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AlphaBay Market Alternative links

Alphabay is gone for now – Use Dream or Hansa Instead!

Alternative links you can use to access Alphabay market in case the main alphabay url is down, links checked & verified as working on Thursday, January 17th 2019:

  1. http://stbux7lrtpegcra2.onion/register.php?aff=41211
  2. http://jsbpbdf6mpw6s2oz.onion/register.php?aff=41211
  3. http://zdfvqospmrbvzdn3.onion/register.php?aff=41211
  4. http://alphabaywyjrktqn.onion/register.php?aff=41211
  5. http://sszoxp4dqmt24jng.onion/register.php?aff=41211
  6. http://nracund2vx6lxzck.onion/register.php?aff=41211
  7. http://lo4wpvx3tcdbqra4.onion/register.php?aff=41211


  1. Here how to reach me

    • youngone

      Im tryna learn how to buy profiles

    • Need somefucking body to tell me what to do with only mobile
      Encryption possible?

      • gugudoll

        do not buy illegal shit on your android or iphone
        DONT do it.. get a computer and do it right. phones are too easily hacked.

        • dale hooker

          Right on

        • Big Bad Wolf

          U R right!Never use smartphone 4 Tor browsing!Only a laptop is hacking-safe (4 now @ least).

          • Ive been on the DN since silk roads and only use my cell phone i have over a 1000 purchases on the dark net not one hiccup a cell if way safer then a labtop dont be stupid

            • How do i get into it in the uk

              • aa&c

                mobile – download orbot, tor, use windscribe vpn (free) or (pro) if you have an account with them, id advise not to use a phone because it leaves to many traces behind which are very easy to trace and lead up to you. dont use presonal phone if your still willing to take the risk, android use different (fake) gmail accounts to login into googleplay,for IOS do same just profile the account

            • Hi, I am trying to get on alphabay but this whole process has been mind numbing. If I could use my cell phone that would be ideal. I have an android, could someone please give me a step by step guide on getting setup?

              Any help will be greatly appreciated.

              I downloaded a tor from google play on my last phone but did not understand how to use it.

            • DN genuis

              your the FED pussy dont listen to him be safe laptop with none of your personal info on it the safest way smartphone to access tor is just fucking retarded

            • Exactly the same no issues from Android or i phone i buy fuck loads

            • How you do it on your phone

              • iPhoneTor

                For iPhone download ORCloak and simply connect – you can then access tor links from Safari browser. If you paranoid about police going on your phone just put a pass code on, if Apple won’t or can’t open a terrorists phone for the police – why are they going to do that for someone supposedly buying off the DN? they simply aren’t going to.

            • Would you mind sharing one or more ‘legit’ markets? I’ve been doing a lot of research and they’re either reported as scams or FBI victims when cross referencing the dark web and clearnet. Mystery but cannot access Alphabay. I’m looking to obtain a few valium and hydrocodone.

              • ABfukdmehard

                go to HANSA its best for someone that is new to here,very low chance of being scammed as in others,i have acconts that i am selling if you cannot get in due to AB coming into all at once,just remember NEVER fe and NEVER do any deals outside a market,if it seems to good to be true it is,anyone asking you to contact before ordering icq jabber ect its a scam 9X outta 10 just buy from well known vendors spend alittle more but at least you will get what you are wanting until you get to know who is and is isnt,goodluck

            • legand222

              Sorry i new can’t find a good place to get what i looking for. Any good thc wax

            • HELLO IM NEW HERE LOST MY PASSWORD TRIED TO LOG IN AND NO MATTER WHAT OR WHERE I TRY FROM IT SAYS captcha error and i know i did it correct. can you give some advice

            • Sir can you tell me that i purchased a guide tutorial my order is finalized but where is that stuff please help me i am confused

            • fleck33

              Have you ever seen this where all the markets are down??

