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A 23-Year-Old Styrian Admits Buying Large Amounts of Various Drugs on the Dark Web

German authorities seem to be making steady steps in the fight against darknet illegal trade. In a statement, the authorities say a Styrian has been arrested in the district of Liezen.

According to the statement, the suspect was apprehended for ordering drugs on the darknet. The customs authorities stumbled on a suspicious package that triggered a police search, and upon searching the 23-year-old’s residence, they found addictive drugs as well as money believed to be the proceeds of selling drugs. Police say the suspect confessed to the crime.

Long trails of successful deliveries.

It all started with 450 grams of marijuana found by the Customs Officials in Dresden on the 8th of February; following this discovery, they informed the Liezen District Crime Department police about the package and the receiver’s address. Upon police investigation, it emerged the suspect was a regular trader of the prohibited drugs via the darknet. He consumed half the drugs and resold the remainder.

The authorities were able to confirm that the suspect had made around 100 similar successful orders through the mail before the law finally caught up with him. 4 grams of MDMA, a derivative of amphetamine, and 1,800 euros in cash, as well as supplies for drug use, were obtained from the suspect’s apartment.

Custom’s role in the fight on darknet drug trafficking

Without the customs department, global trade would be in chaos. The department is, however, facing serious challenges as found in India during the “80th Session of the Annual World Customs Organization (WCO) Policy Commission Conference.” It has turned into a hub for smuggling illegal drugs that are ordered through darknet markets.

In this current scenario, it was the customs that led to the successful arrest of the suspect in question. If countries across the globe could “update their policies and laws and train their officials afresh and revolutionize the way of doing business to be at par with the modern and new age technological changes such as the dark web…,” as advised during the conference, then the war is close to being won.

In Tranto, six suspects were arrested due to what the authorities say is “involvement in dark web drug trafficking between Italy and Spain,” which was an operation made possible through the cooperation of Mobile Squad, Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Customs and Border officials, Intelligence Services as well as the Flying Squad. The operation kicked off on the 8th of August 2017 when 20 grams of darknet obtained cocaine was seized at Frankfurt Airport in Germany.

In Delhi, two college students of a Delhi based institution “admitted to taking part in the importation of marijuana and other party drugs via the dark web” after the customs police got wind of the consignment from an informer. The two were to receive the package through a courier service. Police found 7 kgs of cannabis in addition to other drugs which were labeled as other products.

According to the German anti-narcotics police, there has been a steady increase in drug-related crimes in Upper Styria. Over 300 grams of MDMA and LSD tablets, hundreds of ecstasy pills, and thousands of kilos of marijuana have been bought over the dark web and used in the area since 2016.

The suspect has since confessed to his illegal dark web drug trade and will be appearing before court for trial.


  1. Styria is in Austria, not Germany. Get your facts straight!

  2. Makes sense…this does not…

    The authorities were able to confirm that the suspect had made around 100 similar successful orders

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