the issues discussed was dark web crime. The agency urged all countries to equip their police forces by educating the detectives on the dark web and by focusing on white collar crime which has transformed the way of policing in the last decade.

Dutch law enforcement has been at the forefront of the fight against dark web illegal activities. The Dutch detectives take credit for Operation Bayonet, which took down a popular dark web marketplace known as Hansa.

It took a very well-coordinated team of experts to trail the activities of the market and to take over the market’s servers. Before the takedown of one of the largest markets, the detectives took over the servers for almost a full week, observing the illegal activities taking place. For that time, most vendors and customers were oblivious of the takedown as no noticeable change was observed.

This culminated to many dark web drug traffickers falling into the trap of law enforcement who started arresting the traffickers one by one. During that time, investigators observed a huge migration of the market users from Alphabay to Hansa. This meant that the fight against dark web crimes would not end with only taking down one marketplace as its closure led to rises on other markets like Dream market.

This is the primary reason the Dutch law enforcement is recruiting IT experts to investigate criminal cases instigated by new and thriving dark web marketplaces. It is a great milestone in fighting dark web criminals who are very innovative in running their businesses.

Other countries have done the same thing before, and they have had positive feedback. Most recently, the Indian government hired IT experts to join their law enforcement agencies in order to fight dark web illegal activities. The Indian government boosted the investigations by increasing the budget allocation given to the cyber-crime unit.

The United States of America has made great use of experts in their different law enforcement agencies to fight cyber-crime. This is evident with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency, which are both constantly combating cybercriminals using the dark web to commit fraud and money laundering with the hope of remaining fully anonymous.

Dutch law enforcement is hoping to be a good example to the rest of the world in the fight against dark web illegal activities. Despite police efforts to mitigate drug trafficking from darknet markets, it has been reported that Europe has seen a sharp uptick in illegal dark web activities.


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