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Abraxas Referral Links

Constantly updated Abraxas  referral links checked and verified as working on Tuesday, February 19th 2019:

  1. http://abraxasdegupusel.onion/register/JIYi9utdux
  2. {Will Be Added Soon}

Abraxas  is an invitation-only dark net market, and you’ll need an Abraxas invite link or “referral link” (see above) to register a new market account. The above links will work for both buyers & Vendors registration, feel free to use them and share them, will will make sure to keep these invites fresh and post new Abraxas referral links every now and than.

Had problem registering?  got a “user limit reached” message? this means that registrations are closed temporarily, just try later (in a day or two).

Open for registration? (Green/Red) : 


  1. Hope i can get back in soon package never arrived sugar mountain abs I loved there shit

  2. Hey I can’t open any page it keeps saying that the web page is down and I mean all I want to do is sell my testicle.

  3. Amazing site. Keep it up

  4. i singed up yesterday an bought now it will not let me in

  5. Can i get a link onto the site

  6. How do i get on this site I’ve got a vpn and still can’t get on

  7. Can anybody give me a referral so I can log in?

  8. I’m trying to get on the site above how do i get on it

  9. How the hell do you get a token for the Abraxas Forum? My money is trapped in escrow and the support is not replying?

  10. The website has been down for two days now and there seems no information at all. I have money tied up in there, was just about to make an order. Has it gone the same way as The Silk Road and Abraxas. I hope not.

  11. Yes please, if there is any way for an invite I’d greatly appreciate it.

  12. Cant sign on to Abraxas for 3 days or so at this point….is the market down or is there a problem on my end…can sign-on to alphabay with no issues…any input helos

  13. I keep trying to get on to Abraxas, but I keep getting an “unable to connect” error message. Is the site down or just busy?

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