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Child Porn Suspect Jailed Indefinitely For Not Decrypting Hard Drives

A Philadelphia man suspected of possessing child porn has been in jail for  seven months and counting after being found in contempt of a court order demanding that he decrypt two password protected hard drives. The suspect, a former P.P.D. Sergeant, hasn’t been charged with any child porn crimes. Instead he remains indefinitely imprisoned in Philadelphia’s Federal Detention Center for ... Read More »

Sites That Block Ad-Blockers May Be Illegal In The EU

In a response to the CEO of ThinkPrivacy Inc., Alexander Hanff, who inquired about the scope of the e-Privacy Directive’s “Cookie Law”, the European Commission made it clear that it doesn’t “limit itself to any particular type of information or technology, such a cookies”. The “Cookie Law” states that, “[t]he storing of information, or the gaining of access to information ... Read More »

OPSEC Fail: Ex-Judge Arrested In Online Impersonation Case

Online impersonation is a crime in Texas, which is what former Judge Christoper Dupuy is being charged two counts of. In a case similar to that of Preston Alexander McWaters’, the 43 year old also has problems with handling rejection from women. You see, Dupuy had known a woman – let’s call her Jane – for 20 years and had ... Read More »

Nebraska Abolished Civil Forfeiture – Criminal Conviction Is Now Required To Seize Property

Pete Ricketts, the governor of Nebraska, signed a bill on Tuesday that abolishes civil forfeiture within the state. Civil forfeiture allows law enforcement authorities to take and keep property without filing legal charges or securing any criminal convictions. The bill, LB 1106, passed the unicameral legislature by a vote of 38 to 8. Civil forfeiture has been a big problem ... Read More »

Canada To Push For Marijuana Legalization In 2017

Canada will introduce legislation next in 2017 to legalize and regulate marijuana, following through with one of Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises made last fall. The announcement came Wednesday, April 20 from Health Minister Jane Philpott in her address to the United Nations session on drug policy. “We know it is impossible to arrest our way out of this problem,” said ... Read More »

Opera’s New Built-In “VPN”

Opera, a browser that already has an ad-blocking feature, recently added a new feature to their browser – a free VPN with unlimited data usage. It currently has IP addresses in the United States, Canada, and Germany. This addition was well-received and met with praise, but there’s a twist to it. It’s actually an HTTP/S proxy that requires authentication. For ... Read More »

Illinois Senate Votes To Decriminalize Marijuana

On Tuesday, one day before April 20, the Illinois Senate passed SB2228, a marijuana decriminalization bill, in a 40-14 vote. The bill is now in the House of Representatives and if it is passed there and signed into law by the Governor, Illinois will join the 20 other states where marijuana is decriminalized. In regards to the bill, one of ... Read More »

EFF Sues DOJ For Decryption Orders Against Tech Companies

Following the Apple vs FBI debacle, the EFF is suing the Department of Justice to find out if tech companies have ever been forced to decrypt user data. EFF Senior Staff Attorney Nate Cardozo said, “If the government is obtaining FISC orders to force a company to build backdoors or decrypt their users’ communications, the public has a right to ... Read More »

Let’s Encrypt Moves Out Of Beta With New Sponsors

Let’s Encrypt announced Tuesday that they’re finally leaving beta and also have new sponsors. Joining the other sponsors, which include heavy-hitters like Facebook, OVH, and Google Chrome, are Cisco, Akamai, HP Enterprise, and several others. For the uninitiated, Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority for SSL/TLS, that’s “free, automated, and open” and accepted by all major browsers. Ever since its ... Read More »

Email Privacy Act Gets The Go Ahead By House Commission, Unanimous 28-0 Vote

The Email Privacy Act (H.R.699) sponsored by Kevin Yoder with an incredible 314 cosponsors finally began moving forward after a year long stall. Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee reached a unanimous 28-0 vote and the Email Privacy Act is expected to move forward through the full chamber. Committee member Jerrold Nadler made the statement: “Our nation’s laws must be brought ... Read More »

Senate Bill To Backdoor US Encryption

The “Compliance with Court Orders Act of 2016”, from Committee Chairman Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein, aims to effectively backdoor encryption in the United States according to a draft of the bill. The bill, which has yet to be introduced, states that “A covered entity that receives a court order from a government for information or data shall – provide ... Read More »

Using Bitcoin Casinos To Launder Bitcoin

There are a lot of different ways bitcoin can be used to facilitate illegal activities. One of which is using it as the currency of a darknet market, like the infamous Silk Road. While there has been a crackdown on darknet markets, it hasn’t had any real impact. To see this in action, you can go to the darknet markets ... Read More »

Paper: Oppressive and Free Countries Use Tor The Most

Who uses Tor? The answer to this question may seem obvious but Eric Jardine, in a paper published in New Media & Society, pointed out “Activists often state that such tools are used by political dissidents who stand up to repressive regimes, but these claims lack abroad, cross-national empirical basis. Without a solid empirical foundation, it is unclear if anonymity ... Read More »