              • KatMea

                Only when SR 1 (Dread Pirate) was traced, SR was ‘confiscated’ and I logged in to an FBI logo-rather than Silk Road……

        • And easily disposable too my friend , payg phone is safer than pc , only a vpn will protect u


          Unfortunately not true. NEVER USE A PHONE. Most of the apps that advertise as TOR Browser as not official releases and are nearly all have back doors.

          So if you connect to tor through a phone then your most likely having your IP and web searches recorded.

          Don’t forget if your IP is recorded they can use triangulation to pin point your exact location.

          I don’t think there even is a official tor browser for phones!

        • lol you fucking idiot. Thats not how it works

      • ARP-Quadra

        Mobile can be done.

        Five things you will need: One is a rock-solid VPN (with a mobile app included in the subscription obviously). Invest in top 5 product, large range of countries and multiple locations in one country. Will also suggest the fastest relay.

        Two is a well maintained Tor mobile Browser – like Red Onion for example – it’s at version 2.2 and has fast relays, touch ID for those phones which support it. I changed over from Onion a year ago (still at 1.7.2), too buggy, slow relays and stuff simply wasn’t getting fixed quick enough. Red is a serious player in comparison.

        Maintain multiple reputable wallets and mix your BTC regularly. I do this mainly on the PC/Linux server.

        I’ve been mobile for over two years now, taking the above basic precautions. IPGMail is also useful when mobile – simply import keys, encrypted messages and iPG figures out the rest from the clipboard contents. Bugs fixed fast and iPG has a frequent release cycle.

        Those are the things which have kept me clean. I will use 4g on occasion, but prefer WiFi as I don’t trust phone records.


      • helper

        since your going to do it anyway the answer is yes there’s a few good encryption apk but you do not need it the website encrypts for you if you simply press the encrypt with vendors key button there are also online website interfaces that will encrypt for you the hard part is decrypting and thats what the vendor must do. DO NOT sell illegal shit with your phone( better to not buy it with YOUR phone at least)

    • tonytibblelikestibble

      It’s down for 10 minutes after I made several enquires with my usual go to guys

    • Bobs99thdream


      I can’t login in to ab it keeps saying the numbers/letters I’m putting in at bottom is wrong have done it 100 times. I been a member for over 2 Years

      Can you help please



    • when will the alphabay be back up?

    • weareallroaches

      alternate links do not work as of july 6th you r wrong. they havent been checked at all. they could be phising links . yall slackin ddw

    • andreas

      hy, do you know why i don`t get on alpha? regards

  2. I cannot figure out how to set up a Wallet to purchase off of Alphabay I am not very computer savvy so would need to learn in layman’s terms any help possible please

    • just a friend

      It works like this: you sign up with whom ever you are purchasing BTCs from. You automatically have a wallet there. The person will release your BTC’s to that wallet.
      Search for a wallet: BITX or anything like that. Look around though. There are heaps that are easier to use than that one.

      Transfer your BTC’s from “localbitcoins” in small lots, like 0.001 at least 3 times. NEVER transfer your BTCs from where you bought them from directly to here. They will block yo’ ass and keep your coins.

      So, buy them, then transfer to a wallet like BITX or similar, then fund your account here – in small lots of 3 (at least) sort of like test amounts.

      • “Transfer your BTC’s from “localbitcoins” in small lots, like 0.001 at least 3 times. NEVER transfer your BTCs from where you bought them from directly to here. They will block yo’ ass and keep your coins.” — what kind of advice is that?! are you st-st-stupid or something?

      • Are You F*king Kidding Me? What a Dumb Ass Response!!

