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Introduction to Bitcoin Transaction Accelerators

As we watch Bitcoin blockchain scaling issues popup, their weight can be felt by users. The waiting list for BTC transaction sometime grows beyond control, causing users either to pay a large fee or to content with delayed transactions. Some Bitcoin service providers, however, offer Bitcoin transaction accelerator services intended to help clear the pending Bitcoin transactions and make them ... Read More »

Crypviser: Blockchain-based IM encryption

Being a DeepDotWeb user, you know that keeping your information secure is important. Although message encryption, like any other technology, can be used for less than noble purposes, the benefits it brings to ordinary users and companies outweigh the damage by far. This is why users, from tech-savvy to average, are always looking for better ways to secure their conversations. ... Read More »

Primalbase: Shared workspace for the tokenized economy

Cryptocurrencies and assets have been used to represent all sorts of commodities and assets. From fiat currencies to precious metals and company stocks, tokenization is gaining traction. Issuing assets and commodities on the blockchain is extremely easy and provides multiple advantages to holders who can easily transfer and exchange them. This concept, however, is being taken one step further by ... Read More »

Brave: Changing the Online Advertisement Industry

The world of online advertisement is a messy one. Between fraudulent and intrusive ads, ad blockers, adblocker-blockers, etc., it’s pretty hard to understand what exactly is going on, or what needs fixing. One thing has always been clear though, that the end user is getting the worst part of it all. Often times, users are either forced to deal with ... Read More »

TokenCard: One card to rule them all

Ethereum, as a cryptocurrency platform, has been growing at an astonishing rate. With a market cap valuation of over $8 billion, it currently holds the 3rd largest cryptocurrency position, second only to Bitcoin and Ripple. However, Ethereum was developed not as a cryptocurrency. It was a smart contract platform that allows users to develop and deploy dApps and smart contracts. ... Read More »

An Alternative Way of Buying Bitcoin

Bitcoin, despite being decentralized in nature, relies on certain gatekeepers that allow people to enter and exit Bitcoin. We are talking about centralized exchanges which are the most popular way of acquiring Bitcoin. These, however, have proved to be unreliable time and time again. From the infamous Mt. Gox to the most recent Bitfinex hack, users have many reasons to ... Read More »

How to Keep Track of Your Cryptocurrency Investments

The cryptocurrency investment space is low. There are hundreds of alternative cryptocurrencies out there, many of which employ exciting technologies and provide innovative features. There are currencies, blockchain platforms, app coins, and all types of other “stuff”. There are even meme coins like Dogecoin and Pepecash. If you’re a cryptocurrency enthusiast, it is easy to consider and use these altcoins ... Read More »

EncryptoTel: A privacy-focused telecommunications company

Privacy has become a somewhat rare commodity that, despite being shrugged off by some, is extremely valuable to some people. However, being able to attain privacy in today’s Orwellian society can be a challenge, your smart phone, computer and even TV can be used to spy on you. “Privacy is a right, but it is one that must be exercised ... Read More »

The IPFS and the blockchain

Some of our readers have probably heard about the IPFS or InterPlanetary File System. It’s an hypermedia distribution protocol created to make the web faster, safer, and more open. The IPFS is designed to provide a decentralized alternative to the current http protocol that is censorship resistant and much more efficient. Like Bitcoin, the IPFS is a peer-to-peer network run ... Read More »

What is Augur? (A Search Engine for the Future)

Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform built on the Ethereum network. Although this may not sound very exciting at first, it actually is. The platform brings together old and new concepts and technologies to create a useful tool for some and a revenue stream for others. The concept of a prediction market isn’t new. The idea is to speculate ... Read More »

Monero GUI Wallet Guide

Monero was the first altcoin to be added to a deep web market. The Alphabay announcement was actually the main catalyst for the amazing rally that took Monero from the $2 mark to $20. It is a privacy driven cryptocurrency and it’s one of the best in its field. However, for a long time, Monero didn’t have its own Graphic ... Read More »

What is a User Activated Soft Fork?

We’re at crosspoint in the Bitcoin journey, where it is up to members of the community to decide what Bitcoin will become and how it will adapt to its growing user base. In the future, we’ll probably look back at this as another page in a long history book and be proud to have been part of this technological revolution. ... Read More »

AsicBoost: Scaling Debate Turns into Investigation

The Bitcoin scaling debate is one that has been going on for years and has been constantly evolving as new Bitcoin Improvement Proposals emerge. Most recently, Bitcoin Unlimited and SegWit have been competing for miner approval in order to activate their respective protocol changes. With these two main options on the table, Bitcoin has been split in two factions. Those ... Read More »

How Companies are Deanonymizing Bitcoin

One of the most common misconceptions regarding Bitcoin is that it is anonymous or untraceable, when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth. Bitcoin is the opposite of untraceable. All of the transactions that have ever occurred in the network are stored in the immutable and public ledger that is the Blockchain. One could counter with the fact ... Read More »

DAO Casino: Disrupting the gambling industry

As far as history is concerned, humans have always gambled. No matter how far back in time you go, there have always been signs that: where people gathered, people gambled. In those days, people gambled with each other on events. Those were the days of the real peer-to-peer gambling. Then gambling evolved in way to accommodate a third party: the ... Read More »