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Attorney in Ireland Links the DNMs to an Ongoing Gang War

In Belfast, a High Court case took a surprising twist when the prosecution made their argument. The Gardaí arrested three men several months ago for attempted purchase of illegal weapons from the darknet. One of the men, Thomas Morgan, received no bail, but his co-defendants saw a completely different situation. Despite his claims that he played no role in the ... Read More »

Some Cities Using Smart City Gunfire Detection

ShotSpotter, as described by the New York Post, demonstrated the advanced level of data extraction made possible by modern technology. SST’s ShotSpotter is a tool that provides law enforcement with details of a shooting far more quickly than someone can place a call. Not only that, but the technology can pick up what type of weapon, how many weapons, how ... Read More »

DoJ Drops Child Porn Charges to Keep Tor Exploit Confidential

Last April, the FBI refused to comply with a federal judge when he requested information about the Bureau’s Tor exploit. The FBI used a piece of malware called a Network Investigative Technique or NIT against a massive darknet child pornography website. The malware exposed site viewers to the FBI who subsequently arrested several hundred suspects.. However, the FBI’s struggle to ... Read More »

Alphabay to Add Ethereum Support in May

According to a message on /r/Alphabay and /r/darknetmarkets, Alphabay developers are currently in the process of finalizing a framework for Ethereum transactions. Starting May 1, the marketplace will allow the sending and receiving of yet another cryptocurrency. In addition to its original Bitcoin support, Alphabay opened up support for Monero in 2016. The value of ETH recently spiked in value. ... Read More »

City Ceases Darknet Machine Learning Project

In October 2016, the Boston Police Department filed a request for access to software and technology that raised a minor difference in the community. Technically, the Boston Police Department filed a Request for Proposals. As suggested by the name, the Department requested proposals from outside security organizations and individuals In an email, Police Chief William Evans explained the RFP as ... Read More »

Darknet Money Launderer Sentenced to Eight Months Imprisonment

George Cottrell, a man DeepDotWeb covered extensively with respect to the criminal case, received his formal sentencing in early March. In December, 2016, Cottrell pleaded not-guilty to 20 charges out of the 21-count indictment. The charges centered around fraud in general. However, money laundering charges made an appearance too. He pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and managed ... Read More »

Drug Trafficker Pleads Guilty to Bribing a USPS Employee

Rudolph Dwight Hanchard, a 39-year-old in Buffalo, New York, pleaded guilty to a crime involving bribery, marijuana, and the USPS. U.S. District Judge Lawrence J. Vilardo heard the entire case against Hanchard and noted that the defendant faced 15 years in prison, if convicted. Additionally, Acting U.S. Attorney James P. Kennedy, Jr. wrote that Hanchard faced a maximum fine of ... Read More »

Three Darknet Vendors Busted For MDMA Sales

Three MDMA vendors recently stood in a courtroom and heard potential prison sentences of eight years, if convicted. The three, John P., a 57-year-old, Bram V., a 27-year-old., and Thomas P., a 26-year-old sold “huge quantities of drugs through the dark web,” the prosecution claimed. The court mentioned that Dutch MDMA carried a reputation as the best on the market. ... Read More »

Blinking LEDs May Comprise Air-Gapped Networks

According to a group of researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev’s Cyber Security Research Center, lights—HDD LEDs to be specific—may pose a cybersecurity threat in the near future. DeepDotWeb explains, continually, the need for airtight security. Especially when using the darknet. However, “airtight” security with VPNs, Tor, or encrypted messaging apps on an air-gapped network would leave room for ... Read More »

Couple Charged With Murder After Supplying Fentanyl as Fake Oxycodone

In late 2016, Cameron W. Johnson of Wyoming, Minnesota, overdosed on Oxycodone from the Darknet. The Oxycodone that tragically ended his life, as seen in several cases recently, was not Oxy. For those less familiar with the actual drug names, Roxicodone or OxyCONTIN might paint a more vivid picture. Regardless, the 18 year-old believed he took a pill he felt ... Read More »

Darknet Data Broker Sold 95,000 Coachella Accounts on the Darknet

Data breaches are far from uncommon in the day and age we live in, yet some are more eye-catching than others. For instance, a self-described “Data Broker” listed 950,000 Coachella user accounts on a darknet marketplace. Database breaches and the darknet go hand-in-hand; hackers have an anonymous platform to distribute their stolen data. Mainly, based on the number of people ... Read More »

Irish Police and ATF Pleased With Collaboration in Gunrunner Case

In 2013, the Garda detected the recently convicted darknet weapons seller, Michael Andrew Ryan. Two years later, US law enforcement linked the online identity known as Brad Jones and Gunrunner. He faced 18 various weapons related charges—and they consisted, mainly, of selling Glocks, Berettas, and Tauruses on the darknet. He sold to Ireland, England, Scotland, and Australia, court documents explained. ... Read More »

Alleged Silk Road Admin Plans to Take Case to the Supreme Court

The alleged admin behind the Silk Road forums, Gary Davis, planned another appeal, so to speak, of his Court ordered extradition. John B Peart, Davis’s chief council confirmed that the defense moved to reach the Supreme Court before a small window of time on Irish ground passed. Davis fought the US extradition order since his 2014 arrest on the basis ... Read More »

Is Unsupervised Machine Learning the Next Step in Fighting Fraud?

Once the era of Internet privacy concern set in, hackers and and their adversaries—security researchers—began examining invasion breaches as they occurred. In a very tongue-in-cheek phrase, the “cat and mouse” game showed a serious advantage towards the hackers. Modern technology started changing this for both the threat actor and defensive entity, but upcoming technology may force a role reversal. Antivirus ... Read More »

International Hacker Pleaded Guilty Hacking 13,000 Computers

In Newark, New Jersey, the administrator of two so-called “hacking forums” pleaded guilty to two charges from a six-count indictment. The administrator end International hacker admitted that he committed wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in New Jersey and many known and unknown locations in the United States. The hacker/admin, Sergey Vovnenko, worked with an international criminal investigation from 2010 ... Read More »