        You obviously don’t know much about the darknet, much less how to transfer bitcoins the safe way. This is how: Use a top rated VPN like IP Vanish or Golden Frog then connect to tor and search 3 of the best rated wallets that don’t store logs and learn how to use them. After you Copy and Paste from where you get your cash exchanged for bitcoins, go to localbitcoins.com or BTC-E.com and maybe even Virwox.com if you have to use a credit card or PayPal. Always use a different username when signing up for any account. They can associate you with the coins that way. Fund your account then click on the amount of Bitcoins you have and send to an addresses in one of your wallets. Then, after you wait for the miners to take their cut, send to Helix or my favorite, bitblendervrfkzr.onion. Make sure you use a new address each time you make a transaction. Next, after a waiting period of about 2 to 4 hours, send coins to your 2nd then your 3rd wallet and repeat the steps from above. Finally send from your 3rd wallet to your final destination. Try not to keep it there for a long period of time. Never leave $ on any marketplace. Too many ways to get jacked on there. If you’re gonna keep coins for longer than a day, use a cold storage wallet or a wallet that is offline or on an external hard drive. Then, nobody can get to your coins. Use an encrypted flash drive to store your wallets on. Never store them on your PC. Once you learn how to use other wallets like MultiBit, Electrum, and blockchainbdgpzk.onion, You should get an Armory Wallet because it’s the best and most secure! Then you can start using your phone with wallet apps like Mycelium to send and recieve coins, but never store them on your phone for long. Now you know the correct way to transfer coins anonymously.

      • armedinfidel2316

        i get that AB is down for however long… all im really concerned about are my BTC that were in my AB acct… am i screwed aor is there a way to retrieve them?

  3. Is alphabay down???
    Been trying to load page but it isn’t going through.
    Other tor sites are loading up though

  4. I am trying to get into the alphabay website but after I enter my login information it wants two point verification. when I enter the key into kleopatra I get a message stating that there was no key. What must I do to get the security code to complete the login

  5. Alphabay down. Ideas?

  6. Alpha is dope ! Never thought I could find a connection that ship out free samples of Hash weed and other drugs.

    I recommend this market and I advise you to search for, just fetched my multiple sample orders today

    Peace everyone

  7. new at this, cannot access any site & dont know why? help?

  8. None of the links works with /login.php and i cant access AB atm, any1 have a working link please reply here, thanks!

  9. Maybe its just me but it seems Alphabay is down. Once I enter the lovely “only” during ddos times captcha nothing happens

  10. The site on line again. Try please.

  11. None of the links are working. February 1, 21:40 GMT

  12. can’t login to abm

  13. Ok, seems to be a general problem! Same here! Hope they will fix it as soon as possible!

  14. All the alternate sites for ALPHA are down, I am not able to get on…

  15. If you have an order that was finalized do you still receive it and what happens to the pending order….

  16. I was able to get on whoo hooo….

  17. deposited funds … didnt get phished and not my first time always using same link …. my funds arent ther after 100 confirmation .
    im fearing the worst .. ddozens and dozens of request from other members sayin the same in forum

  18. Problem…there was an order placed on my account, but here’s the thing I didn’t place it… I had messaged the vendor but no reply as of yet, How else can I resolve this…

    Thank you

  19. They are claiming I bought 156 items and I only bought 4 items with 1 pending since I joined the end of January, so I have no idea where they came up with that number…

  20. unfortunately you will not be receiving any packages from me, However if you do not send me $100 in bitcoins to (15m1HAeLnpHuh7KABCkRKNo7GdT7wZiBJp) I will report the address you sent me to the local police and say there is a missing child in your basement tied up in chains and also send an anonymous tip to usps that your address is getting kilos of cocaine getting sent to it. You have 24 hours to send the money or your home is getting raided and your address is getting blacklisted.

    Here’s the bitcoin address again for you.


  21. Unable to get on site, not sure why…

  22. I still having trouble getting on to Market…any ideas

  23. it keeps saying username or password wrong…Help

  24. Still the same…this is bogus…I just put $$$in my account yesterday. ..

  25. Alphabay is a corrupted Market, another order placed in my name, i will no longer order from this market again…

  26. I just blew $300 on alphabay and got nothing.Never again!!!

  27. Alphabay is wack. There are so many scammers on here. I tried to log into my account and it said that I was disconnected for security reasons. This after I just sent some coin to the market. Then I try to get on the forum and all of a sudden Im banned for spam and told to contact admin… Fuck this site lost all my coin.

