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Teenager Sentenced to Community Service for Ecstasy Importation

A teenage drug dealer who admitted leading a drug trafficking organization in the Bailiwick of Jersey was sentenced to almost 400 hours of community service for drug trafficking and drug possession. The sentence was considered unusual by some reporters as the prosecution requested several years of imprisonment and some of the jurors agreed with the requested prison sentences. Officers of ... Read More »

Alleged Dream Market Vendor “5thAvenue” Arrested in New Hampshire

According to recently unsealed court documents in a New Hampshire court, a local couple had been selling heroin on the Dream darkweb market for at least eight months. Drug Enforcement Administration special agents in Florida launched the investigation in early 2018 and New Hampshire police arrested the suspected darkweb drug drug dealers on August 27, 2018. The couple, a Drug ... Read More »

Alaska Man Indicted for Shipping Guns to New York

According to the United States Attorney’s Office of the Western District of New York, an Alaska man allegedly shipped nine firearms from Alaska to buyers in New York and recently admitted that he had been using the dark web to conduct business. A federal grand jury returned a 15-count indictment in early September that accused the man of a series ... Read More »

German Dealer Raided for Facebook Posts About Cutting Off Heads

At the Stuttgart District Court, a judge sentenced a man from Schorndorf to four years in prison for selling drugs purchased on darkweb marketplaces, to people in Schorndorf and in Stuttgart. During the hearing, the court reviewed how German law enforcement launched the investigation into the drug dealer after someone alerted them of an indirect threat the man had posted ... Read More »

Judge Orders Evidence Suppression Hearing in “Fentmaster” Case

A federal judge in New York, following a motion to suppress evidence filed by the attorney of an alleged dark web vendor, scheduled a pretrial suppression hearing that could drastically change the outcome of the case. Court documents revealed that federal investigators may have ignored the suspected drug dealer’s requests for an attorney during an interrogation that led to an ... Read More »

German Dealer Sentenced to 45 Months After Informing on His Customers

In late August, a judge in Germany sentenced a 47-year-old man from Enschede to three years and nine months in prison for selling drugs on the dark web under the name “Johnny Cash.” According to information provided by law enforcement, the man informed on numerous co-conspirators, customers, and even an owner of the darknet marketplace he had been using to ... Read More »

Tennessee Man Admits Selling MDMA and LSD at Music Festivals

According to recently unsealed cases in the Eastern District of Tennessee, a drug dealer known as “Molly Poppins” pleaded guilty to buying drugs off dark web marketplaces and selling them at music festivals in the United States. He faces up to 40 years in federal prison for his MDMA and LSD distribution operation that lasted more than a year. Graham ... Read More »

Dark web Vendor “Gman19635” Admits Fentanyl Conspiracy

A St. Petersburg, Florida, man has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute fentanyl through the Alphabay darknet marketplace, United States Attorney Scott W. Brady said in an August announcement. According to court documents and the announcements on the website for the United States Attorney’s Office of the Western District of Pennsylvania, the defendant sold several illegal drugs, including fentanyl and ... Read More »

Arkansas Man Sentenced to 96 Months for Downloading Child Pornography

In an Arkansas courtroom, Judge Timothy L. Brooks sentenced a Springdale man to 96 months in federal prison for downloading and viewing child abuse content from dark web forums and other file sharing networks. The case made headlines for the usual reasons and, perhaps, for an unusual reason; the convicted pedophile stored child abuse content on an SD card in ... Read More »

OxyGod Case Update: Two Suspects Enter Guilty Pleas

The case against the Dream fenantly vendor “OxyGod” changed course in late August after two defendants entered sealed plea agreements, leaving the primary defendant in somewhat of a precarious position. Judge James V. Selna of the Central District of California sealed the plea agreements, transcripts, and all related documents of both co-defendants in the OxyGod drug distribution case. The primary ... Read More »

North Carolina Playpen Member “amoura” Sentenced to Federal Prison

According to Andrew Murray, the United States Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina, a man from Asheville, North Carolina was sentenced to nine years in prison for receiving and possessing child pornography. In addition to the prison sentence, the Asheville man will spend the remainder of his life on supervised release as a registered sex offender. According to ... Read More »

United States Indicts Research Chemical Suppliers in China

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, at an announcement in Cleveland, Ohio, announced that the United States Department of Justice had indicted two Chinese citizens for running a massive drug trafficking organization that shipped drugs from China to 25 countries. During the announcement, the Department of Justice unveiled a 43-count indictment accusing the duo of drug trafficking crimes, continuing a criminal enterprise ... Read More »

Ohio Man Sentenced to Life for Fentanyl Distribution

According to Assistant U.S. Attorney Elliot Morrison, an Akron, Ohio, man was sentenced to life in federal prison in a Cleveland courtroom for fentanyl distribution that resulted in at least one fatal overdose. The man, Ryan “TJ” Sumlin, had connections to both a massive research chemical supplier in China and another fentanyl dealer from Akron previously covered in DeepDotWeb. Sumlin ... Read More »

Florida Fraudsters Allegedly Used Stolen Credit Cards from the Darknet

In Wakulla County, Florida, a victim of credit card fraud reported several fraudulent charges to detectives at the Sheriff’s Department. Only days later, the police received video footage from a shopping center that revealed four hooded individuals entering the building and frantically swiping the cards at self-checkout stations. The men, investigators later learned, had purchased dozens of stolen credit and ... Read More »

The 33-year-old suspect is facing 68 charges relating to the crimes he allegedly committed on the dark web forum.

New York Man Charged for Research Chemical Importation

In late August, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of New York and several officials from law enforcement agencies announced the indictment of a man from Queens in connection to an early August package interception. According to the announcement, United States Customs and Border Protection officers intercepted a package with a Schedule I controlled substance analogue in early ... Read More »