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Guide for multisig transactions in Alphabay market – Quoted from the market:

Original: http://pwoah7foa6au2pul.onion/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1871

We are pleased to announce that AlphaBay Market now supports multisig transactions! This was requested a long time ago by the community so we decided to step up our game a bit and go for this option.

We are now the only marketplace on the Deepweb having ALL of the following security measures (source: DeepDotWeb’s marketplace list):

– Multisig transactions (2/3)
– 2FA
– Withdrawal PIN
– Vendor bond
– Forced vendor PGP

For the less tech-inclined, here’s how a multisig transaction works:

1) Both the buyer and the seller must have set their public Multisig key in their profile.
2) The buyer deposits 4% of the item value in his AlphaBay wallet to cover market fees.
3) The buyer purchases the item, then a multisig Bitcoin address is generated using the buyer’s key, seller’s key, and a market-generated public key (2/3). Both parties can use this publicly-viewable information to verify the authenticity of the address.
4) The buyer sends money to this address, and the seller ships the goods.
5) If the buyer is happy, he finalizes, and the seller received the market private key.
6) In case of dispute or refund, the buyer receives the private key.
7) Whoever got the private key will use it, along with his own private key, to claim the coins.

To make it simple: buy the product, and you get a BTC address to send the coins to. Seller gets the private key when you finalize. You get the key if you dispute and win.

This is a fool-proof method to avoid exit scams. You never give your private keys to anyone.

We don’t provide help in cashing out the multisig address. You have 2 private keys out of 3, so you are supposed to know the rest. If you lose your private key, it’s too bad.



  1. Like the website

  2. Forum link expired

  3. So… Anyone care to explain how or where you obtain your own “public multisig key”. Luckily I understand this, but considering the tutorial specifically mentions that it’s simplifying the steps for “less tech inclined”, it’s a (very) shit tutorial. Falls flat at the very first step as a matter of fact, lol. No point having this feature unless you’re gonna actually make an effort so that EVERYONE knows how to use it. Admittedly you shouldn’t have to hold anybody’s hand but if you’re just writing a tutorial and posting it as a sticky in the forum, how about at least explaining EVERYTHING properly?! Amateur hour everywhere lately.

  4. I’ve bought from vendors with MultiSig and I never got no key. In fact I still have no clue what they are talking about.

    “You now have 2 of the 3 keys so you should know the rest?” Am I looking for a treasure with pieces of a map?

  5. its a good idea what they are trying to do and is very obvious what is taking place here, 2/3 or 2/4 or 2/5 Multisig accounts can be setup in a number of different ways. This is far from fool proof, There is no fool proof way of preventing an exit scam if all funds must flow through alphabay first. You should never trust anyone who says they can be trusted.

  6. Yeah… good job explaining how to get a public multisig key. I have no idea how to do this. -_-

  7. i would never trust a third party system with my coins..
    When you take that variable out of the equation you can end up with a purer vision of user to user interaction.

  8. Here is the tutorial to generate your multisig key:



  9. It seems you can’t use electrum’s hierarchical deterministic multisig keys in alphabay. That’s pretty unconvenient…

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  12. what is a PGP public key?

    • Pippo_da_Clown

      pasport for you/seller/market.
      Public key 1
      Private key 2
      and the pgp message 3 for you to decrypt for acces to Alpha, this action wil result in a pass code for Alphab.
      Its for merchant,vendors,paranoid people and zombies….o right NOT for people ..or zombies.

  13. I reinstalled Windows and I lost my secret key and now I can not get 2FA.
    Please help me.

  14. How do I find a man from Poland who is willing to do a job for me? He must be able to get inside without a key and love the heat if you understand what i mean :).
    I’m not used to use the dark web, so no idea where i can search for such a person. Who can help me?

  15. Can someone explain sticky and unsticky to me please.

  16. I don’t know how to ask somebody how to help me please somebody help me please

  17. Page don’t work

  18. Someone should definetly take the the time to update this tutorial for noobs. It’s not for beginners.

  19. Hi a v asked me to use a multisig escrow what can i do to make sure its legit

  20. I am new to all this and have no idea to set this up or how to buy bit coins to even buy anything I was able to figure out how to get to the dark Web and use onion but have no idea how to get past this

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  22. the link is dead

  23. Everytime someone tries to open an old link like that, a kitten dies. If you love cute kittens, update your bookmarks. Staph the madness!! update your shit!!

  24. hey can anyone direct me to the forum link to alpha bay, i managed to lock my account by typing the incorrect pin 5 times, i provided all the required information but my moderator wont talk to me and just keeps saying wrong information provided,make a new account but i have few hundred pounds in the account :( can anyone help or advise,ive provided the correct menmonic and last deposit even which address it came from but the moderator seems least willing to help and is happy for me to loose all my funds can anyone help me please,cant really afford lose that much

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