  28. Aphabay works again for me

  29. just put money on and now it says login credentials are wrong. wtf

  30. can’t log in anymore in alphabay.

  31. i could login until i was asked to work out to generate and input and put PGP encryption which I did. now on login i am confrontted with another PGP file to decrypt for a security code and havbe spent hours trying to find a way to decrypt it. with no success. i am sure my mistake is a simple one but ive been banging my head trying to succeed and i need some help

  32. AB has done what i was expecting, they have exit scammed.

  33. Bad Alpha Bay Links Below: They are being mirrored at the datbase level to these phishing URLs to steal your BTC when you make a deposit. WTF?
    {don’t post phishing links here}

  34. the site still down?

  35. I’m prolly an idiot here but my VPN is activated by or not and every time I click one of the links it says “servers DSN network could not be found” please help

  36. Hi,

    For all you party animals on AB, go to –> Ibtos for the best Party ‘Gear’:)

    See you soon…

  37. Can anyone tell me why getting a “onion can’t display or browser can’t display onion” I try to get on alphabay?

  38. DrRelax sent me 125g of some nasty smelling paste that was advertised as AMPHETAMINE! He baulked at the opening a dispute. He replied check the feedback, and I said havent you heard of selective scammers! I was paranoid and had tremors for about a day. This was not speed!

    Dispute didn’t get me a refund. BigMuscles, the mod assigned, has simply ignored it since opening the case.

    Apart from that I rate the market. But they don’t protect the customer from my experience, any better spots?

    Mainly looking for UK domestic AMPHETAMINE vendors…..

    Avoid DrRelax

    • vapemelon

      I hear ya bro. Bigmuscles just ducked me too. And just like you I am into amphetamines, mainly adderall. And Xanax. What market do you use and recommend anyone?

  39. The links are working right now. I was having trouble with the original links.

    • goodangus

      what links ? i got one thats working up but i havent signed in my details incase its a fishing link. im worried about being fished. is there a way to detect the page is legit ?

    • coeddan

      i am having same issue any related AB site or url…all i get is Unable to connect……

      Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at jsbpbdf6mpw6s2oz.onion.

      The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
      If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
      If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Tor Browser is permitted to access the Web.!!!!!!!!!!

    • coeddan

      any luck?

    • coeddan

      any luck

  40. i cannot acsses any AB site or connection?!!
    is it a proxy issue i am having?

  41. Is AB working!? I haven’t access after capthcha!

  42. Can’t acces to alphabay today.
    i make the challenge and arrive on index.php who is a white page

  43. What happened with AB? Somebody have access now?

  44. alphabay down none of the alternative sites working

  45. cant get through the 1srt captcha. just goes to a blank screen. i hope it aint an exit scam. when was it last up & functional?

  46. Alphabay is down since 3:30am EST for me. None of the links are working. I get the Captcha screen but after that it’s just a blank screen. No loading or nothing.

  47. Yep, Its down for me too

  48. still down for me as well, is there any mews on this?

  49. on forum they said that’s an update…

  50. Can’t access it either after captcha. A blank page after that

  51. Alphabay market is down
    Cannot connect today…
    Any news about?

  52. same problem for me – i thought it was personal as i cant find any other people with similar issues. Just me & you mate


  54. just read roberts post. – if anyone has the link for the AB forum ?

  55. why why….? — just as i was getting settled in…..

  56. It’s smeel exit and scam…

  57. Aren’t working.

  58. Nothing works. Still blank pages.

  59. Hi guys. Any news about Alphabay? I see blank page since the last 12 hours.

  60. So is it and exit scam or an update?

  61. Haven’t been able to access Alphabay all day today. Unable to get to forum either. Anyone know what is going on? Alternative links not working either.

