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Dark Web Credit Card Cloners Steal Thousands from Behind Bars

In a sting multi-agency operation headed by the Federal Burial of Investigation, a prolific credit card scammer who had siphoned thousands of dollars cash was uncovered. The scammer is reported to have perpetrated his heinous acts while he was behind bars. According to the Fed reports, the suspect is now serving a much lengthier sentence on top of what he ... Read More »

Three Cybercrime Gang Members Who Used Dark Web Fraud Arrested

Three men were recently arrested in Rochdale, Greater Manchester in England for purchasing crucial personal data on the dark web and later using the data to buy goods valued at over £1 million in local stores. According to the investigators, the cybercriminals have so far made more than 300 of such fraudulent purchases. These crimes date back to 2014 and ... Read More »

Geretsrieder Sentenced for Making Counterfeit Money and Trading Weapons on Dark Web

A Geretsried young man has been sentenced to over four years of imprisonment with two years of drug therapy. He has been charged with making counterfeit money, trading illegal firearms on the dark web, and beating a police officer while reportedly under the influence of drugs. The 26-year-old man from Geretsried Munich, was presented before the judge at Munich II ... Read More »

Maryland Man Jailed for 57 Months for Dark Web Drug Distribution

A Maryland based man was convicted and sentenced to over five years in prison in a federal court. He was also given three years of supervision after release from the prison for what the court documents quoted as drug distribution and money laundering charges. The man, identified as Ryan Farace, 34, was said to be involved in the lucrative illegal ... Read More »

Rancho Cordova Dual Indicted for Selling Narcotics on the Dark Web in Bitcoins

Two men from the state of California, Roncho Cordova, a city in Sacramento County, are in police custody for allegedly conducting illegal business involving a drug purchase from the dark web using virtual currencies. The two then distributed drugs through postal services after seeking customers from several social media platforms, including Snapchat and Instagram. Among others, the two Rancho Cordova ... Read More »

Teenager Jailed for Supplying Dark Web MDMA which Killed Two in a Plymouth Nightclub

A teenage student has been sentenced for purchasing illegal drugs using bitcoins on the dark web and supplying them to friends at a Plymouth club, two of whom died after overdosing. Charlie Gregory, a 19-year-old University student, pleaded guilty to purchasing, possessing and supplying controlled substances to Joshua Brock and Aaron Reilly among other friends at a nightclub before the ... Read More »

A Lexington Man Convicted for Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering

A 46-year-old man, identified as Ansar I. McIver from Lexington, was convicted to over 20 years in prison for distributing the killer opioid, fentanyl, cocaine, and heroin and also for money laundering. The suspect was severely punished by United States District Judge, Danny C. Reeves, who also ordered him to pay a fine of about $586,000 in cash. According to ... Read More »

Latvian Arrested for Ordering Darknet Packages of Drug from Netherlands on ‘Dream market’

A Latvian teenage citizen was arrested and detained by the Border and Customs Police of the States Revenue Authority for allegedly ordering and receiving illegal drug packages procured off the dark web. The illicit packages are believed to have been shipped from the Netherlands and Holland after having been paid for with virtual currencies and delivered through postal services to ... Read More »

The Bottom of a Dark Web Drug Investigation Unprecedented in Canada

On April 26 last year (2017) a border and customs officer suffered serious respiratory complications after handling parcels at the Canada Post’s Léo Blanchette sorting station in Montreal, Saint-Laurent Borough. His colleagues at the station discovered that the parcels had been imported from Spain and contained fentanyl, an illegal and fatal narcotic 40 times more potent than heroin. The incident ... Read More »