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Op-Ed: Agora: The site we all wanted

I must register that I never once in my life used Silk Road. I was, like many, late to the game. What I knew is that, for reasons of health, access to certain anti-anxiety medication was necessary in relation to the stringent laws my country had placed on them. To treat my condition I have tried everything: Xanax, Ativan, and ... Read More »

The Ethics of The Deep Web

As a researcher by trader I am often asked primarily about the implications of specific forms of emerging technology. For many years this meant Bitcoin and more recently Tor. Both were and remain now inextricably linked with darknet drug markets. At a recent conference, rather awkwardly speaking to a group of intelligence professionals, I found myself defend these (and PGP ... Read More »

Darkcoin Now Accepted on Minor Dark Net Markets

As cryptocurrency developers fight it out to differentiate themselves from the crowd it is increasingly clear that two approaches are being staked out: coins with a business/corporate angle and coins focused on anonymity. In the latter case there is a long-standing battle between various coins promising various methods of anonymizing transactions. Despite Bitcoin’s reputation for discrete trade it is, in ... Read More »

Cypherpunk and Dark Net Marketplaces

‘Only the most skilled,’ Julian Assange tells us, might escape. Escape from what? For Assange our democratic societies are constantly threatened by the deep state. This names the unchanging shadow state of democratic institutions which takes its most insidious form in the mass surveillance apparatus. He believes strongly democracy, but he thinks we need to be armed to defend it. ... Read More »

The current state of coin-mixing services

As we wait for emerging cryptocurrencies such as Darkcoin and the standardisation of Dark Wallet the current task of coin-mixing remains an immediate issue. As it stands Bitcoin Fog remains the gold standard of coin-mixing. However, it is important that people be made away that this is a slow process. Bitcoin Fog insist on six confirmations for deposits and will ... Read More »

The Rise of Darkcoin

Edit: Due to some error on the site i reposted this article again, losing all its social stats. sorry. The appeal of Darkcoin (DRK) to users of darknet or deepweb marketplaces is fairly obvious. It’s a currency designed with strict anonymity in mind and it may finally be the first alternative cryptocurrency to have cracked how to accomplish that. For ... Read More »