  62. see everyone else is having same problem. HOPE it’s an update and back up today. Need to get to work!

  63. Someone mentioned talk within the forums about an update. Is the forum up and running? if so can someone post a link for me please.

    And why does Grams and the Deep Dot both still show Alpha as green and up and running when its been down since about 3am?? Over 12 hours now. This is nutts that I can’t find anyone talking about this anywhere. If this is a scam it couldn’t come at a worse time.

  64. Is anyone having problems logging into alpha bay market today 12/13/2016? I cannot get past the index page for some reason today, and I have never had this problem before? Help?

  65. AlphaBay is giving me all kinds of trouble. Im decently versed with Tor and know how to trouble shoot. For 2 days now it brings me to the first captcha DDoS screen, once i enter that instead of bringing me to the login the screen is totally blank white. Ive tried all the alternatives idk whats happening.

  66. AB is not working yet… what a shame. Anybody has info about it?

  67. Alphabay Exit scammed! Horrible timing. Fuckin scumbags. They deserve to all get busted with their pockets full of my bitcoins. Rot in hell Alphabay

    • dealsthatarereal

      Are you saying this cause you cannot log in for past 2 days or have you heard something? In the forums we are being told it is maintenance. Have you heard different?

  68. AB is working for me
    Just logged in still have my bitcoin

  69. AB is working but I deposited bitcoin just now and I dont see it on my account…. is this a scam thats going on????

  70. wha<t link got you through?

  71. It’s been two days now, none of the alternative links work… including the main one.

    After a week, I believe that this could potentially be an exit scam? This really sucks, but I hope that’s not the case.

    Please update guys. Thanks

  72. Does anyone have a working URL, or even an update from an admin would be nice. A lot of concerned people here who can’t access the site, A simple explanation RE: it’s being worked on would be nice, otherwise we can only assume the worst

  73. Hello,

    AB is on maintance according to the recent forum posts. Do not worry, next time just save your Bitcoins somewhere ense instead of panic.

    But, I am not 1000% sure about the maintance. Vendor Etos did Exit scam, and nobody believed this to be true.

    I wonder, why is the availability status still green ??

  74. The site showing now, they sorry for downtime, please wait approx. 1 hour.

  75. Guys AB been hijacked, they were running servers in uk and the privacy law got them quick!! if it comes up take money and go

  76. Other than AB,anybody know where to contact bluer vendor? Thanks

  77. recent update from AB

    “Our technicians are looking into the recent downtime, please expect a downtime of approximatedly 45 minutes.”

  78. So this is it a scam or an update? im new to the deep web and iv made a few successful orders at AB i was getting ready and excited to make a few hefty orders for the Christmas season, its a shame if its already been jeopardized for me. Would be nice to know thank you

  79. I cant create an account or login to alphabay, I keep getting Error 418, telling me to contact the admins, except to contact them I need to log in.

  80. This fkn Captcha gateway for the ddos protection on a loop has to stop. Yes you slags. I typed in the right Captcha, 10fkn times

  81. Wow, An two hours ago I processed orders. Everyone’s nerves will break now aha

  82. Is the market down again? i cannot connect from any of links.

  83. is down for me right now error loading page, anyone else?

  84. is down for me right

  85. me too one to get one of us

  86. WTH is going on? All the links are down…

  87. Is the site down? Can’t access it. Anyone has an idea if Alphabay is into an exit scam right now? I am so worried. got some huge bucks up there.

  88. Concerned Citizen

    I cannot am to connect to alpha bay under any of it’s urls. Is anyone else having his problem? Is the site down? Is it temporary or are the gone for good and left with all our currency?

  89. trying to find profiles

  90. down again? when will be up?

