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Bitcoin Price Update Nov-16, 2014

This is the DeepDotWeb weekly Bitcoin price report for the week of November 9-November 15, 2014. This week was characterized by a rather unexpected price rally, temporarily reaching heights in the $450s and eventually leveling out in the $380s. Overall, the Bitcoin price rose by 10.76% this week. Let’s take a look at the daily opening prices on the Bitstamp ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Update Nov-2, 2014

This last week was a decidedly bearish one on the Bitcoin markets. The Bitcoin price bump that came as a result of excitement over the BearWhale has completely exited the market, and the downtrend has been firmly reestablished. The price fell from $347 at the beginning of the week to $326 and the end of the week—making for an overall ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Update Oct. 26th, 2014

The week of October 25, 2014, saw some sudden and unexpected drops in the Bitcoin price. After last week’s bullish activities, the markets cooled off during the first half of the week — with the Bitcoin price leveling out — and then suddenly entered a bearish decline in the last few days of the week. During this week, the price ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Recap – October 13

This past week on the Bitcoin markets have been very eventful and hectic. Starting on the decline, the Bitcoin price ran into a sell wall put up by an alleged, single person, whom the Bitcoin community has dubbed the “BearWhale.” After the wall was taken down by buyers on the market, the price shot upwards, making considerable gains. Let us ... Read More »

Bitcoin Price Update – October 5, 2014

The week of September 28, 2014 through October 4, 2014 was an extremely Bearish week. Continuing the downward trend that has been present in the Bitcoin markets for months, the Bitcoin price fell for the entirety of the week. Overall, during the whole week, the price fell by a total of 16.67%—a massive drop compared to last week’s decline of ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Update – 29 September 2014

A recap of the week’s biggest Bitcoin stories from the perspectives of the best sources for e-currency news around the web. Paypal Integrates Bitcoin into Paypal Payments Hub CoinDesk reported on September 23 that Paypal would be partnering with BitPay, Coinbase, and GoCoin to integrate Bitcoin into its Payments Hub. This “Hub” is a platform that allows digital content makers ... Read More »

Weekly Bitcoin Market Recap: 21-9-2014

This article is the first installment of a new weekly series on DeepDotWeb. This new series will serve as a weekly Bitcoin price recap, which will give a description of the price movements throughout the week as well as a measurement of the percent rate of change that the price underwent during the week. Additionally, we will use this report ... Read More »

Ethereum: Making the Entire World Trustless (Part 1 – Introduction)

We all know about the radical potential that Bitcoin has to make the world’s monetary system trustless. Bitcoin is already, in itself, completely trustless. There is no central authority that governs over the issuance of Bitcoin or the regulation of its supply. It is scarce; bitcoins cannot be created out of thin air, unlike the fiat currencies we are currently ... Read More »

Crypto Decentralization & the Physical World: Banking

The decentralization that cryptography and it’s application to online networks has brought about has been simply amazing. Using this technology, entire online communities can be formed where the participants, as long as they implement proper cyber-security, are completely anonymous, untraceable by a government or anyone who may be snooping around. These online, decentralized communities have mostly centered around the illicit ... Read More »

Applying Crypto Decentralization to the Physical World: Public Utilities

With the development of cryptography and decentralized networking technology, we are beginning to see hints of a possible future in which the violent force of government is no longer necessary nor possible. Even in its current stage of infancy, this technology has already had a real world impact on the overly aggressive actions of governments in trying to regulate what ... Read More »

Bitcoin can Kill the State’s War Machine

“War is the health of the state,” and money is the lifeblood of war. Money is the essential factor to any function of the state. Any government program, job, or any war must be funded by money. So, it is no wonder why the world’s governments were so eager to monopolize the supply of money. If only they had the ... Read More »

How DarkNet Markets will Undermine Government Control: Guns

The debate on whether or not average citizens should be allowed to own guns has raged on for many years. People on the far left believe that no one, other than government agents, should have any guns, ever, for any reason. They say that, if the government takes away the guns from all people, while keeping guns for themselves, the ... Read More »

Applying Crypto Decentralization to the Physical World: Government

In the last few years, the development of cryptography and peer-to-peer technology has created many grand potentialities concerning the overhaul of foundational institutions of society. Already, in its very early stages, the decentralization brought about by the development and improvement of these two technologies has challenged the coercive power of governments, as far as freedom of choice is concerned. For ... Read More »

Post-Auction Bitcoin Price Analysis

The past few weeks have been very hectic in the Bitcoin community due to the excitement of the US Marshals’ Silk Road Bitcoin auction. About two weeks before the auction, the US Marshals posted on their official website that they would be selling off 30 thousand of the bitcoins seized in the Silk Road bust on June 27. This announcement ... Read More »

How Crypto Markets will Undermine Government Control: Money

“The gun has been called the great equalizer… It ensures that the people are the equal of their government whenever that government forgets that it is servant and not master of the governed.”             –Ronald Reagan If the gun is the great equalizer, protecting the people from tyrannical government, then crypto-currency will be the next great equalizer by eliminating the ... Read More »