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A World United

Sports are primarily a game of competition. On a global level, teams compete for the honour of their respective countries. We have seen riots erupt because of sports. Some amongst us may have forgotten that the activity is suppose to be a link between all nations. Perhaps the next time your football team loses a match, you can think of ... Read More »


How to text properly

A good educational video on how to text a girl, or actually just anyone else. If you belong to the group of people who like to send lengthy messages, perhaps this video can change that. Humans have the tendency to take things for granted. If you portray yourself as one who is desperate for attention, then people will only give ... Read More »


An evil prank

An extremely evil prank on one of Youtube’s most famous prankster, Vitalys. This is in itself already one prank that goes way off the scale. Add intoxication, and the whole situation is just going to erupt in one crazy outburst. The situation got under controlled, but perhaps the prankster may now realise it is not really that fun to be ... Read More »

Vulnerable moments

Phone Timings

  There should be a publicly acknowledged timing guidelines for phone calls. People who needs to deliver important information by phone should have a common awareness of when should be the best time to reach the intended parties. There are numerous opportunities during the day that should allow no reasons why they should be calling at ironic times, especially late ... Read More »


Attention Seekers

We kind of deserved the attention we get. If one means to be seductive, then it is normal to expect those who will fall prey to it. I automatically assumed those who post overly revealing photos on public social platforms to desire attention. It is fine not to admit it, but it just sounds stupid to blatantly deny it. Read More »


Ear Gauges

  Even when I was a teen, I could never understand why people got ear gauges. The pain I associate to having a hole that large on the earlobes versus the style that can pulled off just does not seem justified. Also, I always wondered what happens to the earlobes after the hole is closed. Do they just hang droopy, ... Read More »

Childcare centre

Visually Wrong

This wall painting was reportedly found in a childcare centre. Probably trying to promote bonding between human and animals, it came out to look just a little wrong. Portraying emotions in animals can be challenging, but howling doesn’t seem to be the right expression for this picture. The part where the children’s hands holds their paw was probably the main ... Read More »


Project Vengeance

  Seems like the girl is getting punished by her brother for stealing his money. Not that much of a punishment if she tries to look for it the right way. She could search directly for the file name, or simply check each folder for their respective sizes. The largest one is where the project is. I am sure creating ... Read More »

Pet for company

Misery loves company

  Sounds about right. Get a pet for the right reason. Being lonely can justify getting yourself a pet, as long as you remain well aware of the responsibilities that come along with having one. If anything, humans are still the perfect companions. A pet cannot just be a substitute, it is just not healthy. Read More »

False Advertisement

Lying Pan

  Have you ever purchased anything after being drawn by false advertising? It is extremely annoying process when I convinced myself to go ahead with a purchase which I jolly well knew wasn’t as good as it sound, and then regret it the moment I tried it out. I am naturally drawn to advertising, and sometimes I think I led ... Read More »


Happy Tree Friends

  I was already a teen when I first discovered Happy Tree Friends. There was a hype going around that prompted me to catch a few episodes. I was surprised, naturally. The title was just too misleading for anyone to expect what I saw from simple cartoons. I will be honest that I watched quite a few clips, but parents ... Read More »

Suck my balls

I am Bubble Tea

  That is some captivating advertisement, which was found in Thailand by the way. It wouldn’t sound too bad to the locals, since they won’t exactly know what “suck my balls” can mean. It is is just intended word play, then the advertiser got it right. I would probably have bought the drink just because this is funny to me. Read More »


The Mistake

Here’s another TropFest finalist. How far will you go just to wriggle yourself out of an uncomfortable situation? A bit of caution first, this firm contains quite a bit of gore. It is almost a parody of the movie “127 hours”. The short film is directed by Bryan Moses, and featured in the 2012 TropFest.   Read More »

Julia Galef

The Sunk Cost Fallacy

That is so true, and somehow it takes a careful elaboration for some of us to realise it. Investing more time and effort in something that does not contain any value moving forward will just snowball the eventual loss. There are painful realisations and decisions that we will face in every phase of our lives. It is an obvious theory ... Read More »

Twisty Tale

The Most Twisted Mexican Standoff

I supposed we have all watched movies with good and/or bad twists that attempts to explain confusing plots. This short film is a much exaggerated version of those movies. Sophistication can be brilliant, or they can just be downright ridiculous. Watch this movie, and see how the humorous twists spun off each other. Read More »