  91. Worked for a small time now no links working pages not loading. want some fucking weed ffs

  92. Is the site down? Can’t access it. Anyone has an idea if Alphabay is into an exit scam right now?

  93. is it down right now? nothing is working

  94. Site down? Only getting a blank screen

  95. I can’t get on alphabay is it down?

  96. There is something dodgy going on here. AlphaBay has been listed as green on this site for weeks – and I have not been able to login after coming back day after day to login. This is total BS!

  97. I keep getting wrong security code entered

    • teelzy

      exactly the same problem keeps saying You entered the wrong security code. Is there a problem with AB??

      look forward to the reply

  98. I’ve been using AB for about a year. I got I yesterday to check some prices. Then proceeded to transfer a shit ton of coins there through grams. The coins cleared grams but since then have not been able to get onto AB again for about 24 hours. I get to login screen but it keeps telling me I entered the wrong security code, even though I’ve entered it right a million times.
    Any new news or suggestions?

  99. I have been a member of AlphaBay for a little over a year now. Over the past few days, when I try to log in, it tells me I have entered the wrong security code. However, I have checked this and tried it several times. Since he the code changes each time I cannot imagine getting wrong every time.

    Has anyone else been having this problem?

  100. I’ve hardly been able to sign on at all for a week and going on to this site to cycle through every link until one works. Anybody else been having this problem? All my coins are still there, I’ve change my PIN and everything else, so I don’t really think I’ve been hacked or I probably wouldn;t have any coins left, my password would’ve been screwed, and I wouldn’t be able to keep resetting my info.

  101. I keep getting a ‘entered wrong security code’on my Android. Anyone know the solution?

  102. hey whats going on . Everytime i try to sign in its says i have the wrong username or password???

  103. Same problem here. I think ita down right now.

  104. “Made 2 orders on 25/03/17 for several hundred $s from @AMSTERDAMFLEX. I have 131 faultless purchase transactions. I appreciate things can take time. HOWEVER after 5 weeks of patience @AMSTERDAMFLEX tells me not to ‘Blackmail him’ when I say I’m going to have to start posting about my experience. What options do I have left after his near-zero communication level? Is @AMSTERDAMFLEX a selective scammer???”

  105. why can not i open alpay bay onion link on tor ?

    why can not i open alpay bay onion link on tor ? this is so weired . and it happens since yesterday . can anyone get me a solution ? is there something about my pc setting ? i have checked pc. nothiing wrong or block the onion site .thanks

  106. Not working for me either non of the links for alphabay

  107. I can’t access alpha either, and none of the links above work for me.

  108. when is it up?

    when is it up

  109. Down again?

  110. is the site down?

  111. AB is DOWN!!!! Forum is down too!!! I don’t like that….

  112. Misschief managed

    is anyone’s alphabay access working?


    (AB EXIT)

  114. I am having issues logging into AB, the main URL as well as all other alternative URL aren’t working. Other onion sites are opening except AB.

  115. fuck fuck fuck fuck i need my dope

  116. Exit scam I would think….

  117. When can we expect it to be online? this happened many times in the past right? how much time is usually “down” the market when happens?

  118. hope this is not the end of my money on AB!!!! non of the links are working!!!

  119. fuck that no link working

  120. Something New?

  121. Maybe just zcash setting up


  122. GEEZ FUCKS , AB has been down since just after midnight , and I had btc on there and a dispute with CashOutMoneyTeam over a transaction , Are they pulling the same SHIT Evolution pulled ? ? ? ? The support seems to be a bit sketchy if you ask me .

    • lenky

      Oi bruv im in a dispute with THCFARMER2 that dickhead just gone on vaccation in the middle of it and surprise surprise the sites down. these guys r hella dodgy

  123. Fuck of course my first purchase about to happen on darknet had $120 CAD on there I swear to God if it’s an exit scam I’ll lose it!!

  124. Alternativen?

  125. You guys said its online as of today, the damn severs been off all day..

  126. Has happened before they will be back

  127. The market will not be opening back up. Thank you for your money. We served this great community for years. We already have had a new market up for quite some time. This will not be the first time/nor the last. Take care.

  128. alphabay not working?

    For the last 10 hours I guess.

  129. These links are not working for me someone please confirm if these are not working for you as well.

  130. Geez , AlphaBay needs to get its shit together and get back online .

  131. shut up pussies im sure itll be back up soon enough relax i know its hard to without your shit but im sure itll be back up in a day or so

  132. You all need too stop tripping this happens occasionally they are not pulling am exit scam I don’t mean too laugh but I remember freaking out like some of you are a year ago now I realize that this just happens sometimes chill out everyone it will be back online in a day or so

  133. A oregon pot vendor turned over his sccount months ago to the nsa. Say goodbye guys

    • Banker

      “the nsa” Why the fuck would the NSA care about weed? If LE could take down AB every time some dumbass forgets to watch his opsec, AB would not have been around as long as it has

  134. Working now?

  135. when will the alphabay be back up?

  136. Has anyone dealt with G.N.O.M, or iiUii8 from AB if so whats there jabber? I knew I should have written it down…

    • GnOm is on Hansa now and iiuii8 doesn’t want his Jabber ID being posted publicly anywhere. Where he’s at right now though, I don’t know. He doesn’t seem to have a profile on any other markets.

  137. Big Muscles confirmed on Reddit that the downtime is just server maintenance and Trappy said that they’re working to be back online as quickly as possible. So the odds of it being an exit scam are pretty low at this point.

  138. truthperson I guess


    I’ve tested each link on 2 different computers on 2 different internet connections they do not work AlphaBay is 100% down for every as of july 6,2017 3:29 american central time

  139. 10k on 100s coming in the way already fiu i tough i wass going broke agan i throw 2500 usd on that investment XD
    alphabay is coming back funny story of me last year went from rich to broke in like 3 months now my audi tt is coming back <3 bitches all crying alphabay will be back atleast for all of you can pull all you r shit out money and finalize order they dont do this type of exit scam shit trust me i haved read alot of this mofos they admin alphabay they a are smart people and really disiplinated

  140. sup everyone. i’ve been using the dark net and alphabay for almost a year now and all of a sudden im unable to load the alphabay log in URL. any ideas? tor is working fine, it makes me think its not up, but i know it is

  141. Either how smart they are, I´m with VPN in and so I can change my offical location, the only location they can admit. So it´s only down and how we can see, nobody is can reach the site and almost the owner of the site don´t want to know whats going on there, except they get their money

  142. I have no idea in what world it takes 48 hours to perform server maintenance. It is not a complex site. It should be back up by now. I suspect this is an exit scam.

  143. What up Bro’s? What’s the deal with Alphabay? Their my go to market and now there black and I tried the altern links and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas? I got a big order to fill and dont want to fill and dont wanna switch vendors. Lemme know what you think. Thanks ya Bro’s.

  144. What up Bro’s? What’s the deal with Alphabay? Their my go to market and now there black and I tried the altern links and still nothing. Anyone have any ideas? I got a big order to fill and dont want to fill and dont wanna switch vendors. Lemme know what you think. Thanks ya Bro’s.

  145. Anyyone know what’s goin on with Alphabay? There my go to Market. Been tryin’ to get on all day.

  146. What up with alphabay do anybody know? Starting to piss me off ya hear?

  147. Looking for vendor bluer

  148. Why the market is still unable to enter.

  149. well if all the vendors would just move to their HANSA accounts we would all be back to business as usual

  150. Hi, i am Vendor Hotmilk from alphabay, searching for my old partners s4***r, ba****ck, and other. please contact me on Hansa or Dream

    • FastWeb

      Hi guys,this is “FastWeb” from AlphaBay.Looking for all of my partners-Stroker,w1llgry,anon08,Dick_D’Artagnan and many more.Guys please contact me on Hansa.My username there is “DarkWealth”.Let’s continue our partnerships.

  151. Any ideas on recovering wallets?

  152. SmallDingyMuscle

    Have any of you ever dealt with BigMuscles? He is a straight scandalous as all hell scammer, ya he might be AB admin but he is shady as they come, I’ve had to deal with him a couple of times in regards to my coins suddenly disappearing from AB and he just gives some smart ass response and closes my ticket out. These gommmers got a little payout to make a couple quick posts about AB coming back just to buy them a little more time before people flip shit and start looking for those thiefs. AB has been down since MIDNIGHT TUESDAY THAT’S 5 DAYS!!! There’s no way in hell server maintenance takes more than 5 days. Don’t be foolish were all burnt on to Hansa it is.

  153. I’m looking for the counterfeit GBP vendor @freedom35 from alphabay, can anyone get in contact with me or tell me where he is moving to?

  154. im looking for XanaxKing2 who has the Blue Roxy 30s for 1$ each does anyone know where to find him im a constant buyer from him
    or Premierpills

  155. my bitcoin is in alphabay will i get it back when the market is opened ?

  156. armedinfidel2316

    i get that AB is down for however long… all im really concerned about are my BTC that were in my AB acct… am i screwed aor is there a way to retrieve them?

  157. Hi, Anybody knows what happens with the market?. Links arn’t working.


    Does it really have to be spelled out to these fools? If you don’t understand how the market works you REALLY shouldn’t have money in there, well in reality you shouldn’t be leaving funds in a marketplace wallet in the first place. IF YOU HAD MONEY ON YOUR AB WALLET YOUR MONEY GOT JACK MORONS!!!! THE OWNERS/OPERATORS OF ALPHABAY TOOK OFF WITH EVERYBODY’S MONEY THAT’S WHAT A EXIT SCAM IS AND THAT’S WHY THE SITE HAS BEEN DOWN OVER A WEEK. Next time only deposit to a market place what you will be spending at that moment IDIOTS!!!

  159. looking for vendor with pgp key name “HansBakker”

  160. when exactly aB starting DOWN because i have a some order on the 2 -3-4/07 and i can t check if they are shipped or not i hope the vendors just hs time to send me before ab down

  161. Anyone got a link for another site now AB is down?.

  162. “links checked & verified as working on Tuesday, July 11th 2017” That`s weird…

  163. Iam searching for the Vendor Kaufland.
    Where can i find him??

  164. pwoah7f73zn5m235

    Try all the ALT links guys, it might work sometime

  165. WTF with Alpha .. i think they Scam too

  166. Hansa doesnt even offer half of the products we couldve found in AB
    anyone knows where dutchmob is?

  167. Could Be phishing Links Watchout . Unless you have the official Real Affiliates . I got burned through this site by clicking on an alternate

  168. Have you read this?

    On July 5, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police conducted raids at several locations in Montreal and Trois-Rivières. The RCMP Integrated Technology Crime Group executed the raids in connection with an investigation into a global network of firearm and drug trafficking on the darknet. According to an RCMP spokesperson, the investigation involved the FBI and other, global law enforcement agencies. Canadian

  169. ALEXANDRE CAZES the Head from AB is dead, the FBI had close Alphabay…
    Good luck

  170. Does anyone know of a similar site to AB please?

  171. I like Dreammarket ;-)

  172. Where has all of the fraud services and discussions gone? Is there a similar forum community out there? AB was a perfect intermediate (at best) discussion forum for various kinds of fraud.

  173. Where does one remove icloud activation lock on dark Web

  174. I am and dedicated peruser and I read through numerous online publications and articles in seven days. I am not settled to a specific point and I read articles on each possible topic and subject. I significantly esteem the substance of this post and the substance in your site. I am making the most of your creation style and the way in which you pass on your contemplations to the perusers. I am genuinely took pleasure in scrutinizing the article. Richly made and much esteemed writing!

  175. does alpha bay is affiliated with jet plane trading?

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